Heartwarming Prayers for My Future Husband Messages


Prayers for my future husband messages – The prayers on behalf of a groom or bride to be, during wedding ceremonies or at other religious occasions that celebrate the couple’s union are conveying the wish that the two people may have well being, success, security, peace, etc., in their married life.

Prayers for My Future Husband


  • Lord, thank you for the gift of prayer and the gift my future husband in this life. Thank you that I will have a family in my life. Thank you for all of my precious things in this life. Help me to make a difference in this world. Help me to see the good in people even when they don’t see it themselves. May I always be gentle and kind to everyone? Please, help me remember that money comes and goes, but my family is the most valuable thing in life.


  • I pray that we will always be best friends and teach me how to love and be loved. I pray that we grow old together and stay selfishly in love with one another, and I pray that we find ways to give back every day, knowing we have so much to give.


  • I pray for a man who will love me for me, a man who will hold my hand in public. I will pray for a man that will bring me breakfast in bed every Saturday morning. I will pray for a guy that would sing to me and take me on romantic picnics. I hope that God sends the right guy; he will be blessed with unconditional love.


  • I want to be with you, fall asleep with you, wake up next to you. I want to take care of you when you’re sick and make you laugh every time I tell a joke. I want to hug you whenever I feel like it, squeeze you close to me, and smile with the thought of me holding you.


  • I pray that I will trust you, and you will trust me. I pray that we will always be open to talking about our feelings.


  • Dear God, I pray that he will come soon. I pray that he will be good to me, that his love will grow and be strong for me.


  • You are my best friend, my lover, and my companion forever. You’re the one I want to share my life with, and I pray to God each day for us and our future. I pray we make it to our marriage, and for years later till we get old together.


  • God almighty, you know what I need and what I don’t. You know me better than anyone else. You have a plan for my life and have brought me to this point in my life for a reason. I know you have great things in store for my future husband, and I pray that you will guide us each step of the way.


  • I am praying for a man who is called, chosen, and faithful. A man of integrity and character. I pray that my future husband loves God with all his heart. I pray he can lead our family in the best way possible. I pray for him to be a good dad and provider to us and also to your kids if you have any. I pray he will love me unconditionally, forgive me when I mess up, and bless me with encouragement and acceptance even on my worst days.


  • I am praying for the man who will become my husband. He will be strong and confident yet have a good sense of humor. He will have a kind heart and a willingness to care for others. He will believe in God and know that he is a blessing from God.


  • I pray for you to find your happiness in me. I pray that you always see the beauty inside of me, even when no one else can. I pray that you remember how gentle love is and never forget that I love you every day of my life.


  • I pray that you find me; I’m lost. Please find me and see what’s inside. Open your eyes and see what you mean to me. Don’t laugh at me or my love, don’t doubt it or walk away.


  • Dear Lord, I pray for a man who is not afraid to cry and who can be my rock when I need it most. I pray that the man will always share his deepest secrets and desires with me and that he will let me see him at his weakest moments.


  • May he be humble, even if he is on top of the world. May he be strong enough to stand alone but gentle enough to know when to seek guidance. May he always be brave but never foolish. May he teach me to live life with laughter and joy, but also with patience and peace. And, most importantly, may he be my very best friend, sharing all of my experiences and never judging where I’ve been or where I am going.


  • Lord, give me a man who knows his purpose in life and who won’t stop until he finds it. Give me a man who is secure with himself, loves you but isn’t perfect.


  • My future husband, Praise God you exist! I pray that you would be there to comfort me in the solitude of my bedroom on a rainy day. I pray that you can hold me and kiss me not only when we’re in public but also when we’re at home.


  • Barring any disasters, God has given me many blessings. The biggest blessing is just knowing that you are out there somewhere. May all your dreams come true! When I meet my future husband for the first time, I would want to offer him all these prayers before he even knows what hit him.


  • God, I pray that my future husband is compassionate. I pray that he is intelligent. God, that he has a good sense of humor, and that he is trustworthy.


  • Thank you, God, for this man. He is everything I could have ever asked for and more. Help him to continue to love me and let his love grow each day. Just like him, give us that little white house and lots of kids with blonde hair and blue eyes! Let him know that I am so blessed to be his wife and the mother of his children, now and forever.


  • I vow to let you be who you are, to respect your choices, to be patient with your faults, to love you despite them. I promise to keep my heart open so that I might learn from you. I will do my best not to lose it when you are gone but remember that true love is being there for each other through all the times of being together.


  • I will pray every day you come home to me. I will pray we raise a family together and that my children know they are loved. I pray we will share a house and grow old in each other’s arms.


  • I prayed for you before I knew you. I prayed for your hands to be steady, your heart brave, your dedication to God unswayable. You are the husband I prayed for. You are my hope in troubled times; you are the answer to my every prayer.


  • Lord, thank you for this man I will one day call my husband. Thank you for giving me the ability to love. Lord, make him spiritually strong; make him committed to the Lord. Help him always to put family first; help him always to be open with his feelings. Give us both pure hearts and sound minds.


  • I am a beautiful diamond in the rough; only you can help me with my shine. I want to be with you now and always. I hope with all my heart that we will be together soon. You bring so much joy to my heart, and I cannot wait to be by your side as your wife throughout eternity. Your love for me grows stronger with every passing day, and one day our love will last forever. I pray for you, my future husband, that God bless you for me forever.


  • Dear Lord, Please send me a loving, caring, devoted husband who will love me more than life itself. He must be my best friend and always be there for me. Please send him to me soon! Thank you, Lord.


  • I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.


  • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.


  • I will pray for my future husband every night, tears rolling out of my face as I tell you over and over again how much I love you. As I am praying for this special man, you will be on my mind. I pray that his purpose is fulfilled and that he knows he is loved more than words can say.
Prayers for My Future Husband
Prayers for My Future Husband

31 Prayers for My Future Husband

  • I pray for strength and encouragement as I put my life in the hands of my future husband.


  • I pray that someday you will see the beauty of my heart, the purity of my soul, and the goodness in my nature. I pray that you will know how much I love you when you see me. I pray for this every night and every morning when I wake up.


  • I get so happy thinking about the day we will marry and the babies we will have. Life has been a little bumpy, but we’ve made it through, and I couldn’t be more in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms, and I hope that one day we say “I do”!


  • Lord, let this man know my heart. He needs to embrace my love. Take away all of his fears, doubts, and insecurities. Teach him to trust in his faith and my love for him. Let us be one in heart and soul that nothing can hurt us. Keep our hearts pure.


  • Dear Lord, I pray for a kind, sensitive, and compassionate man. Someone who loves life and all people. A man who is open-minded and loves to laugh. Help me find a man that is full of love that I can give to him in return. Please pour out your blessings on me that I might be able to find a great man who will love and cherish me for a lifetime! Amen!


  • Your strength and grace astound me. You are trustworthy, honest, and loyal. You are an example to many, just by your sense of right and wrong. You are the type of man that everyone should strive to be like. Though people may doubt us, I know that you will never fail me. I love you with every fiber in my being, and no one will ever come between us.


  • Lord, I pray for my future husband. I ask you to bless him, let him know you in a special way, and guide him in your ways. Please bring us together in your time and in your way. I love You, Lord, and I trust in You.


  • God, please give me a man who can love me for all eternity. I pray for my future husband to love me genuinely, be honest with me no matter what, support me in any situation, be there for me before anyone else, and make time for us whenever we need it most. Help him understand that I am never asking for too much but can’t live without the tiny amount I do.


  • I pray that you are always loved because you deserve nothing less. I wish for your heart to be loved by all because it’s so big and kind. I pray that you will never feel pain or sorrow that aches deep within. I wish for the love of your life to treat you like a king because you deserve nothing less than greatness.


  • I pray that God gives me the strength to continue to be the best wife I can be. Although you might not know it, I love you more than anything in this world. I could never ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. Please keep up the good work!


  • Darling, I’m always thinking of you, no matter where I am and what I am doing. I pray that we will keep the flame of passion burning throughout our lives and that we both find each other in youth and old age.


  • Am I really “your” wife? Will it happen? I’ve heard perfection is hard to find. Are you the one I’ve waited for? Tell me what I can do to prove that I’m the one. Love is only a word until it has touched your heart. If your heart skips a beat when you see me, then my prayers have been answered!


  • I pray that he has a generous heart. He should not be boastful or greedy but give freely to others in need. I pray that he will enjoy doing things for others. I pray that his generosity comes from the heart instead of obligation. I pray that he doesn’t expect anything in return…just knowing he has done a good thing for someone else is enough. I pray that when I see his eyes light up with excitement over something small.


  • I lift you in prayer for all that God has called you to do and to be.


  • I lift my eyes to the hills. From where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.


  • Holy God, you who are eternal, all-powerful, almighty, yet intimately near to us all, perfect in love and justice. Send your Holy Spirit now to protect with your shield of faith my future husband. Encircle him, guide him with wisdom and inner direction, calm his fears and anxiety for the future. You have called me to love him as you love him. Guide me to be a soothing source of peace, joy, and blessing in his life today, tomorrow, and always


  • I pray for my future husband to be a Godly man, one that wants to be right with The Lord. I pray for him to be the best father possible for our children and to lead our family in prayer night and day. I pray for him to love me the way I deserve and always accept me for who I am.


  • I pray that my future husband loves me with the entirety of his heart. I pray that he never stops loving me, that our love is always growing, not only in the good times but in the bad. I pray that he will reach out his hand when I feel discouraged and lift me when I fall.


  • I cannot wait to meet my future husband! Jesus, please prepare my future husband’s heart for my love and tenderness. Prepare him for me and cause our hearts to meet in deep and passionate love. You promised I would find a man like You, and I know You haven’t forgotten your promise. Jesus, thank you for this amazing love. Please protect us against all evil and surround us in your angels when we are apart.”


  • Oh Lord, please bless me with a kind, loving, compassionate, forgiving, gentle, wise, humble, humorous, and handsome man. Grant, this man an eternal thirst to seek out the will of God for his life. Please lead him to me so that he will be my future husband.


  • I pray that you feel the same way. I want to be your wife. I want to be your number one person that you lean on when you need support. I want to be the one that comforts you in times of sadness and laughter in times of joy.


  • I pray to you, Lord, that it would be my husband who will love me for the rest of my life. Someone who will not leave me no matter what. Someone I can be with and someone I can spend time with.


  • I pray that our love will always be as fresh as a morning rose and strong as a mighty oak. May you delight in the luxury of my friendship, and together we will rejoice in the gift of love that has found us. When you feel alone, I will be there to give you strength. When you feel discouraged, I will lift your spirits. And if a mountain should stand between our hearts, may the grace of God move it just enough to let two people walk around it for their


  • Dear Heavenly Father, Help me to be a wife that is pleasing to my husband. Help us to be a blessing – together – one to another. Forgive me, Lord, for the way that I have been selfish. Please help our prayers one day soon to be answered, and that two hearts will beat as one.


  • Lord, I pray for my future husband to be kind, hard-working & honest.


  • I pray that you find the perfect gift to show you how much I care. I don’t want extravagant presents, for I am happy with each memory stored in our hearts. A gift is expensive, and memory is priceless.


  • I thank the Lord every day for the amazing man he has made you. You fit my idea of what a husband should be: your: your caring, your tender, your truthful, and loving. I don’t need a man with money or connections, simply one who will put me first in everything.


  • I want a man who will cherish me as I will cherish him.


  • Lord, I pray for my future husband that he would be everything I need him to be, that he would honor and love me, that you would guide his life’s decisions. I pray for our children, their lives to be happy, successful, and fun. I pray for our home together to be close and loving, where we can find peace and happiness. I pray for myself to help him with the burdens of life so he may always be happy and never worry or stress.


  • I pray that my future husband will be faithful.


  • Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my future husband. Please bless him with a good job and income that will support my family. I pray he will remain faithful and true to me even when unseen trials come. Help him to be a wise leader and a gentle mentor to our children. Amen.


  • Dear God, I pray for a Godly husband to love and cherish me. As it’s written in your word, you have matched us together as man and wife, and we will one day stand before you and be united as one. Give him to me and bless us both with your holy spirit so we can lead each other to salvation and live lives pleasing to you.

Prayer for My Future Spouse

  • I pray for my future spouse to love me the way that I want to be loved.


  • God, I pray you to bless my future spouse in a special way that only You can. I pray that you protect and guide our marriage in a way that only You can. I pray that your love is always with us and surrounds us each day. Stay in our hearts and show us the way.


  • Dear God, I pray that my future spouse will be kind, loving, forgiving, patient, generous, affectionate, loyal, trusting, and an all-around Godly man/woman. I pray that he/she will have the qualities on the top of your list.


  • O, God, thank you for my future spouse. You will be done in my life. I pray that the person you have planned for me will come into my life soon. Father, I pray that I will find favor with this person so that he or she will desire to spend the rest of their life with me. Lord, bring this special person into my life soon so that he or she may fill the void in my heart.


  • I pray that I will meet my future husband soon. I pray that you are smart, funny, sweet, handsome, tall, charming, romantic, and loving. I pray you are respectful to your parents and mine, kind to everyone around you, and have no plans of wasting our relationship by being unfaithful. I love you already and cannot wait to call you husband.


  • Dear Lord, please bless my future spouse with love, trust, forgiveness, support, honesty, and boundaries. May he be sensitive to my thoughts, gentle in his touch, and compassionate when hurt. Show him how necessary he is in my life by making us one physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Help us to grow old together, kind and compassionate with an unshakable faith in you. Amen! We pray all of these in your name for God’s glory.


  • Lord, please guide me to my future spouse and help him or her to find me and be gracious, loving, kind, and gentle. Be with us as we discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, help us to see each other as beautifully created souls worthy of love.


  • My love, I only pray that God will grant me the grace to love you as well as He loves me. That I will never take any day for granted and that through our love, God will bring change into this world. Let our love be a reminder of His eternal love for His creation. May He use our love to bring understanding to all people and let it be a beacon of hope for everyone.


  • Dear God, Thank you for blessing me with a spouse who will love me unconditionally. I pray that I can be more deserving of his/her love every day. Bless us with many years together. Give us happiness, health, and peace in all our days on earth. Help us to be each other’s best friend, companion, lover, and confidante. Keep us safe from harm and see us through all the years to come. Amen!


  • O Heavenly Father, I pray that You find a remarkable woman to love me. Right now, I feel like I’m never going to meet her. Please give her to me and bless my life with her love and care.


  • God, I pray that we find each other and fall in love. Let us be the best we can be for each other and treat each other with kindness and respect. God, I pray that you help us build our love as it grows stronger every day as we mature as individuals and as lovers.


  • O Heavenly Father, I come unto Thee asking Thy guidance and help. Lord, I ask of Thee to bless me with a sweet and tender-hearted man who is trustworthy, faithful, kind, gentle, and caring. One who will be grateful for the happiness I will give him—a man who will love me entirely for all eternity. I shall honor him, keep him sweet and hold his hand forever.


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