Love Quotes for WhatsApp Status in English


WhatsApp Status Love Quotes
WhatsApp Status Love Quotes


Love Quotes for Whatsapp Status in English are best collections of romantic love quotes that you would love to use as Whatsapp status. Check out some of them below.

Love Quotes for Whatsapp Status in English

1)    There can be no me without you, thank you for loving me so much.


2)    Your love is all I need to keep my dreams alive.


3)    “Let me be, always the connoisseur of your perfection.”


4)    Loving you comes naturally to my heart.


5)    “Love is a friendship set to music.”


6)    I love every single minute that I spent in your hands; it gives me unending happiness.


7)    I see you in everything that I do, my heart is full of your love.


8)    “I would die for you. But I won’t live for you.”


9)    Your love grows in my heart as the days progresses.


10)   Love is the beauty of the soul, and loving you beautifies my soul.


11)   All I need to make my day cute is just to kiss you last when I leave home every morning.


12)   You make me see the beauty in everything I do ever since you come into my life.


13)   The joy of having you in my life cannot be explained, you make feel so good.


14)   I wish to spend all my life with you. You are my dreams come true.


15)   My life will be empty without you, I feel joy every moment you around me.


16)   Each time I think about you, I think about a lovely angel.


17)   “The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell


18)   You are the crown on my head; I wish I had with me all the time of my life.


19)   I just completely fall in love with you, and I don’t know why.


20)   Every time I’m in your arms I fall in love all over again.


21)   “Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.” Henry David Thoreau


22)   Love is beautiful, especially falling in love with you; it has opened my eyes to see what true love means.


23)   Thank God, I found you, you are my true love.


24)   Your love warms my heart like the early morning sunshine, you are the sweetest part of my life.


25)   Loving you gives me special joy; I will always love you to feel this way forever.


26)   My love for you is endless, you will never someone like me.


27)   I love U without any reasons.


28)   ‘If I know what love is, it is because of you.”


29)   If you will stay with me forever, I will never hurt you.


30)   “My heart smiled when you kissed my lips. What a sweet surprise.”


WhatsApp Status Love Quotes

31)   The deeper I love you the better my life becomes.


32)   There is nothing that can measure the level of the love I have for you, I see you in everything that I do.


33)   I pray to spend my eternity with you, you make feel so special.


34)   You show me how true love is like, it is caring, understanding, and it never hurts, you are my true love.


35)   Your love conquers all my heart, and I feel good this way.


36)   If I need some energy after I’m tired, I just think about you, your love gingers me like an energy drink, I love you.


37)   I’m lost in your world forever, I love you.


38)   “True love stories never have endings.” Richard Bach


39)   Time move so slowly when I’m in your arms, I have never felt so romantic before in my entire life.


40)   Love is invisible like air, we can’t see it, but we can feel it.


41)   Love brings two hearts together in sweet emotion; I love every bit of you.


42)   I’m entangled in your world forever.


43)   A beautiful heart filled with love is forever young.


44)   Love is trust, love is sincere, it never hurts, never lies, if hurt, then it is never love in the first instance.


45)   Love to make life beautiful, it builds a wonderful world.


46)   My heart is sweet because I found you.


47)   “Love is not consolation. It is light.” Friedrich Nietzsche


48)   You make me love life when I found you.


49)   You are my heartbeat, my heart finds true love in you.


50)   “Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense.” E.E. Cummings


51)   True love will always come back to you no matter how long it takes.


52)   We are all made specially to love one person if you haven’t found yours, you will find him/her soon.


53)   The beauty of love is when two people love each, by then no one suffers heartbreak.


54)   The best way to find true love is to love first.


55)   “Where there is love there is life.” Mahatma Gandhi


56)   Love makes everything beautiful, even they are not.


57)   Love is the food of the soul, it furnishes it with happiness and joy.


58)   You are my one in a million; you make my heart skip each moment I set my eyes on you.


59)   I fall in love with you the first time I met you, you are so charming and cute.


60)   My love for you will always flourish no matter what happens.

61)   Love cures all illness of the heart.


62)   “There is no remedy for love but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau


63)   A heart that loves is always the purest.


64)   If you want others to love you, then love yourself first.


65)   Think love, sleep with a lovely heart and wake with a lovely heart, if you can do that every day, then your life will be beautiful.


66)   “Everyone in life is gonna hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.”


67)   You can love others properly without loving yourself first.


68)   Our love is a beautiful story that we can share with the world, meeting you is a blessing for me.


69)   It cost me nothing to share my love you with you.


70)   There is a space in my heart meant for only you.


71)   “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


72)   Love is the only universal language that is found everywhere in the world.


73)   “Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” Andre Breton


74)   Show some love to one another, that is why we are a human being, even the brute’s animal show love to one another.


75)   You have always been my secret admirer; thank God, I have you in my life now.


76)   You are so dearer to me; I love you with all my heart.


77)   A heart that loves never suffers.


78)   “The love we give away is the only love we keep”


79)   If I know I would found true love so easily, I would stop searching for one since you came into my life when I least expected it.


80)   Your destiny will bring you the joy of your heart; do not be afraid if you will ever find the right love, he or she will come at the

right time.


81)   When you find true love, you will forget all the heartbreak you have gone through.


82)   I was about closing my heart on love when you showed up, like magic, everything work back perfectly.


83)   I will never grow old if I’m in your arms.


84)   “The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It is focused attention.”


85)   No matter how far you are from me, your love will never leave my heart for on seconds.


86)   I will always be here waiting for you, the memories that you left behind has always given hope of your return.


87)   Your love beautifies my heart as the moon shines brightly on the earth.


88)   “True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.”


89)   You are always on my mind day and night; I can’t stop thinking about you because it gives me special joy to hold you in my heart.


Cute Love Status Messages for Whatsapp

90)   I don’t know how sweet love is until I found you, you make my world a living paradise.


91)   Thank you for loving me so much, you touch the core of my heart with your sweet love.


92)   The sweetness of life is to found someone who truly loves and cares for you, it brightens up your life.


93)   The joy of loving someone is to be loved in return.


94)   One love deserves another when two people love each the same way; it makes other things easily possible in life.


95)   My heart desired you so much, you give me peace every time I’m with you, I love you so much.


96)   My love for you will never come to an end until I’m no more, and if I’m no more here, I will wait for you in paradise.


97)   I love you not because of money nor because of your handsome or beautiful face, I love you because my heart finds true happiness being with you.


98)   Money can’t buy you love or happiness, it can only buy the material things that fade away with time, do not love because of money.


99)   If you love each other, every other thing will be perfect.


100)  “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Aristotle


101)  Love truly, for the sake of love, and you will see how true love engulf your life.


102)  Spread love wherever you go, you can never know a broken heart that would be healed because of your single action.


103)  Every time is the ripest time to share your love, do not wait for a perfect time that perfect time is now.


104)  Love become so real when I found you, you are my little world.


105)  You make me feel wonderful every time I think about you, you are my dreams come true.


106)  I dreamt of you long ago before I finally found you, you sweetest part of my life.


107)  You bring me goodness and care, thank you for all that you been to me.


108)  You are like a drop of rain in the desert, you came into my life and everything becomes beautiful; thank God that brought an angel like you into my life.


109)  With you, all that I have dreamt of is fast becoming a reality; I love you with all my life.


110)  You are so caring, your love blossoms in my heart in every minute that passes.


111)  “The art of love is largely the art of persistence.”


112)  I thought I would never found love again, but when you came, you change everything about my perception on love, you love me unconditionally, I think that is really what true love is like.


113)  You make my heart beat faster every time I see you, this how it has been ever since the first day I set my eyes on you, I want to be in your world forever.


114)  I was down when you met me, thank you for picking me up; you are my hero of all time, I love you.


115)  It feel so good to fall in love with you, my heart has never found so much happiness since I was born.


116)  If loving you will take me to prison, I don’t mind, I want to in your imprison forever.


117)  Your beautiful eyes always captivate me; I have never found another girl as beautiful as you are.


118)  Do you know how much I love? I love more than all the treasures of this world; nothing will ever take you away from me.


119)  Stay with me, I promise to love you forever.


120)  With you by my side, I can change the world; I can make it a better place because you have always been my sweet inspiration.


WhatsApp Status in English

121)  You are my sweet melody when you talk, you are my strength when I’m tired, you are my hope when everything is blurred, you are just my reality, I love you.


122)  Love is real because of you; I learn to love because of you.


123)  When I sleep I dream about you, yet when I’m awake you are still very much alive on my mind, I feel happy to have you in my life, I love you so much.


124)  I will make you mine forever; I will never break your heart.


125)  Words cannot express how much I love you; I truly love you with all my heart.


126)  The prove of my love for you is how joyful I feel every moment I see you, you make my heart sweet, I love you.


127)  Falling in love with you opens my eyes to see the beauties of life.


128)  You make my perfect choice in life, you have all that I have ever wanted in a woman, and you are my perfect love.


129)  Your heart is my home and your arms are my playing ground.


130)  You reflect on everything that I do, thank you for making life beautiful.


131)  I wish to hold under the eastern redbud tree with birds sing us some lullabies; I wish to spend all my eternity in your arms.


132)  You are my cherry pie, you are the sweetest in the world, and you filled my heart with so much happiness and joy.


133)  Even if I lost everything, and I still have you that is what matters most to me.


134)  You are so generous to me, you do every for me even when I don’t ask you, thank you for your great care.


135)  My life is incomplete without you.


136)  You gladden my heart each time I think about you, even without seeing you.


137)  What more can I wish for in a woman that you don’t have, nothing.


138)  What else can I ask for in a man that I don’t find in you?


139)  Every moment I spent with you gives me a lasting memory.


140)  You will always be my best friend and husband ever; I love you with all my heart.


141)  No single moment that you don’t fill my heart with joy.


142)  Having you is a dream comes true.


143)  I will be with you for eternity.


144)  You came into my life and make my world blissful; I will always be by your side.


145) Your arrival has brought me more joy and hope for a beautiful tomorrow, in your arms I always find warmth.


146)  I feel safe when I’m with you, you are an angel sent to guard me.


147)  Your uniqueness makes you stand out in the crowd.


148)  You look so sexy when you wake up every morning; I wish to see you every morning.

149)  My heart melts several times you appear.


150)  My soul cares for you, it finds deep rest loving you.


151)  You are my soul mate; I will never leave your side.


152)  In the chillness of the night, all I ever think of is your warmth.


153)  Once I can hear your voice, I’m fulfilled for the day.


154)  You are classical and that is why I love you.


155)  My love for you is true, it gets stronger each moment I see you and think about you.


156)  You are so lovable to my heart.


157)  My heart finds joy in doing your bids.


158)  You own my heart, I’m dearest to you, I will always make you smile, count on me.


159)  Every time you smile, I see shining lights beam with hope in your face.


160)  You are so beautiful, thank God I found you.


161)  It’s going to be you and I forever.


162)  I’m deeply in love with you and all that you do, I wish to grow old with you.


163)  If you would permit me, I will always be by your side.


164)  I will never be tired of loving you because it feels so good to fall in love with you.


165)  Love speaks all languages, and it has many silent vibes that only the hearts understand.


166)  When I found you, I feel like I have found everything in life.


167)  You will always remain no. 1 in my heart forever.


168)  The sweetness I feel when I found you cannot explain.


169)  My life became a better world when God brought you my way.


170)  I love U just the way U are.


171)  I believe in love once again when you came along.


172)  I’m all for you, never be afraid to lose me.


173)  You are the sunshine of my life; you brighten my world from every corner.


174)  Together forever I will always be with U.


175)  I want to be your first and your last everything.


176)  I don’t want to spend a single moment without you, you are a blessing to my existence.


177)  My heart loves you forever.


178)  If die in the world, I would want to spend another eternity with you in paradise.


179)  We will leave here one day and meet in heaven again.


180)  Heavenly Father brought you to me.


181)  You are a beautiful gift from heaven.


182)  I found my heaven when I found you.


183)  My life revolves around you; you have all my love keep it safe.


184)  The safest place I have ever discovered is your heart.


185)  Like a mighty wave, my heart beats for you.


186)  You sweep my entire world with your love.


187)  You have the loveliest heart I have ever seen; I love you.


188)  My love for you is sweet and natural; no one can take me away from you.


189)  You mesmerize my world with your sweet love, I’m completely for you.


190)  You are the only one I wish to annoy for the rest of my life, please marry me.


191)  Each moment I’m with you, I’m deeply lost in your world.


192)  That day when I found you was the happiest day of my life.


193)  You romanticize my whole life with your sweet love, how beautiful it is to have you.


194)  You are so beautiful, that is what my heart tells me.


195)  If I have a billion hearts, each heart will love you.


196)  My sweet feelings for you cannot capture by any phrase.


197)  You hold my heart for a while, but you are in my heart forever.


198)  If love is blind, I want to be blinded by your love forever.


199)  I find true love when I love you, how beautiful it feels to be with you.


WhatsApp Status Love Quotes

200)  My soul find eternal bliss with you, you made for me.


201)  My eyes love to see your beautiful face, you bewitched my world.


202)  I with U is one LOVE.


203)  I will always be in your heart, I love U.


204)  No scale can measure the love I have for you.


205)  I will always love U.


206)  It never a wrong decision to love you.


207)  To love and be loved back is the greatest joy.


208)  When in love, you understand every silent speech of your hearts.


209)  “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”


210)  Love ignites all the light of the heart.


211)  “Love, temporary insanity, curable by marriage.”


212)  When love is in your heart, it brightens all darkness.


213)  Where love exists, peace reigns.


214)  Love is true kindness.


215)  When you love each other, the world is a better place.


216)  If it takes billions of miles to be in your arms, I will gladly travel to meet you.


217)  You give endless joy, so I have a beautiful reason to spend all my life with you.


218)  The future is bright for us; let’s remain in each other’s arms.


219)  You are my beautiful story, you complete my life.


220)  My tears flow freely when I miss U, you make my world beautiful.


221)  The hearts that love find eternal peace.


222)  Love is free; it cost nothing to love you.


223)  Return love for love so that you will find true happiness.


224)  True love doesn’t hurt, it cement two hearts.


225)  True happiness comes from true love.


226)  You are like a moon that illuminates my world, like the star that makes life glitters and like the sun that warms my heart with unimaginable happiness, I love you.


227)  Life may be short, but the short time I will spend with you will be like an eternity to me.


228)  You breathe happiness in my heart each moment I hold you; loving U is my eternal bliss.


229)  I fall in love with U the very first time I saw you and ever since then I have been falling in love with U.


230)  The eye does not usually see life most beautiful things, but they are mostly felt in the heart.


231)  Thank you for loving the way I’m, you have opened my heart to see the beauties of life.


232)  Life most amazing gift comes when you least expected it; you came into my life, and everything picked up.


233)  You are the most beautiful untold stories of my life.


234)  I don’t want all the gold and diamonds of this world, all I wanted is you.


235)  You are the treasure of my life, I’m happy to be with you.


236)  Loving you gives me strength and courage.


237)  “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”


238)  We love each other, we both share the same fantasy, and we are a soul mate.


239)  I love U before, now and forever.


240)  The heart is the seat of love, and my love for you comes from my heart.


241)  We need to have something in common to be able to love each.


242)  We desire what we love, and we love what we desired.


243)  There is no love you too much, love does not kill.


244)  The best feelings is when I looked at you I discovered that you have been staring at me.


245)  Come stay in my heart, I have a lot of space for you.


246)  “I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone.”


247)  “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.”


248)  I lost loneliness ever since the time I found you.


249)  There is madness in falling in love with you that I can’t explain.

250)  I love U because you mean everything to me.


251)  Love is in sharing what you have with another person.


252)  Nothing can compromise my love for you.


253)  You’re my lovely sunshine, every day of my life I found you amazing.


254)  I can’t just take you out of my mind, our love is made in heaven.


255)  You have infused your love into my heart; I will always love you.


256)  Love conquers all things.


257)  I will offer you two inseparable gift peace and love.


258)  You have turned every sad moment of my life to joyful ones.


259)  I will always hold you tight; I love you.


260)  You were first in my dream, and then in my reality, you have made everything beautiful in my life.


261)  Thank you, I’m better off than you met me.


262)  I need you as fish need water to survive.


263)  I will love you until the rains stop falling and the stars stop shining.


264)  You are my song, my sweet melody.


265)  Our love was commission in heavens, that it feels so good to love you.


266)  Every single time you touched me, your love further sank into my heart.


267)  We have the two sides of the coins to flip, head or tail, means you are mine or I’m yours.


268)  I want to be with you now and forever.


269)  If I don’t love you, I wouldn’t be with you, I’m with you because I love you.


270)  Just when I wanted to shot my doors on love; you showed up and change everything in my life.


271)  Love is the symbol of unity that unit the nation.


272)  Love can cut across religion, races, and cultures; it has a universal language that we all speak.


273)  I have been waiting for you all my life, and when I saw you, I knew you were the one.


274)  When I looked into the mirror, I see your reflection on my face.


275)  I find it so hard to stop thinking about you babe, you mean so much to me.


276)  I woke up every morning feeling so good because I spent all the hours of the night dreaming about you.


277)  I will always by your side even though the worst time.


278)  I cannot guarantee you that everything will be fine all the time, but I can guarantee you that my love for you will never stop.


279)  I love you with all the imperfects.


280)  You have succeeded in building a castle of love in my heart.


281)  As much as I love you, nothing else matters.


282)  Look up at night, if you can count the stars, then you may count my love for you, can you?


283)  Can you hear my soul whispers ‘I love U’ that’s always what it does for you.


284)  You shine in my life as the moon shines over the ocean in the night.


285)  Nothing I can do or be without you.


286)  You bring happiness and peace to my life when you came.


287)  I will forever love you, I will never hurt you.


288)  If you can through my heart, you will know how much I love you.


289)  I wish that I can always be with you every time of my life, I love you.


290)  Let me take every pain that may come your way, I can’t afford to see you go through pain.


291)  I will always make you smile, I will always make you laugh and I will always bring happiness into your life.


292)  Like an angel send to me from heaven, you came into my life, and everything became beautiful.


293)  Every night before I sleep, I thank my Lord for sending you my way.


294)  No matter how long it will take you to return, I will always wait for you, my heart finds happiness with only you.


295)  Thank you for accepting my weakness and imperfection, you have touched me like in so many beautiful ways.


296)  You love piers through my heart like an arrow with sweetness, I can’t live without you.


297)  Goodbye my love, hope I will see you again tomorrow, I will keep you in my heart until you are back.


298)  You make my world a kind of paradise that makes me feel wonderful, thank God I found a special person like you.


299)  I have given you all my heart; do whatever you like with it.


300)  Loving you make me feel happy, every moment I tried to suppress my love for you, it gushes out uncontrollably, I just can’t stop loving you.

301)  You have always been there for me, through the thick and thin, thank you.


302)  When you left, I sat at the corner of my room, crying.


303)  I don’t want to stay a day without you, I miss you.


304)  Wherever you go, my heart goes with you; nothing can take you out of my mind.


305)  I have asked my soul severally to know whom it true love, and it says it is you, you are my soul mate.


306) Everyone has someone that has been chosen for him/her, you are my chosen one.


307)  The first day I saw you, I know you were made for me.


308)  It took me more than a decade to find you, I can never let you go.


309)  Your love has sunk deeper into my heart, my life will be incomplete if I don’t have you forever.


310)  May your heart never forget me wherever you are, mine will always love you.


311)  I have nothing left in this world except your love that keeps me warm each time I think about you, please come back to me.


312)  Everything is all about you, I live for you, I will always love you forever.


313)  My heart always finds a way of remembering you no matter how hard I tried to take you out my mind.


314)  If I have the entire treasure of the world placed on one side and you on the other side, I chose you. You are more precious than all the treasures of the world.


315)  A day is like a year without you, I miss you so much.


316)  My wish I never let you go, I miss you.


317)  God bless the day that I found you, you open my eyes to see the beauty of life.


318)  I need to spend alone time with you.


319)  I hold you deep in my heart, I can never forget you.


320)  The more I think about you, the more I love you, life has never been the same ever since you left me, please come back to me.




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