Romantic Good Morning Text Message to My Love


Romantic Good Morning Text Message
Romantic Good Morning Text Message


Romantic Good Morning Text Message to My Love, are collections of beautiful good morning love messages that would make her feel special and make her think of you every single moment of the day.


Always show her that you think of her even first thing in the morning when you rise from bed, this singular act if cultivated over the times cement your love in her heart. And you can be sure you build a wonderful relationship and blissful life together. Get some handy of those beautiful good morning messages here that would make her clung to you forever.


Romantic Good Morning Text Message 

1. You deserve a beautiful good morning msg this new day, good morning my sweet love hope your night was full of sweet dreams.


2. I cherish you as I cherish my life, thank God for the beautiful gift of another day and we are still alive, good morning my love.


3. With all the love in my heart for you, I say good morning wishing you a lovely day.


4. Good morning my heart, I woke up this morning with thoughts of you and it has made my morning brighter! Thank you for coming into my life!


5. Hey! This is just to let you know that I am thinking of you, and I cannot stop! You are always in my heart and I love you. Good morning.


6. Rise and shine my little piece of sunshine! Have an awesome morning just because you are beautiful and I love you so much! Good morning.


7. Good morning darling, how was your night’s rest? I am really looking forward to spending another day with you today! Have a wonderful day today! I love you.


8. I had the most thrilling dream last night and guess what? Of course, you were in it! I hope you had a good night yourself? Have a great day my love. Good morning!


9. My day would not be fulfilled without a special prayer for you my love, so I pray that boundless of joy and success is yours today as you start a new day. Amen. Good morning.


10. May the bright sun of today illuminate your paths, and radiate all around you. Have blessed day honey, and take good care of yourself, I love you.


11. Just in case I do not get to say this as much and as often as you would love to hear it; I LOVE YOU AND I AM ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT YOU BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! I love you, honey.


12. Hey! So sorry I had to rush out of the house so early, I made your favourite breakfast! Good morning and have a great day ahead of my love.


13. Life is beautiful living it with you, I love you beyond the level that anyone can understand, good morning.


14. As the sun rises today, may you rise above your obstacles, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


15. I’m pleased to let you know that you are the only woman that brings enormous joy to my heart, I will always be there for you when you need me most, good morning have a fruitful day.


16. Thank God, we are I another new day together; it is going to be a lovely day for us, good morning my love.


17. Good morning my lovely baby, there is no beautiful life for me without you, you are the queen of my heart, wishing the best today.


18. No distance can separate me from you, your thoughts always filled my heart, good morning I miss u.


19. I have so many reasons to be happy because I found a girl like you, every new day renew the love in my heart for you, good morning.


20. You are the sweetest memories of my life, I looked around me I couldn’t find you, but the love dot you left in my heart makes me feel so good, good morning.


21. The morning is here, it comes with lots of blessing for you, good morning my love.


22. The joy of seeing another day increase because we made it together, I’m wishing you a lovely day, good morning.


23. You have touched the depth of the heart with your sweet love, I never imagine that someone as lovely as you still exist anywhere in the world, I will always be the one you would be proud of, good morning my sunshine.


24. Good morning my love, when I woke up this morning, your beautiful face pop up in my mind, you are the first I wish to see every morning, I miss your lovely face, good morning.


25. Your beautiful smile is all that I need to begin a lovely day, good morning my charm.


26. You captivate my heart with your sweetness, you have made me appreciate life every moment that I think of you, and you are my loving angel, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


27. Tears roll down my chicks every time I woke up with you by side, I flip through the lovely time we shared to keep me warm for the day, I miss you, and wishing you the best where ever you are, good morning my sunshine.


28. I will always be there for you when you need me most, it is a promise I keep close to my chest, good morning my beautiful love.


29. There is no time that I don’t think about you, early morning your thought had filled my heart, I hope your night was wonderful, good morning you a lovely day.

Beautiful Way to Say Good Morning to Ur Love

Be the first to say good morning to her, it leaves a lot of sweetness in her heart, even if you leave under the same roof, you can compose this messages on your phone and save to draft, that would ease your quick send in the morning.


30. Good morning, I’m wishing you all the best today.


31. A cheerful day begins with you in mind, good morning.


32. Wake up my best, a wonderful world is waiting for you today, good morning.


33. A good person like you deserves the best in life, wishing you the best today my love, good morning.


34. You have been the sweetest part of my life all through life, I pray for a wonderful life for too, good morning.


35. The morning sunshine reminds me of your warm heart, like the star you glitters in my heart, good morning wishing you a beautiful day.


36. Welcome into another new day full of wonders and beautiful things for you, good morning my love.


37. Congratulations! We have both made it to a new day, good morning.


38. Having you in my arms and a warm cup of coffee to begin the new day make me the best, good morning my love.


39. Good morning my love, be at your best today.


40. Your smile and the sunrise warm my heart for a beautiful beginning today, cheer up, it is going to be a beautiful day, good morning.


41. A new life begins again in every day that breaks; I’m blessed to have in my life, good morning my peace of heart.


42. The spaces between our fingers are made so that they can be filled up by another person. Yours fits mine perfectly; we are just made for each other and meant to be! Have a blast this lovely morning my darling.


43. It is another beautiful day, and I already cannot wait to come back home to see you. I love you so much my darling. Good morning.


44. You are all I think about, all day, all night. It is so difficult being so far away from you. I cannot wait to see you again. Good morning and enjoy your day.


45. When everyone else feels grumpy in the mornings, all I just feel is more adoration towards you. I love the way you make me feel baby. Have a good morning and a splendid day ahead.


46. Hello, my love. I just thought I should let you know that I was thinking about you all through my drive to work. It has only been minutes but I feel like it’s been hours already! I love you and I always miss you. See you soon and have a great morning.


47. We have come a long way and yet this is only the beginning. A hundred years in your arms is never too much. A thousand kisses from you are never too much. Good morning to the one who makes my world complete.


48. Dear darling, the first time I set my eyes on you, my heart jumped to my mouth and I guess it escaped to you because since then my heart has been with you. Good morning and always bear in mind that I love you so much.


49. Hello my love; how was your night? You are going o tell me everything about it when I see you at lunch today! Good morning and have an enjoyable day.


50. This morning, I pray that God will bless everything you put your hands on. Be favoured as you go out today. Good morning my love. I love you so much.

Delightful Good Morning Text Message to my Love

Be the delight of her life, be astonish all the time, surprise her beyond just lips service, but first start every day with a lovely good morning text msg. to her.


51. I remember when I used to imagine that I would like to wake up next to you every morning and fix you your favourite breakfast. It is truly a blessing that I get to do this now and live my dreams with you. You are the love of my life. Good morning.


52. As you go out today, may the Lord bless you and keep you. May he lift you up to the highest grounds, and give you delight. Good morning my love.


53. You are my sunshine, arise and shine too, it is a new day.


54. Let’s thank God for the morning, not everyone made it through, we are privileged, good morning.


55. Today would be marvellous for, wishing you the best, good morning.


56. Open your heart and receive the blessing of this morning, all your sorrow would vanish as the night gives way for the day, good morning.


57. Like the emerging of this new day, you shall emerge gallantly above all obstacles of today, good morning.


58. I dreamt sweet of you last night, and today all beautiful dreams about you would become reality, good morning my love.


59. You are my real world, my happiness and joy, nothing would ever take your love away from my heart, good morning.


60. Good morning my lovely paradise, I’m wishing you a beautiful day.


61. A night without you is like a thousand night, and a morning with you is a broken heart for me, you mean so much to me, I miss you, good morning.


62. When I wake up beside you or call you to hear your sweet voice, my heart goes out joyfully, good morning my love.


63. I was the luckiest man in the world to have a gorgeous and caring woman like you as my wife, good morning, wishing you a joyful day.


64. You are light of shining amour, I want to be the only one that would drive you crazy all the time, good morning my love.


65. The weather is chill and cold out here this beautiful morning; all that I needed right now is your lovely hug to warm me, good morning my sunshine, I miss you so much.


66. My night is filled with sweet dreams because you are the last thing on my mind before going to bed, my morning is full of endless joy because you are the first on my mind when I woke up, I love you so much, good morning to you.


67. I want to be the one that would make you smile every moment my thought crosses your mind, permit me to take wherever your heart wishes to be today, good morning my beautiful love.


68. I give you all my heart as long as I still breathe, you are every moment of joy, wake I look great as ever today, good morning.


69. Even when the sun shines today, I would be a cool calm day for you, arise! Good morning.


70. You are a child of great destiny; you shall be grateful at the end of today, start it well, good morning.

Sweetest Good Morning Text Message to my Love

Show that she means a lot to you, eulogize her through a lovely good morning text.


71. I thought that honey was the sweetest until I taste your lips; you are the sweetest, good morning.


72. I never knew that a beautiful heart like you is waiting for me somewhere, thank you for erasing all my bad experiences in life, good morning.


73. You are the warmest to my heart, you are the cutest to my heart, I love you my cutie, good morning, hope your night was full of beautiful dreams.


74. I know the true meaning of love when I found you; you give me purest love, thank you, good morning.


75. To the world a single being, but to me, you are the world, good morning my cheerful love.


76. They don’t know why I’m so crazy about you, thank God I’m the only one that knows the reasons I love you so much, I keep you close to my heart, good morning.


77. I don’t mess with words I say it the way I feel it, you the best woman in the world, good morning.


78. Dearest, you are truly my angel; I count my blessings with you every day, thank you for being so wonderful to me, good morning.


79. The best morning is the one that I spent the night with you, good morning.


80. Good morning my sweetheart, you look as beautiful as ever every morning, much of good things await you today, get ready for a wonderful day.


81. Wake up with a beautiful mind today, there a better day waiting for you, good morning.


82. Be a great optimist, it is going to be a lovely day for you.


83. Good morning! When life offers you the opportunity of a new day, hold it with both hands and be happy. Many have gone before today and many are on the sickbed, they can’t lift their arms or feats, wishing you a lovely day.


84. I’m as happy as the little bird that sings and dance on the tree by my window this morning because I’m in a new day with you, good morning.


85. As the morning approaches, I prepared my mind to love you more than ever today, good morning,


86. Good morning, don’t ever nurse any negative thought about today, don’t you how beautiful the morning is, so shall your life be beautiful today.


87. There is a light shining brightly in your life today, just open your eyes and say thank God I’m alive, good morning my love.


88. My love for you would never die; I have vowed to love you forever, good morning.


89. My ending love for you is eternal; enjoy the bliss of this life in peace, good morning sweetheart.


90. Don’t ever think of heartbreak with me, I have asked my Lord to make me never to cause you any pain, good morning.


91. I pray that God will take good care of you as you go out the door today; I pray that all your needs be met. And above all, I pray that our love grows and remain till eternity. Good morning honey.


92. Good morning my love, I am so sorry to have engaged you in such a lengthy discussion that lasted till the morning. How are you doing? I hope you have a marvellous day today.


93. I love you and I am happy that you love me too. I think of you all the time and I hope that you love me too. I think of you all the time and I hope that you think of me too. Have a good morning my love.


94. Every day is a good day because I wake up beside my own sunshine every day, all year long! Good morning to the love of my life. Have a great day.


95. It is like a double dose of a blessing having you because you awaken me like a cup of coffee does. And you bring me warmth, like a ray of sunshine, does! I love you so much. Good morning honey.


96. Good morning to my darling wife. A pacesetter and a goal getter! I believe in you and you can do anything! Go be awesome.


97. You were my wish upon a shooting star. You are the one true love that I wished for, and you have made me a believer. Have the best morning today! Cheers!


98. You make my heart sing melodies of your name. The love I have for you is unconditional, and you love, deserve all the good in the universe; so go out and sore this morning! I love you and I will be right here when you return.


99. Good morning my queen, I wanted to be sure that you are already wide awake and ready for your presentation. I am certain your bosses will like your ideas! Have a great one!


100. Today, I want to reassure you of my love for you; it waxes stronger through all challenges, and it will never fade. You are the one for me and I do not ever want to live without you. Good morning baby.

Joyful Good Morning Text Message to My Love

Don’t lose the best opportunity to make her think about you all day, create a joyful morning in her heart, even if you are leaving her behind at home every morning, or she going out to work.


101. I want to always protect you, I want to always provide for you, and I want to always profess my love for you. You are my woman forever. Good morning and have a nice day.


102. Good morning my darling, I apologize for having to rush out so early today. I hope you are doing well and the kids aren’t giving you headaches. I cannot wait to come home to you. I love you.


103. You are beautiful, you are resilient, you are capable, you are strong, you are a delight, and you can conquer anything! I just thought to remind you how great you are. Good morning. I love you.


104. I may not be able to give you all that you deserve yet, but I can give you all that I have got; my heart, my soul, and all of me. I love you. Good morning and have a nice day.


105. Sometimes I get lost in thoughts about how a beautiful princess like you ended up with an ordinary man like me. You are one in a million. Good morning, and always remember that I will never leave you. I love you.


106. Sending you kisses, hugs, and my love to accompany you throughout the day, to make you feel better, and to serve as a reminder of my unending love for you. Good morning beautiful.


107. The world deserves to see your beautiful smile today my love, so wake up, dress up, and step out! Be awesome! Good morning.


108. Here’s to the beautiful morning, good health, joy, laughter, and enough love to go round! Cheers my love.


109. You are the most delicate yet most strong-willed and determined woman I have ever met. You are a queen, and all that comes with the title. The world needs you! Go be great at work today! I love you and good morning.


110. You have been my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, my wing-man, my person. You are the love of my life, my one, only, and everything. I am deeply in love with you honey. Good morning.


111. You are my everyday joy, good morning.

Lovely Good Morning Text Msg

Certainly, you would want your spouse to be happy with you every time when she adorned by your lovely words and action, she would crazy about you.


112. Rollover your bed, but you may open your eyes now, it is the dawn of a beautiful day, good day.


113. Like the purest natural water, my love for you is natural, good morning, welcome to a new day.


114. If the night was sweeter, I promise to make your day sweetest, open your eyes, good morning, it is going to be a wonderful day.


115. My life precious gift is you and would do everything possible to make the happiest woman on earth, good morning.


116. If I ever wish for one thing, I wish that I would be close to your side, good morning, I miss you.


117. Lonely want to creep into my heart this morning, then I think about you and feel great and joyful, good morning.


118. My best time in life are the moments that we shared together, I can never get enough of you, good morning.


119. You are so cute and lovely, thank you heavenly for giving me you, good morning.


120. Every morning, I’m reminded of a beautiful soul like you, you are the joy that filled my heart every day, I love you.


121. Remind me lets I forget to tell you that I love you, good morning!


122. You are my everyday adventure, I feel good to cruise life with you, so be my joy forever and I would be your joy forever, good morning.


123. Life is so joyful to spend it with you, you filled my heart with sweet memory in every moment that I spend with you, I can’t be me without you, I love you, good morning.


124. If I have to kick the ground running today, then I have to do just one thing, to say good morning to you my special.


125. Your beautiful eyes give me the impetus to face every day with great optimism, you are my beloved, good morning, wishing you a wonderful day.


126. You are at the beginning of my beautiful day today; it shall be a wonderful day all along, good morning.


127. I raised my hands to heaven and asked for all the good things of today for you, good morning, wishing you a lovely day.


128. Never lose hope today because of the failure of yesterday, know that yesterday is gone, and today is a unique new day, it shall be great for you, good morning.


129. You amaze me every day with your lovely care, I want to take you wherever you wish to be today, see your beautiful face today, good morning.


130. A heart as caring as yours deserves every good thing in life, good morning wishing a splendid day.


Amaze Her with these Romantic Good Morning Text Message

You have sound romantic in every word that ever pops out of your mouth every day to her, she deserved the first happiness from home every day, learn to send her a special good morning text msg. to begin each beautiful day with her.


131. A special one on a special day, today holds many beautiful promises for you, it shall be your most happy day, good morning.


132. I would renew my love for you in every new day that comes, and I shall amaze you greatly today, watch out, good morning.


133. I do all the prayers for you to have a great day, God never fails in his promise, today shall be a wonderful day for you, good morning.


134. I want to erase the bad memories that you ever had in your life this morning, just think good, good morning.


135. You are beautiful and that is why you are here on a beautiful day, good morning.


136. I have an incurable love for you, and never want it cured because you are sweet melody, good morning my sunshine.


137. You don’t know how I have planned to spend today with you, just letting the cat out of the bag now, I would be your bliss today, good morning.


138. I want to make you laugh at life, I want you to smile at life, I want to make your world beautiful, please permit me a straight way to your heart.


139. I have a sleepless night if I’m away from home, I don’t want to ever live in another separate from my love, I miss you, good morning.


140. I don’t care about losing everything that I have acquired in life, but I care to have you for eternity, good morning my beauty.


141. You are my inspiration to get up in the morning. You are the reason that drives my smile. You are the reason I have started to smile a lot to friends and strangers. You are my world. I love you so much


142. Nothing compares to the joy I feel, knowing that I have got you in my life forever. Thank you for your love. Have a great morning.


143. Hey, may the rays of sunshine that our smile brings to my world in the mornings remain forever. Good morning honey. I love you.


144. As I wake up to the thoughts of you, May the rest of the day be filled with marvellous bliss. Amen. Good morning.


145. I pray that the rest of the mornings I have to spend on earth be with you by my side. I love you. Good morning.


146. Waking up to your smile is an assurance of a blessed morning. May your day be fruitful my love. Good morning. Forever is my love for you.


147. I count myself as lucky and blessed to be your man. You are simply amazing. Good morning and have an equally blessed day.


148. Very good morning to you my darling, I wish you a great day ahead, and I hope you achieve all you set out to achieve today! Have a great day.


149. Hey, I didn’t want to wake you before I left the house, you were sleeping so peacefully, but I showered a lot of kisses on your cheek and I hope it gets you through the day before I return. Have a good morning. I love you.


150. Good morning my beloved, may your day be filled with more joy and happiness that you bring to my life every day! I hope to see you soon today.


151. It has only been a minute since you left for work and I am eagerly awaiting your return! I miss you so much, honey! I love you. Have a good morning.


152. Every day, I wish I could re-live the moment we first met, and I thank God for bringing you right into my arms and into my life. I love you more than you can ever fathom. Enjoy a very good morning today my love.


153. Today, I pray that no negativities find you. I pray that this day shall be fruitful and rewarding. I pray that it shall be a day filled with positivity and possibilities. Good morning my darling. Have a blessed day ahead.


154. Good morning to the love of my life! As you begin your day, bear in mind that there are good and glad tidings that come with the day and it shall be yours. Amen!


155. I wish you a serene morning, and I pray that all evils are far away from you, and never locate you today. Amen. Good morning to the best wife there is!


156. Go out, put your trust in the good Lord, for He will see you through it all. Good morning my beloved wife. I wish you a good morning, a treasured morning, a gratifying morning, and an amazing one too! Have a nice day ahead of my love.


157. May your happiness and blessings never be short-lived. May today give you so much contentment than you have ever envisaged. Good morning my sweetheart, I love you so much.

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