Beautiful Love Quotes That Will Make Her Cry



Beautiful Love Quotes that will make her cry are lovely collections of love quotes that would bring a smile to her face. She is your beautiful world; make feel special by sending from our cute sentences the one that delights your heart.


 Love Quotes That Will Make Her Cry

Love Quotes That Will Make Her Cry

I do not think I may be able to give you all the things that you want, but I can assure you of all my love. I am scared to want you but I find myself loving and wanting you always.


When I look into your eyes, I see the reflection of your beautiful heart there, you have an angel heart, and heaven was where you came from. I’m the most blessed man in the world because I have someone like you as my wife, I love you so much.


Let the rain beat me and let me hold the umbrella for you, let me also be your canopy under the sun, nothing would I not do for you to make you happy, you all that I have, I love you.


You don’t know the happiness in my heart just to hold your lovely hands in mine, you don’t know how I feel just to see your beautiful smile, you are what paradise is to my heart, I would always be there by your side forever.


You have been running on my mind all day, you make me feel so good when I think of you, may God almighty bless you for me.


Your love is driving me crazy, in my sleep and in my wake, you are always on my mind, I don’t want to live far away from you because I can’t cope without you, I love you with every single drop of my blood.


Your love runs in my veins just as blood flows, there are no better days like the ones we spent together. I would forever love and cherish you.


You shine more than the shiniest thing in the world in my heart, I can’t imagine a moment that your sweet thoughts don’t cross my heart, I love you more than you ever know.


If takes me everything that I have to keep you with me, I would gladly sacrifice all that for your love, don’t you know that you are my All?


Thank you, thank you for all the joy you brought to my heart, I promise you one thing, I would never bring pain to your heart, I would never leave your side, I love you.


The best day of my life was I found you; it seems as if heaven was brought near to my heart when I first set my eyes on you, you are so beautiful.


You are all that I want in life, don’t fear the future with me, I would do my best to take good care of you, I love you.


Your morning smiles are all I needed to get the greatest inspiration for the day, you have always been the fantasy of my heart, tell me what you want me to do for you, I would happily do that for my beautiful heart, I love you.


You are the sunshine if life every day, and I want to be your moonlight too, we are two love birds in one soul, thank for being my dear wife, I love you with all my heart.


The joy of having you in my life multiplies every day, I can’t help but go down on my knees every night and every morning to say thank God I found you.


If you see me smile, know that I’m thinking of you if you hear me cry know that I miss you, and when I hold you tight, can you feel my heartbeat? every single beat of my heart beats for you, I love you.


You would forever be my best everything, even if I’m no more tomorrow, I love you.


Every night that I sleep I dream of you, and every morning that I wake up I pray for you first, your coming into my life is a blessing to my heart. I have never felt so good before in my whole life until I found you, I love you so much, baby.


Your love intoxicates me, my heart overflows with joy just at the sight of your shadow, you are a precious gift from heaven to me, I would always love you until my last breath.


I don’t like to promise anyone, but for you, it is a different case. I promise you all my love; I would be by your side forever because I’m deeply in love with you.


I knew that I have found my eternal bliss when I found you, my heart has never deceived me about you, you are an angel from heaven, l love you with all my life.


You have cast a spell on my heart, I feel so joyful just remembered one single thing about you, and nothing could convince me that you are not an angel.


Dearest, I know that you love me so much, but I love you more, I can’t just do anything without you, my heart is tied to you, I would do anything for you.


I go where ever you want us to go, I would do whatever you want me to do for you, I have vowed to be there for you forever, you are the only one I love so much because you are special to my heart.


You are my life’s greatest joy since I was born, I have never had it so good before until I found you, I cherish you, you are my beautiful life.


Dream of me when you sleep tonight because I would be doing the same thing too; let’s go to the moon and to the stars, let feel heaven together tonight, I love you.


I thought I have loved you completely, but I realized that every day that breaks, I start loving you ball over again.


You are as cute as a dove and as adorable as a panda. I would be the captain of your love forever, I would sail you to a beautiful harbor. I love you because you are so special to me.


When I looked up at the sky in the night I see you shining brightly among the stars, you have always been that brightest light in my heart, I have given you all my heart, I love you.


You are so gorgeous for my heart; I’m flattered by your beautiful eyes when I looked into them. You must be among one of the angels, I love you.


Even a full moon is not as bright as your eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, I would give you my all because I want you to stay with me forever, I love you.


Darling, I just want to tell you that you are so special to my heart when I’m with you, all my worries disappear, I love you.


The world is an empty place without you when I’m with you I’m complete, and when you are not here my life is incomplete, I want you by my side forever and more


Every night that passes I dream of a beautiful world for us, you mean so much to me, I love you.


When you smile at me, my heart skips in joy as if I’m in paradise, loving you has brought so much joy to my heart, thank God I found you.


Our love would last forever, I have begged God to give us heaven as he has given us this world, may I be sweet everything.


I’m a cute happily loving husband because of you, you are everything that I have ever wished for, I love you.


You shine in my heart like a million star shines at night, I want you to know that I would always care for you.




Cute Love Quotes for Her

Loving is my hubby, and I love this hobby every day.


Dearest when I see you, I’m always lost in your beautiful eye, I love you.


Making you mine forever is what I pray for every morning and night, thank you for making my world a better place.


When I found you, you make-believe in love again.


If loving you is a crime, I know I would have been in prison by now, because nothing can stop me from loving you.


With you, it was as if I was coming up for fresh air. You are the love of my life, I can’t leave you. It is as if I was drowning and you saved me. I guess I have been in love with you forever.


I might get mad at you, I might have doubts at times, and I might not know how I am going to love you like I intend to. However, I will try; I would love to try, more than anything else.


I would very much be extraordinary together than ordinary apart. I love you [name]. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


They say you feel scared when you have something to lose. I do not ever want to lose you, because I am so deeply and truly n love with you to the extent that I am scared.


Dearest love, I thank God that I found someone like you as my life partner, you are all my dreams come true, ever since I met you my heart has always been joyous, I hope I make you feel good too, please let me know how you feel about me, because you have really been a great inspiration to my life, and I can’t do less of what you do to me but greater, I love you.


You are my center of attraction, every moment I set my eyes on you my heart make a loud thud like a huge wave, suddenly sweetness overwhelmed my heart, I feel this way with you all the time, thank God I find a beautiful soul mate like you.


I have ever held the first time I met you as the most beautiful moment of my life, it was really my blessed day, you have always been the light of my life, I don’t know what I can do without you, I love you.


My love, thank you for enduring with me through my trying times, you have shown me what true love means, I would always be there for you, I would never leave you, I love you.


You are the apple of my eyes, you are the beauty of my soul, I will always love no matter what life brings tomorrow, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


You make me see the beautiful side of life, you make me smile when I think of you, you are the moon and the star that shines brightly in my heart, you are my loving angel, you are my sweet wife, and I love you.


When I met you, you make me believe in true love, I knew true and pure love existed until I found you, thank you, my wife, for making my living a paradise.


I cherish every moment I spent with you, because I beautiful memories that you behind lingers on my mind for a long time, no make me feel good like you, I promise to always make you happy.


Dearest, I may not be able to guarantee you all the things, but I can surely guarantee you, my love.


If all things fade away, my love for you would never fade away, I renew my love for you in every breath that I made.


Either the sunshine’s or not, and if the moon refuses to come up at night, my heart would always illuminate your world, I truly love you.


If you make me a lemon, I would turn it into sweet orange for you, nothing you would ever do that would hurt me, you have done enough that makes me happy with you forever, I love you, my sweetheart.


I would be the sun to keep you warm during cold weather, I would be your canopy in the rain, I would place my life for you to live, I love you with all my life.


I love you like no one ever has. Baby please just say you would be with me forever, even if you love me a little, it is good enough for me. I love you enough for both of us.


This is not the thrill of the chase. What we have isn’t just a game. What we have is so special and I couldn’t be happier. I love you, the scent of your hair, your immaculate nails, and your confident nature,


I think about the most little random things; the freckles on your face, the snort you make at the end of your laughter, your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me, and the way you smile when you into my eye. I love you so much, baby.


I am in love with you. I have been in love with you, ever. I am a little late; I know I’m a little late in telling you that. Take all the time you need, because you have a choice to make.


I could not leave you even if I had to. I could not do so even when I have a shotgun to my head. You are my weakness, yet you give me so much strength. You mean the world to me. You are the love of my life.


Sometimes I pretend to like your taste in books and music; I let you have my last piece id cookie from the jar. I lay awake watching you have your sound sleep at night, and I would loudly play a love song to apologize if I wrong you. I am like a teenager in love with you.


Our love has become the kind of love I used to cherish and look forward to as a child. I have always dreamed of being in this place. I am thankful for your presence in my life.


I can’t help but think about it day and night. Loving you is really all that is on my mind. I think you are the one. I love you.


If wishes were horses, I would ride straight into your heart, and be in your life till eternity.


Your smiles alone can bring joy and happiness that can last a lifetime. But I do not want just the smile, I want the person that gives that smile, and I want to be the person behind that smile. I love you so much.


I see myself making your favorite meal, making your morning coffee just the way you like it, playing catch in the front yard with our kids. I see myself in the future. You are the love of my life.


They say forever is a long time; but with you, I would love to spend more than 1 forever with you by my side, loving me as you do.


A love like ours is yet to be written; not even the fairy tales can come close in comparison. What we have is rare, and I want it forever.


It is like sunshine on a cloudy day. It is like a fireplace in the cold. It is like rainfall in a desert. It is like a light in an abyss, it is what makes me a believer. It is the love I have for you.


I have got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees, you bring me sweet melodies that my heart can contain, and I am totally in this world for you!


My woman, the day I met you, I found my missing piece. You complete me and make me a better person. I was a little late to be your first, but I want all of my lasts to be with you. I love you!


It is like you took the breath out of my lungs and I could not find it. You took all the words out of my mouth without even trying. And you have given me so much meaning. I love you.


You are my ideal woman, my good luck charm. I want to be nowhere but with you. I love you more than words can explain.


Your love leaves me awake at night, staring at the ceiling and reminiscing on the memories we have shared together, and that is all I want to lose sleepover.


I do not want anything if I don’t have you. You are beautiful inside and out. I watched you closely and yes, all I want is you; everything is nothing if I don’t have you.


I want to grow old with you, watch our kids and grandkids grow up, and laugh at our silly jokes. You are my all. Leaving you is never an option, losing you is never a consideration. You are my soul mate.


The number of stars in the sky equates to the days I want to spend with you. You are my world. I go to bed every night thinking about you. And I wake up every morning with thoughts about you too. I adore you.


Those little things that you do are the most mesmerizing. I love you so much. You have no idea how much I adore and care about you. Your existence is extremely important to me.

Amazing Love Quotes That Will Make Her Cry

No force can triumph over the love I have for you, not even the stormy weather conditions, nor the heaviest downpour. Your happiness is important to mine, your joy is important to mine, and that’s how I know you are the love of my life.


I put my heart in the palm of your hands, for it is the safest place, and it is where I have always prayed and hoped it would be. I am glad I have you, my love. Thank you for being there.


I want to hold your hands and shout to the whole wide world, that I believe in true love.


I knew you were the right one for me from the very first day that I set my eyes on you. Loving you has taught me things I thought I already knew. Honey, I never want to stop loving you.


If I could, the one thing I would change about our relationship is the time I met you. I wish I met you earlier. For the rest of my life, all I want to do is love you. I am totally devoted to you and I love you.


I would do anything to make you happy as long as my Lord permits me to live; you are my world of endless pleasure, missing you.


I would endure through the hardest journey, as long as I know that I would find you there.


I don’t care what people may say about you, I only care about increasing my love for you.


You are the comfort of my eyes, you make my heart find a beautiful place in you, I love you.


There may be a moment of famine and stormy weather, but there will never be a time that I would not love you.


I don’t care what you are or what you are not, all I know is that I love you now and forever.


If there is another place after this life, I suppose paradise, then there, would I pray to spend my eternity with you.


When the sunrise, my love for you blossom, and when the sunset, my love for never set, it only glitters under the moonlight, I love you.


I found true love in loving you; our future would be beautiful together; forever I would always be your sweet dream.


Don’t be afraid of tomorrow, I would always be by your side, you are so special to me, I can’t let you down, I love you.


I wish to be in your world forever, I don’t know what I can do without you.


There is no measure to the amount of love I have for you, your love keeps flowing in my heart like the surge of an ocean, and you make an imperfect world perfect.


Ever since I met you, I have been the happiest man on earth, the dream of having a lovely wife comes true with you, I would be your sweet melody any time.


I would never hurt you, I would never make you cry, I cherish you so much in my heart.


Every single beat of my heart glorifies God for giving me a lovely wife like you, you are the gorgeous woman in the world.


Dearest, among the women of the world, you caught my attention, you are the best among the rest.


Not all gifts come in square boxes, not all princesses have been locked up away in a lonely tower, for you are undoubtedly my fairytale princess.


Your love is like a language, and I know every word of it. If there was more, I would never want to stop learning.


Nothing feels better than this, so I guess it is TRUE love. It is something that makes my world better, so I’m SURE its true love! and that is your love in my heart I am enchanted by it.


I want to love you till the end of time. I promise to never leave you. Please say you’ll never let me go.


The love I have for you is steady enough to withstand any storm the universe brings us. Your love brings me so much satisfaction. I love you.


I just want to show you how much I appreciate you, and how dedicated I am to you. I want to keep this love, so it can never become something we used to have.


I am speechless when I stare at you. Watching you is all that I can do. I can’t believe that this God’s masterpiece is mine! What your beauty and personality do to me is indescribable. I love you with all my heart.


The entire king’s horses and all the king’s men could never break us apart. I never thought you would be the one to have my heart, you came from the skies and you knocked me to the ground. You are my angel. I love you.


I hope that you one day see right through me. I hope you see how much my heart aches for you anytime you are not around. You are my home.


I will never let our love become a thing of the past. I hope that we remain forever. You are my world, and I never want to see you go.


With you, all my doubts fade away. There is not a single thing about you that I wouldn’t want to learn, and love. I love you so much.


I am such a mess when I am with you. I am vulnerable and at your mercy each time I stare into your beautiful eyes. I am sure it is nothing new to you because it happens all the time. You are enchanting.


After all this time, I still get nervous when I am with you and anytime you walk into the room; honey you are truly my weakness.


It all started when you said hello. I felt a cold quiver.-something that I have never had to feel, and I have cherished every day since we met.


I never did realize how much hurt I felt all my life until you came into it, bearing with you joy and happiness. You are my solace. I love you.


My love, anytime you become filled with doubts, or anytime you feel hurt and sad, just pick up all my love letters to you and re-read them. I mean every alphabet and I want you to believe so. I love.

Love Quotes That Will Make Her Cry

Roses are red, lavenders are purple, my love for you is so true, and I never want to leave you. You are my perfect world.


On this journey of love, I want to be the one to ride with you, and I never want to alight no matter how long and difficult the distance may get.


My head is filled with unspoken words of your love. I cannot deny how overwhelmed with joy it makes my heart feel. I love you.


Every touch, every smile, every kiss, every glance, and every action of yours refreshes my soul. It is all I would need for the rest of my life, and it is all I wish to give to you too.


This love I feel for you is bitter-sweet. The former is when I have to be away from you for some moments, and the latter is when you are by my side.


I am deeply overwhelmed by your beauty, you sank every uncertainty in my heart since the day I found you, you are indeed an angel sent from above.


I’m lucky to have a lovely woman like you as a wife, nothing would ever make me stop loving you, even if you don’t love me, I promise to love always.


Though I don’t wish to see you cry, if anything ever makes you cry, please cry on my shoulder.


Every morning when I wake up to see another beautiful day, I ask my Lord to protect you for me, if you would ever live to be a hundred, I pray to be ninety-nine plus 364 days, because I don’t want to live a single moment with you.


I’m eternally grateful to my good Lord who brought a beautiful woman like you as a gift to my life, you are more than words can express to me, I love you with every pulse of my heart.


In the days when I have not met you, I use to visualize you at noon and dream of you at night, and the first time I set my eyes on you, I know you are my missing ribs, thank God I found you.


I cherish the day that you were born, and I cherish the day that I met you, I will always cherish you forever.


Where ever life takes me, you would always be on my mind, and I would always come back to you.


I have no home except the home that I have you in it, thank you for forever been so loving and caring to me.


My greatest achievement in life is being a husband to a lovely angel like you; your love sets a beautiful illumination in my heart.


You are a beautiful reflection of love and trust, and trust me; I promise my love for you would never die.


Everything may end, but I have endless love for you, you deserve everything beautiful in life.


You have always been beautiful, every moment I spent with you live a beautiful memory with me, in every situation, count on me, I love you.


May the Lord be with you all the time of your life, all I have ever wanted in a woman I found in you; you are the angel of heart.


If I may ask you a question, what makes you love me and cared for so much¬, be rest assured that I would always be by your side till eternity.


Don’t think that I forget you when leaving home every day, I may not be here with you as often as expected, but I swear, your thought has never left my heart, I always keep you in my heart.


Dearest, a beautiful thought flash through my heart every second that passes, and that is the thought of you.


I want to grow old with you, but with you I know I can never be feeble, when true love existed between us as it is now, I know that we can never get old; our love would remain fresh and stronger together.


You are the cap that fits perfectly on my head, you the shoe that fit perfectly on my leg, you are the cloth that suits me perfectly, and I love you because you are my perfect world.


I just know now that love is sweet when I found you, thank you for making me believe in love.


You stun me every time I looked at you, you are the most beautiful for my heart, I love you.


God created you for me and me for you, I will keep you warm in chilly weather and keep cool in hot weather, I will try my best to give you the best condition, you are so special to me.


Thank God I never miss you the first time I saw you, the angels direct my way towards you, and today my greatest happiness is because I love you.


Every time we shared together is the most splendid of my life, you are so gorgeous and marvelous, I couldn’t imagine a single day in this life alone without you, you just make my imperfect world complete, I love you.


Your eyes shine brightly like the moon and glitter like the stars when I looked into them, you are undoubtedly the most beautiful girl in the world, I would take good care of you, I love you.


There is no time that your thought doesn’t dash through my mind, when I think about you I smile through my inside, you make my heart sweet every moment I think about you, you are just too special to me, stay with me forever, I would take good care of you.


I don’t have anything if I didn’t have you, now that I have you, I have everything, you are like tenderly and beautiful flowers that flourish and shines among other flowers, you are good, loving and caring, I love you with all my life.


Our tomorrow would be great together, you inspired me every minute of my life, what more can I ask for, God is so good to me by giving me you, enjoy your life my sweet melody.


The more I see you the happier I become, I wish to be with you every moment of my life, life is cheering to have you around, I love you so much.


You are my sun in cloudy weather, you are my cool in hot weather, you make every moment a perfect one with you, I would be your sweet memories wherever you go, you deserve everything beautiful in life, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear love, I have asked the Lord to furnish you with the best of everything in life, your care and love touch the depth of my heart, you mean my beautiful world.


I was alone and dejected when you came along, suddenly everything began to change for good, you are my miracle, I can’t live without you, my heart has found a beautiful place in yours, let’s stay together, I love you.


You are my beautiful dreams come true, I long dreamt of you before I met you, and the first day I saw you I knew you were the one I have been looking for, thank God I have you now, I would do anything good for you, I love you.

Short Cute Love Quotes that Will Make Her Cry


I keep you close to my heart every day because I love you.


I don’t want to spend a day alone without you.


Loving you is so passionate to my heart.


I can’t live without you, I’m sure you know that already.


I wished I had known before now, you are so beautiful.


You are my dream come true.


I’m ok just sitting here and looking at your beauty.


Just a kiss from you set my heart ablaze.


My heart is happy to be with you, I would always love you.


The most adorable thing about you is you.


I live every day thanking God that I found a beautiful heart like you.


Only death can separate me from you, thank you for being my perfect world.


You are my everyday sunshine, I’m happy to spend my life with you.


You interpret all my sweet dreams in life.


Your heart is so cheerful, and you are so beautiful.


I love you just the way you are.


You are a naturally blessed soul, I can die for you.


I have given you the key to my heart.


I just want to be yours forever and nothing more.


Living my everyday life with you translate to the joy of my heart.


You are my evergreen love, your love shines in my heart always.


I want to love you now and always.


When you told me you loved me, I felt so joyful.


You are the reason for my unending happiness; I want to be the joy of your heart too.


Our destiny was written together when you were born.


I stop searching for true love when I found YOU.


The only thing that I think of every day ever since I met is how to love you more.


From the first day that I met you, I have never been unhappy; every day is a wonderful day with you.


My love for you is incurable.


I enjoy holding your hands in mine, you are my heaven.


I promise I would always do my best for you.


You are always on my mind, I can’t live without you.


My love for you would endure forever; nothing would make me change my mind.


I have nothing to say but just to let you know that I love you.


Everything about you is wonderful; I’m dying for your love.


I’m the luckiest to have you; I would forever stay with you.


I swear, I will love you until the end of time.


I love you; you have all my love for you.

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