Rock Climbing Captions for Instagram


Rock Climbing Captions for Instagram: Rock climbing is a sport that is not for the faint of heart. If you are envious of those who are skinny enough to rock climb, then you are probably envious of their confidence as well. One thing to note about rock climbing is that it requires one to have a lot of confidence. Chances are that if you think that climbing the rocks is easy, then you are likely still at the bottom. Here are some rock climbing captions for Instagram to show you style.


Rock Climbing Captions for Instagram

I shouldn’t have worn this sweater. #nothingstopsus #climbingaddict


Oh, the places you’ll go #naturalstate


Checking off one more from the #bucketlist of climbing a big wall.


Watching the sunset makes me feel so #blessed. #sunset #nofilter


Let your goals know you’re coming for them.


Soak up the views.


We’ve scaled our final peak, now it’s time to start at the very beginning again.


Finding that sweet spot where the sun meets the shade.


What is the meaning of life? Sometimes, it’s just to hang on. #climbing #believelife #rockclimbing


So proud of you!! You’ve come so far since that first day of climbing…still just the beginning, right? #climbinglife


Let’s get climbing Let’s get high.


Let’s go climbing #nomadclimbs


#tbt to that time I found myself atop a boulder-like…


Can’t wait for another adventure with you, @darrenclimbs. #IDontDrinkCoffee #TakeCareOfYourLines #theNorthFace #SterlingRope


This city made us sweat more than any gym has, but climbing still helped us forget about it all.


Follow your dreams like there’s no gravity.


Finally climbed my first V10.


One of the best feelings in the world is climbing a rock face and having it under your control. Some of the proudest/excited moments I’ve had were on a large wall. #rockclimbing #climbinglife


There’s just something about spray painting rocks and chalking holds that makes the whole endeavor seem a little more real. I’m not thinking, I’m just doing.


Working on getting some tats! Here is @ashley_mcnamara on the 5.11c AIM. #vayaheartrope #climbing #tattoos


It’s time to get over your fear of heights. Get out that harness and head to the mountains .”


Climb-Every mountain you’ve ever seen, but be sure to document it on the gram.


I feel like I can almost touch it. I dream of this moment, but I’ll never truly know what it’s like to stand on top of the world…until now. – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson #nofilter #


Fingers crossed the bolts survive the climbing season!


Don’t worry. The rope won’t hold you back.


Here’s to climbing higher, mountains or lemons.


Because getting to the top is half the fun. #rockclimbing #photography


We’ll learn together, climb together, overcome together…if you can dream it, do it. #womenwhorock #rockclimbing #believeinyourself


I am confident in my abilities as a rock climber. I never climb above my limits, and I always stay safe. Climbing is my passion, and I’m proud to be part of the climbing community.


Feeling fresh and ready for action at the crag today. #rockclimbing #sandiego #climbing #craggyheads


Your hike is my climb. This weekend, take your favorite active adventures vertical with moves like this one! @tynansmith is


Climbing is a sport for everyone. Climb More. Fear Less


Every great journey begins with the first step. #climbing


Time to crank the rock & put some music on because we’re loading up for another day of climbing.


Clipping into the wild blue yonder. #toothle #rockclimbing


It’s never too late to start over. Dead hang, here I come. #rockclimbing #training #motivation #instagood


Been on this rock for 20 mins before this hook broke and I fell off #youcanclimbit


Hello, I’ve been climbing with my friend #3 and we met you at the base of the cliff. Now we want to meet you at the top!


Accomplishing a big climb is an emotional experience. It’s especially rewarding when you have a friend at the top to share in the moment with you. #climbinglife


Climbing up: Let’s be like you and me—we embrace challenge and we meet it head-on. No mountain is too tall, no world too wide; we’re not afraid to take on anything that stands in


Welcoming the outdoors back into our lives as the temps begin to chill. Who’s joining us? #mountainlife


Reach new heights with our springtime climbing gear.


On a good day, the only thing in the world is the rock in front of you.


This is #Saturday! These is perfectly written rock climbing captions for Instagram. Which one did you like the most? Share us in the comment section below.


Climb On. Climb On. #rockclimbing #indialove #indiana #indianakennels


Feeling down? Take a break from the daily grind and adventure on the rock with @bouldersgym! #climbing


In the high country, where rivers really run free. #hiking #adventure #vacation #rockclimbing #climber #peakbagger


The only thing as satisfying as climbing a mountain is creating one.


There’s nothing better than a day of climbing to make you realize that your ambitions are bigger than your fears.


Whether you’re well versed or new to climbing, backpacking, or pursuing your own adventure, the Wide Horizons Collection is for you. Explore the world with us.


Whether you’re a beginner at the climbing gym, or you’re challenging yourself on big walls outside – we’re w/ you #neverstopexploring


When you’re rock climbing, you want to feel like you can conquer the world.


Change your life. Start climbing. Change the world. Climbers do. Join us at Spot for a day of adventure, new friendships, and unforgettable experiences.


Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, climbing has a way of making you feel alive.


Sloth dad enjoying a crisp autumn day at Black River Gorge climbing.


Climbing is finding yourself not far from where you started, but in a completely different world.’ – Walter Bonatti


Let me help you with your coffee order since downclocking your speed is likely your next project.”


Climb on!


Sometimes you want to reach up and touch the stars. Other times you just want to admire them from afar.


We had a blast on the rocks, so we’re going again next weekend. Are you in?


The second day of spring is officially here. Let the bouldering begin. #brofist


Grab your climbing shoes and get to the crag!


Hey guys, what do you think about climbing Mount Everest with me? It’s our pampers anniversary today and I don’t have anything special planned. What do you think? Heading to the top! —


When you don’t want the weekend to end Make your next adventure happen with us at


So stoked to be back in the Valley #spartanrace #spartantough


Climb your way to a better body and a better mindset.


Don’t worry about falling. If you’re not failing, you’re not climbing. – Chris Sharma


Tight sequences, loose flakes, dry conditions. Today was the epitome of alpine climbing.


No excuses. No pain. No limits. Find your limits, not your excuses.


What if I told you it’s possible to fall in love with a mountain ♥️#boulderer #rocks_and_ropes.


Clip-in. Clip up. Clip-on. Climb on. #mountainlife


There’s strength in our roots.  And there’s freedom in the heights.  Thanks to @climbervoyager for getting us ready! #LendOn @paramountrucks


Whether you’re sending a project, exploring a new crag, or just climbing with your friends, these spots have something for everyone.


We might be a little obsessed with this new sport. Oops…we mean a life-changing experience.


Feel the burn in your forearms as you pull one more hold.


We don’t get lifted… Together, we get higher.


There are mountains to climb, paths to follow, and endless alleys to wander down. #canyoufinditout


Be a climber, not a fair-weather follower. Nothing great happens in life without risk.


Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from climbing.


One step closer #climbon,


A day spent outdoors makes the rest of your week that much better.


We are nothing but the stories that define us. Climb on.


Step out of your comfort zone. Climb new heights. Conquer your fears and do something that scares you today.


Feel the air under your fingers and into your lungs. Take a deep breath and then conquer that final move. #climbing #chickswhocrack.


Trust yourself, you know who will catch you if you break free #climber #rockclimbing #rockclimbers.


Coming soon to IGTV! Climbing like a G on some sick new boulders @tommycoyneclimbs @jerrywilsonlovesyou.


Finding your balance is key to being a better climber.


There’s a reason you have two hands #bebolduseboth … When in doubt, JUMP!


You don’t need to risk your life doing something crazy. Even just one step forward is real progress!


If you can’t make it to the gym today, go outside. Rock climbing is a fun way to strengthen your muscles, build endurance, and burn calories—all while enjoying the outdoors #rockcl


Stoked to try this new sport I’ve never heard of – rock climbing #outdoors


It’s so much easier to fall off the wagon than it is to stay on. So lace up, keep climbing, and don’t stop pushing yourself toward your goals. @therockwomannation.


Be you. Be authentic. Be your best self. Always find joy in the climb. That’s our motto at Beal…and it’s yours too if you’re a climber.


Breathtaking weather, an inspiring group of climbers, and a hard-fought battle to the top. A perfect way to spend a Sunday.


June 10th, #climbing day. #primewall.


A photo of a mountaineer in a snow mountain with a snowboard in hand.



Funny Climbing Captions for Instagram

You don’t have to be a Rockstar to inspire.  You just have to live your truth and share your message with everyone you meet. #LiveYourTruth #BeYourHero


A perfect weekend spent at the bottom of a gorge. #climbing #canada #outdoors #bouldering #funny.


Rock climbing is the best sport for your body, mind, and soul. It tests you physically and mentally which makes it a great overall fitness activity. Time to take that hike.


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, can it still be cool?  Let’s climb and find out!


The best cardio is climbing the grades. #climbing_meme


It’s not what you take from life, but what you add to it that counts. #youonlyliveonce #passion #climbing


Ahead of my time @climbercoffee


You can’t be a climber without having a few close calls with death. That’s why we climb.


Who else is pumped for the weekend . . . and not just cause we get to climb outside? ##


Climb on, brothers and sisters. The best is yet to be… it’s the age of wisdom, justice, courage, wonder. #thanksgiving #everything #fall.


It seems that two heads are better than one. #climbing #sendikimakan.


Sometimes the only way to the top is sideways. Today I’m climbing sideways.


What was the trickiest part of the climbing process? The setup.


If you fall, you fail. If you stay stuck, you fail. If you give up, you fail. There are no alternatives here. You only pass or fail. #climb on.


When you are out of money but are out climbing.


When you’re halfway up the *air, you’ll wish you had bought better shoes.’ -Yvon Chouinard founder of @the_north_face & Patagonia


Do the rock face.


Do you call this vertical?


Combining the thrill of rock climbing with the fun of a puzzle. #climb #puzzle


What’s your climbing goal for today? To be awesome! #rockclimbing #climb #thewallslife ◘️


Sometimes you have to side with the terrorists.  If they have chocolate. ##


Because climbing shoes should be worn to climb, not to impress on Instagram.


Listening to: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones #climbing #climbmore #keepclimbing #huffingtonpost


Life is always better on the other side of the rope. Good luck, have fun, climb safe climber.


Climbing up the ladder of success is easy if you’re willing to put in the work. ##


Calling a rock climber is the fastest way up the corporate ladder. -Jim Butcher


If it’s too hard, go to the gym. If it’s too easy, gear up for this gem. #squamish #bzur.


It’s a good thing I have this rope, or else I might fall. #funny #climbing #adventures #wakeupandclimb ##highart photography.


When you rock climb, at least your falling skills are already in check…#keepclimbing #moodygrams


I’ve always wanted to go rock climbing but never found the time ♬ (Climbing quote)​


Never underestimate how much you can accomplish when you bring a group of friends together to do something that’s scary #rockclimbing


Stolen beta from @climbers_grip #climbingforthesoul


If you don’t like heights or adventure, then you’re probably reading this caption from the ground.


Climb until you can’t, photograph until others can’t.


When you were climbing, me too. #me #climbing #you


Rock climbing is an art. It’s a perfect combination of physical and mental strength. You have extreme focus and determination and the feeling of accomplishment and self-worth.


Sometimes the only way to feel better after a long day is to go climb up a wall. #feelingmeh


I’m an old man now, but I’m still good at climbing.


Do you dare to #explore the jungle and all its hidden gems? Never lose hope and always grasp onto your dreams, reach for the stars and climb higher than ever before.


It’s time to get outside and add some adventure into your summer! For a chance to be featured on our Stories, tell us about the cool adventures you’re gonna have #adventuretime


A daily dose of Gecko: keep climbing and never stop dreaming.


Ready to set a new personal best?? Wanna go up on your climbing grade? If you want a solid 8a flash, this is what you need.


There’s nothing I won’t do for you. Nothing. -Quentin Cobb in “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”


Let us guide you on an adventure through the peaks and valleys of life. We’ll get you there safely through the rapid rock face maneuvers of life, but we also know your body will be pushed to its limits.


Good thing I just because climbing sure makes you hungry! Catchy Caption For Instagram


I’m so glad I’m not busy! #funny #InstagramQuotes #RockClimbing #climberlife


I’m not a huge fan of heights, but I do like climbing them. #rockclimbing #strangenotions


So great that climbing is recognized by the US government as the most legitimate of all fake sports.


Are you ready to take on this week? #inspiremetoexcel #ilxn #sportsnutrition #climbingon…


No nail polish is needed on this wall! Climbing outdoors with these fresh hooves is the perfect Instagram.


A #selfie can wait. #ClimbOn


I mean if you don’t climb, then what are you even doing?


I’m pretty sure the fiddler crab in the picture is upset by my climbing skills.


That feeling when you’re on your seventh climb today, have about 2 minutes of climbing left, and suddenly there are no climbs left to be done.


A picture is worth a thousand handshakes.  #climbing #rockclimbing


When you want to climb on top of your mate/parents/friend instead of walking on the ground. I’m such a good climber. #climbing #funny #humor.


I climbed a mountain, and all I got was this lousy caption #funnyslogan.


(Rock) Climbing is an art form.


I always have fun climbing with my friend.


Are you climbing today?


View it. Climb it. Snap it. #dyno


Climbing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.


Winter is coming—and so are we #ClimbingNotAJobLetsGo


I’m so pumped to get started. #rocks #climbing


Rock Climbing isn’t easy, but that’s why it’s fun.


“I’ve been climbing for 20 years and I’ve never touched a rock.” – Alex Honnold


Snagging a sunny winter day at the crag ‍#climbingphotography #climbingshots#climbinglife#climbing_pictures #rockcl


Every winter climbing season, we approach a project full of optimism, determination, and a commitment to never quit. #climbing #training #neverquit #loveclimbing.


We’re getting our climbing shoes on to show our love for #nationalrockclimbingday. Represent your climbs by tagging your photos with #rockclimbingday.


Remember when you started climbing? Remember when you forgot how to breathe when you looked down at the belayer? Remember when you were 13 years old and just wanted to climb anything, even if it was with your dad or in front of your teacher?


I can’t stop. I’m addicted to this beautiful vertical world and the feeling of being so small when staring up at a 5 pitch roof crack. #dreamjob #crackaddict


Be thankful for the little things that help you reach your big @rockclimbinggoals. #beltup #belayerbro #belayerbabe


There’s no such thing as a smooth rock…But there is such a thing as smooth moves!


The good thing about climbing is we don’t have to check where’s the exit, there are always many routes up and down. #climbing #rockclimbing #canadianrockies #whiterocks #montanasouth.


Shout out to @davebuntingphoto for getting me into this thing. . . feet do not naturally fit into the side of a mountain. #climbing.


I don’t know if it’s the mountain air or the lack of neighbors, but I feel so alive out here. #climbinglife.


Time to lay one of these on my crew! #mybrotherskeeper #climbing #number1 #neverstopexploring.


Bark up the right tree with a towering climb to show your friends how tough you are.


If you can’t climb it, don’t blame the rock.


Picture of a first-time rock climber, wondering if he’s done the right thing


Stay Positive #climbing_life.


It’s time to get on some new routes and move comfortably into your new projects. Avoid the cracks and keep climbing! #climbing


So gloves are in, climbing is in, and you’re out.


I’ll climb the mountain, I’ll climb the mountain, I’ll climb the mountain. #dreambig


I don’t wear belts so these climbing shoes are pretty much normal shoes to me.


Bouldering is a challenging and physically demanding sport, which is why no one else will be there to help you when you fall… from the boulder.


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