Romantic Goodnight Paragraphs for Her


Romantic Goodnight paragraphs for her are sweet collections of goodnight love messages that would be ideal to send to her every night.

She may be your lovely wife, she may be a wonderful girlfriend, you have to cultivate the habit of sweeping her off her feet by habitually sending a beautiful goodnight text to her every night before bedtime to bid her a marvelous sleep.

Romantic Goodnight Paragraphs for Her

Dearest, before I close my eyes every night, I think of the reasons why I love you so much, I can’t count these reasons, your love just keeps coming to my heart like surging water, I can’t keep count of the reasons I love you, see you in dreamland, goodnight.


“Touch your heart and shut your eyes, dream sweet dreams, and sleep tight.” Unknown


I wish I were in your arms tonight to keep me warm from the chilling night, I wish I can kiss you right now before you sleep, and I’m wishing you a lovely night’s rest, goodnight my sweet love.


Every day my love for you blossoms like a rose flower on a fertile valley and, if you can keep counts, the numbers of the stars that shine brightly above you this lovely night, then you would realize how I love you, goodnight.


I have come to realize that I can’t live without you when I fall asleep every night I wish I could hold tight to my chest until the beautiful early hours of the morning, I love you so much, goodnight.


I don’t how much I can love you, I thought I have loved you enough, but I discover that each day that passes I keep loving you more than before, you are truly the one for my heart, goodnight my sweet melody.


My dreams come true the first day I found you, and ever since then, my life has been so good spending it with you, wishing you a lovely night and sweet dreams, goodnight.


You are always in my heart, nothing can take your love away from me, sweet dreams tonight as you lay your head to sleep, goodnight.


I’m happy in three periods that I spent with you in a day, my morning, afternoon, and night, all are great because of you, goodnight my heart.


Before you sleep this night I just want to let you know that you are my world and paradise, I can do anything to make you happy, goodnight.


I see the world through your beautiful eyes and my world is beautiful because of you, goodnight rest peacefully.


If I can guide you or watch over you as you sleep peacefully tonight, I would be grateful, but I have implored my Lord to send you a lovely angel to guide you through the night, sleep without fear, goodnight.


As the stars twinkle and beautify the sky this night, and the moon cast its magnificent light on the surface of the earth revealing the splendor of the ocean, so does your glitters in my heart, goodnight.


Just before you sleep, know this, you are the most gorgeous woman in the world, and I Jove beyond what any heart can perceive, I wish you a peaceful and lovely night, goodnight.


Any time I’m away on a night from home, I feel like the whole world is an empty place, no one means so much to me as you do, I would always love you forever, goodnight my love.


My day is full of blissful experiences because your thought filled my heart, dearest I must let you that no one makes me feel so good as you do, I miss you tonight, goodnight.


A day without you is like a night without the moon and the stars, goodnight my angel, see your lovely face tomorrow morning.


You are my sunshine, my moonlight, and my all; I wouldn’t have imagined a life without you, goodnight my Cutie.


A day without you is like a day without sunshine, you make my heart skip in joy every time that I think about, as you lay your head to sleep tonight, I wish you, a deep and sweet sleep, a dream of us, goodnight.


Can you feel my heartbeat as you read my goodnight message to you now, my life is incomplete without you, thank God I found you, I would have been lost and lonely, you keep me my warm every time that I think of you, goodnight my sweet baby.


You are so passionate in my heart, the one that I wish to be with always, and the only one I want to spend the whole of my eternity with. You make me feel so good when I stay with you, I just love to sit beside you and stare into your blue eyes. Goodnight my Cheri


Like a honeybee, you hum in my hear every time, you are like a beautiful flower in a garden and I’m the good gardener, I would take care of you as long as live, so you can blossom in my eye forever, I can’t explain how much I love you, rest peacefully tonight, and dream of a beautiful world for us, goodnight my Angel Eye.


Your love blossoms in my heart each day that passes by, you are my honey bunny, I won’t kiss you goodnight, wishing you a majestic night full of sweet dreams.


You give to my soul, you make me fall in love with you all over again every time that I think of you, I have never met a girl as special and lovely as you, goodnight my flower, see your beautiful face again tomorrow.


I love you passionately, you have brought joy to my heart ever since the first day that I met you, you shine my heart like a full moon, I’ve sent you a sweet kiss already, have a beautiful night.


Close you’re and drift in sweet sleep, a beautiful soul like you deserve a good rest, let the moon illuminate your path to paradise and the angel is your entourage to the world tomorrow morning, goodnight my Sweet Pie.


Goodnight Paragraphs for Her
Goodnight Paragraphs for Her

I love to keep in my heart because that is where you truly belong, every day and night I think of a moment when I would hold you in my arms forever, you deserve a beautiful night because you are always beautiful, goodnight my sleeping beauty.


You inflame my heart with the ember of love when you smile at me, I feel some ice melt in my heart, loving you has brought so much joy to my heart, shiny world, goodnight my Tinker bell.


To love and be loved back is so sweet, you have proven to me that you are the angel that was sent to me from heaven, I cherish every single moment I spent with you, I would always love you forever, goodnight my Princess.


I have never seen another woman as pretty as you are, life is beautiful to have someone like you as a life partner, you are the queen of my heart, I wish you can hear my sweet whisper to my heart now, goodnight my Twinkle.


You are amazingly beautiful, I was lucky to have an angel like you as my wife, as you close your eyes to sleep this lovely night, I beseech my Lord to send an angel to guard you tonight, goodnight my love my amore.


You have always been the anchor of my life, my life is incomplete without you, you are the beautiful stories that my heart always narrates. Close your EYES and sleep peacefully, the Lord is your guard, goodnight the angel of my heart.


Your love intoxicates me every time that I think of you, no one has ever made me feel this way before, you are so cute to my heart, I adore you every single day that passes, I pray that my Lord restores our soul to see another new and beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight my Baby Doll.


My heart is full of joy because I have you in my life, you don’t know how much you mean to me, when night comes like this, I pray that my Lord raises you up to see another lovely day tomorrow, Goodnight my Bae, may the Lord bless you soul.


You open my eyes to what true love means, ever since the day I found you my heart has been so joyful, I never knew it means to fall in love until I met you, thank you for loving back, you always be my Bee’s Knees.


You blossom in my heart like the moonlight of this night, you thought is so sweet in my heart like honey, life is beautiful to have you around, I wish we can live together for eternity, I love everything about you, goodnight my bright eye.


Your eyes shine like the moonlight, your teeth sparkle like the star, you are a special gift from heaven to my life, I love you with every single beat of my heart, goodnight, see you on another beautiful day tomorrow.


I’m stuck in your heart, I have found a beautiful angel that I can’t live without, and you make me happy every time that I think of you. As the moon, beams its lights and the star emerges one by one from the sky, I know it is that special time when I use to whisper sweet goodnight thought to your heart, goodnight my sweet canary, I wish to hear your sonorous voice again tomorrow morning.


I have never regretted meeting you or falling in love with you, I cherish you all through my life because you mean so much to me. I would do everything possible to always make you happy, I pray that God helps achieve all that for you, goodnight Candy.


Delightful Goodnight Paragraph for Her

She deserves a better place in your heart, you need to let her know you love her before bedtime, always take advantage of the quiet moment to send a cheerful goodnight message.

Forever is too soon to love you, I love anything after forever, you make my world a better place, thank you for being my sweet melody, goodnight.


“While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal come true. I just want you to receive everything that you have wished for.” Unknown


I’m humbled by your love, I’m delighted to let you know that if I don’t have you in my arms forever, I would give up everything, please let stays together forever, goodnight.


I live with your sweet memory forever, nothing seems passionate to me until I hear your voice, please call me before you sleep, goodnight.


Your voice is the most sonorous voice in the world, your face is the most beautiful face in the world, and you are the loveliest girl in the world, goodnight.


I can’t explain how I feel when I’m with you, the feeling is so strong that I don’t wish to miss you a second in my entire life, I ask my Lord for a beautiful night for you, goodnight.


Your thought has completely occupied my heart, and I love every bit of thinking about you, you make me smile when I reminiscences all the beautiful words you shared with me, I am deeply in love with you, goodnight.


I love to hear those beautiful stories of your growing up, I love to be part of your life forever, I’m never tired of loving you, tomorrow would be another beautiful day for us, goodnight.


As you retired to bed this beautiful night, let your heart find peace and your body find rest, goodnight my sweetheart.


As we recline to our lovely bed this night, I pray that the Lord raises us up tomorrow, wishing you a splendid night, goodnight.


Each night that I fall asleep, I pray that my Lord restores our soul to see another beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight.


Dearest, I want you to know that I’m thinking of you right now, I wish I were there close to your side, I miss you, goodnight.


On a night without you, I’m like a fish taken out of the water, I miss you, goodnight.


As long as you will dream sweetly of me tonight, my heart is always delighted that she found you, I love you more words can express, goodnight.


In the darkest night, do not be afraid, I’m awake praying for your safety, goodnight.


My dreams come true when I found you, and every night I dream sweet of you, you are my real angel, goodnight.


It has always been fun and beautiful to spend my life with you, you are my Cheeky Chimp, sleep well so that we can have enough time together tomorrow, smiling and laughing in each other’s arms, goodnight my China Doll.


A day with you is like a year without you, life is so precious because I have a beautiful woman like you as my wife. I can endure everything, but I cannot endure sleeping without sending you a sweet goodnight paragraph, life is cherishing because of you, I love you with my soul, goodnight my sweet Chocolate.


You are the of heart in my heart, I smile a thousand time in my heart when I think of how beautiful you are, you turn on every time that I see you, you just too gorgeous for me, I love you so much, just to say goodnight my Chum Chum.


I have been looking for perfect words to describe how beautiful you are to me, I tried and got a few, ‘beautiful’, ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Sexy,’ ‘Cream,’ just a few, and lots more, goodnight my angel.


You are my yours affectionately, I’m the blessed man in the world to have an angel like you as a wife, my day is full praise and my night if glory to God because I found you, to me you are the world, I love you, goodnight my Cinderella.


My Curly-Q, the night has come again when I dream sweetly of you; however, I would miss you, before the morning hour comes, goodnight.


I’m in a life of eternal bliss with you, I wish that no single moment would come without seeing your beautiful face; I would hold my breath until I see you again, goodnight my angel.


My beautiful flower, for I would continue to be your dream lover until the end of time, see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning.


You are my Dewdrop, you have brought fortune to my life ever since I found you, I wish you spend eternity with you, I want to be the one you would cherish to have as your husband, sleep tight, goodnight my beauty.


Keep shining like the moon and glitter like the star, God has favored you with so much beauty, and I’m the luckiest man to have you as my wife. I love you because you, walk as if afraid to hurt an ant, you are an angel’s replica, goodnight my special heart.


You have an angel’s heart, God created you especially among other women, I know this when I first met you, thank God I was the one that sees what others could not see in you. Your love is so precious in my heart, I want to love you forever, goodnight my sweetheart.


Even gold, diamond, and all the treasure if given to me cannot give more happiness than you give me, nothing can take your place in my heart, my love for you is stainless because you are a pretty gift from God almighty to me, I love you as much as can say it, goodnight my Dream Boat.


You are my dream lover, I stop searching for another love since I found you, I’m just ok with you, and so crazy about you, goodnight.


I’m sinking in the ocean of your love and I love it that way, nothing excites me so much like thinking of you, you make me feel like a king every time that I’m around, and you are truly my queen, goodnight my Duchess.


You showed me the beautiful side of life, you are so lovely, I wish I had found you long ago, goodnight my Ducky.


You are the eclipse in my heart, your heart met mine and becomes so sweet, l love every bit of time I spent with, I would be yours forever, I love you, goodnight my Joy.


I feel a fresh air around me every time that I’m with you, I wish that I can share a bed without you every night without the barer of a distance, goodnight my angel, always know that I love you so much.


It took me two decades to find an angel like you, you are the most precious woman to me in the world, goodnight.


May the moon cool your night, may the angels be by your side, and may your dream sweet of me too, goodnight my Engel.


You are my eye candy, your love is so beautiful in my heart, sleep like a baby, and nourished for another beautiful day awaits you tomorrow, goodnight my Emerald.


I love you with passion, I love with joy, everything about you is special to my heart, as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, I closed mine as well, but my heart never sleeps, cause that is where I keep you, may the angel watching over you, goodnight my beauty.


Listen to heart as it beats, it beats for you, just look deep into my eyes any time we meet again, you would see the passion of your undying love there, you are my special world, I’m so crazy about you, I love you so much, good my angel.


I’m so proud of you all the time, like marigold flower blossoms every season, your love blossoms in my heart every minute, goodnight my fairy.


Thank God I found you, for a life without you would have been a miserable world to me, good my Fantasy.


Sweetest Words to Say to Her before Going to Bed

It worth it to make her a priority in your life in every moment that passes, the night is one of the best times when expressions are keen to the heart, send her one of these romantic good night texts.


Dearest, if you can see through my heart, you would know that I love you so much, I’m very happy to find a special like you, goodnight.


“Sleep, my Bella, dream happy dreams, you are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours.” – Edward Cullen


When I said I love you, I was not exaggerating, and in the days before you arrive into my life, I use to pray every night when no eyes are watching me except the eyes of my Lord to bestow me a lovely wife, and you came along, that is why I love you so much, goodnight.


You are my gift from heaven, everything that you do pleases my soul, what angel are you?


You blossom more than rose flower, you shine more than the moon and the star, you glitter more than diamond and gold, you are my sweet love, thank God I found a girl like you, goodnight.


Dearest look up at the sky above from your window, can you see the splendors of the stars as it adorns the heaven above, you are more beautiful than all that in my heart, you are the ornament of my heart, goodnight.


The only beautiful girl that my eyes catch in the world among all the other girls is you, so I choose you above other girls because I love you so much, goodnight.


Sweetheart, you must know this before you sleep this night, you are my crown, you complete me, my life is incomplete without you, I love you, wishing you a sweetest night, goodnight.


You have always being a larger part of my life, if only all wishes could come true, I would wish that I never leave your side for a second, goodnight.


Let the night be cool for you, let sweet sleep overtake you, and take your soul to heaven above until the beautiful hour of the morning, this is my wish for you this lovely night, goodnight.


The night is for rest as the day is work, I pray that you would rest peacefully as you sleep tonight and you would wake up tomorrow feeling happy and great, goodnight.


I miss you through the night, except that I pray to meet you in beautiful dreamland, goodnight.


As the stars and the moon, shine brightly above us this night, I pray that your life would continue to receive more blessing from God, goodnight.


I request my Lord to send thousands of angels to guard you this night, see your lovely face tomorrow, goodnight.


Just to let you know before you sleep that you are the sweetest part of my life, goodnight.


You filled my world with beauty and splendor, and think about you before I sleep gives me a kind of deep satisfaction, goodnight.


My night is incomplete with saying goodnight to you, so goodnight my love; see your lovely face tomorrow morning.


Your voice is all that I need to begin a lovely day tomorrow, please don’t forget to call me tomorrow morning when you are awake, goodnight.


What would my life be without you; I want you to know that I’m so crazy about you, goodnight.


You are the sun that energizes my day and the moon that brightens my night, thank you forever ever falling in love with me; I love you too, goodnight.


A day away from home is like a whole year without you, I miss you so much, goodnight.


Goodnight dreams of me, I love you.


I would be kissing you in your dreams, good night.


Just imagine you are holding me in your lovely arms now, good night.


Look astonishing as ever this night, the angels of the night are waiting for you, goodnight,


Good night my angel, I would miss your beautiful eyes.


You make me fall in love with you every single moment that I set my eyes in you, good night my Love; I would keep your special love in my heart.


Dreams come true because you are my true dream, good night.


Life is so beautiful because you are here; I wish that I can have you forever in my arms, goodnight.


Good night, see your lovely face again tomorrow.


Goodnight, sleep tight, I would be waiting for you in dream Land, goodnight.


Good night, your love is so sweet in my heart, I know that I would dream sweet of you, good night my love.


You keep my heart warmly of your love, I wish you can keep warm as well this lovely night, goodnight my QUEEN.


Every time that your sweet thought cross my heart, I feel like jumping in your arms, I wish I can kiss you before I fall asleep, goodnight my angel.


Your love is sweeter than honey to my heart, I’m the luckiest man to have an angel like you as a wife, goodnight, sweetheart.


I want to be in your lovely arms forever, goodnight.


Goodnight, may the Lord bless your night.


Sleep tight, good night my hero may tomorrow be another promising day for us.


Good night, forget about the troubles of today, may the night refreshed you for a beautiful day tomorrow.


I pray to see your beautiful eyes again tomorrow, goodnight.


You make everything wonderful ever since I found you, goodnight, God bless your soul.


Every single minute into the night would bring you sweet dreams, good night my angel.


Look up at the sky, aren’t they beautiful, I pray that your night be more beautiful, good night.


I have never found a wonderful soul like you in my entire lifetime, good night my angel eye; see your blue eyes again tomorrow morning.


I have prayed to God to keep us safe, good night, sweet dreams.


It is so perfect to have you in my life, I can’t imagine life without you, I love you, good night.


You are the choice of my heart, I feel blessed to have you as my wife, goodnight.


When I think that I have you by my side, all sorrows in my heart vanished, thank God I found you, goodnight.

Lovely Goodnight Paragraphs for Ur Wife

Your wife is worth more than the treasure of the whole world, make her no.1 in your heart by sending her one of these heart-warming goodnight text especially when you are away from home.

Goodnight, to the love of my life, I’m wishing you a marvelous sleep.


“Each hour is crawling by like years. I cannot wait to be in your arms yet again.” Unknown


I have always been so joyful since the day I found you; you have placed a beautiful thought of you in my heart, goodnight.


Every time I close my eyes my heart follow you to where you are, I may be far from you physically but my heart is with you, I love you, goodnight.


It is difficult to explain how I feel when I’m away from home, I feel so lonely as if the whole world empty, but the moment I set my eyes on you, my heart found huge relief, you are my missing ribs, I love you.


If you want to know how much I love you then my love, keep counts of the stars tonight, if you can that is how much I love you, goodnight.


You are my heavenly wife, sweet dreams, goodnight.


Your love is turning crazy; I was so lucky to have you as my wife, goodnight.


A lovely wife like you is rear to find, I’m too fortunate to be the one that caught you, I miss you my love, goodnight.


You are my sweet melody, no woman can take your place in my heart, I love you so deeply, sweet dreams, goodnight.


You are such an amazing woman, just to let you that I love you so much, goodnight.


Don’t you know how much I love you; I can keep night vigil to watch over you throughout the night, goodnight.


You are the most gorgeous woman in the world, I have a special gift when I have you thank you for devoting such quality time for our love, I wish you a lovely night, goodnight.


God bless your soul as you lay your head to rest, you deserve a good rest every night, goodnight.


My dear wife, I’m happy that the night has come, you have worked so tirelessly during the day, may the Lord bless your night as recline to bed now, goodnight.


I’m so lucky to have a lovely wife like you, you are really the most amazing mother in the world, God bless you, goodnight.


I receive two lovely things from you every day, love and inspiration, thank God I found a special wife like you, my life has ever been beautiful since I found you, you are my dreams come true, thank you, my sweet love, goodnight.


I have every reason to be happy because I have a special person like you in my life, you mean what the whole world could not mean to me, I will always love you no matter what life brings, goodnight.


Every time I spent with you gives me a lifetime sweet memory, I may be far from home today, but your thought is so fresh in my mind, I miss my dear love, goodnight.


I feel joyful like a baby when I lay beside you every night, you give me so many doses of love, deep in my heart your love has found a lovely home, goodnight.


Goodnight, wishing you a lovely night, I will be home tomorrow to see your beautiful face again.


Your beautiful morning smile sparkles my days with glitters, I always wish to be the first that would see you every morning, goodnight my sweet dream.


I still love you so much, good night my moon.


Every beautiful thing reminds me of you, good night.


Goodnight my baby, you are so sweet to my heart.


May this night journey be safe for us, good night my angel.


Let’s feel the pleasant night together, let’s dream of a beautiful tomorrow together, good night.


The night is beautiful just as you are, close your eyes and sleep peacefully, goodnight my angel.


I wish you a splendid night, dream sweet of me, goodnight.


I have always wanted to be with you every night, but no thanks to this distance, though your thoughts never left my heart, good night.


I wish I could spend millions of nights in your arms, that would be perfect, good night.


Good night darling, thank you for your love and care.


Speed up your sleep, goodnight night.


Get ready to sleep now, wishing you a beautiful night.


May the night be full of beautiful dreams for you, goodnight.


Good night my All, you would always be my sweet baby.


May your night be peaceful and splendid, goodnight,


Good night my Flower, see you tomorrow morning,


It is a perfect time to say good night to the best woman in the world, good night my sweet melody.


Everything about you smells beautiful, good night my sweet memories.


I’m so crazy about you, goodnight my sweet love.


Everything that I think about you makes me smile, I miss you so much, goodnight baby.


The joy of having you in my life increased with every passing day, goodnight sweetheart.


I cherish you every moment, I wished I can lay in your arms now, goodnight.


Good night my Melody, wishing you God’s protection.


Goodnight my adorable girl, I love you with the last drop of my blood.


I want to be with you now and forever, goodnight my sunshine.


I can’t sleep without saying good night to my beautiful angel, goodnight my heart.


I choose you among the rest of the women in the world because you are the best, goodnight.


I would be there by your side when you need me most, good night.


I have never believed that true love exists until I found you, good night my love.


I just want to say thank you for your love and care before you sleep, goodnight.


Goodnight may we be alive together tomorrow, I love you.


I hope your day was beautiful, have a cheerful night too, I love you.


I want to be your sweet dreams tonight, just think of me before you sleep, good night.


I may be far from home this night, yet you are so close to my heart, good night.


A beautiful night had come again, and my love for you shines like the moon good night my angel.


One thing that I want forever in life is to be with you, good night.


Like a miracle, I found an angel like you, goodnight.


Every day that passes, make your love flourish in my heart, goodnight my love.


I love everything about you, your perfect and imperfect; you are the best that has ever happened to me, goodnight.


Your voice is my favorite sound, your chest is my softest pillowcase, I miss you so much, goodnight.


I love the heart to heart talk before drifting in sweet sleep every night, I wish you were here by my side now, goodnight.

Cute Goodnight Paragraphs for Her from the Heart

Say it the way you feel it to her, say something sweet to her before she sleeps.


I never believed in love at first sight until I found you, and every day, I continue to fall in love with you over and again, wishing you a very cheerful night, goodnight my love.


”As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.” Unknown


“The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much.”


If the night becomes too cold just call me, I would be your warm blanket, and if the night became too hot, call me, I would become your cool air, I would do anything for you, goodnight.


God knows why He chooses you for me, I’m the most lovable of the men in the world for you, my love for you would never die off, goodnight.


Rest your head tonight, sleep peacefully, goodnight, my sweet dream.


Just a quick check on you before you sleep, be great and lovely as you have always been, sweet dreams, goodnight.


No distance can interfere in my love for you, I may be a hundred miles away this night, I feel you so much close to my heart, goodnight.


Tonight, I wish you a lovely sleep, my Lord would take good care of you, sleep without fear, goodnight.


The angels will be by your side all through the night, I’m sending you a lovely kiss to keep cool in warm weather and keep you warm in cold weather, be sure to have a nice sleep, goodnight.


I share the love in my heart with you this lovely night, I want to be the last thing on my mind before you sleep this night, so that I can be in your sweet dream, goodnight my love.


I hope to see your lovely face again tomorrow, goodnight my sweet love.


You all my dreams come true, you make my world a wonderful place, I wish you a splendid night rest, goodnight my sweet dream.


If I have to write a book about how much I love you, I would spend so many sleepless nights to write just a volume, you are so special to me, goodnight.


You are the last on my mind every night and the first on my mind every morning, I always think of you, goodnight.


You are my world and my heaven, I found joy when I look into your eyes, goodnight my sweet melody, see you in another beautiful tomorrow.


I thank heavenly father for giving me a lovely woman like you, I want you to know that you are always special to me, wishing you a beautiful night, rest peacefully.


You eyes shine brightly like the moon of this night and glitter like the stars, thank you for bringing sunshine into my life, thank you, my love, goodnight.


I feel so blessed to have you in my life, every single that passes, and I think that you are all mine then feel so joyful], I promise you all my love, I would always be with you forever, goodnight my beauty.


To fall in love with an angel like you are so beautiful; you are the peace in my heart that makes me feel alive every day], I would make the number thing in my heart], I love you], good night my Amazon.


Beauty was redefined when you were born], you are so beautiful], only a look at your lovely eyes gives me so much satisfaction, I love you], good night my sunshine.


An angel brought you to me in my dream the first time I saw you, you are a priceless gift from heaven, good night my sweet dream.


I want to be the one that you would think of and smile every day, I wish I could kiss you good night now, but I really do that in mind’s eye, can you feel me? Good night my sweet melody.


I pray for a good wife, and I got an angel, life is so precious ever since you came into my life, I give up everything to have you forever, you mean so much to me, goodnight my sweetheart.


I wish you could feel the pulse in my heart, so you can know how happy I’m when I think about you, you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life, goodnight my angel.


Good night to you my sweet life], you are so cute to you my heart], may the Lord bless you with a wonderful night.


I live every day thanking God that I found you, good night my bright eyes. Every single day that I spend in your arms gives me a memory that lasts forever, it is good to be your Lovely husband, good night my butterfly.


I feel so happy when the night comes, because every night that you sleep you wake up in the morning looking fresh and beautiful, good night.


May the Lord open the gate of paradise to your heart, so that you can sleep peacefully and get refreshed for another beautiful day tomorrow, good night.


It is you or no one else; I love you now and forever, good night sweetheart.


I don’t know what tomorrow would be, but I know that I would continue to love you tomorrow no matter what, good night my sweet babe.


Your love gets intense in my heart every moment that your thought cross my mind, good night my heavenly, God bless your heart.


You showed me how beautiful it is to be living; I thought that I would never found another love again until I found you, thank you for making my life worth living, good night my sweet love.


Your thought filled my heart since the beginning of today, now the night has come, and you still live in my heart, how beautiful you make feel when I think for you, good night my joyful heart.


You look so gorgeous for me, I’m most cherished when I walk by your side, and when I hold your hands in mine, I feel as if I’m holding an angel, good night my beauty.


I never believe that I would find a dear heart like you, you are my Cinderella, I love you so much, dream sweetly of me tonight, good night my Cherry Pie.


Sleep my Cutie head tomorrow is another promised day to make my love blossom in your heart, I pray my Lord to bless your soul as you sleep tonight, good night dear.


Hello, my honey bee, do you know how special you are in my life, just like the moon to the dark night, that is how you are to me, good night.


My lover girl wants to sleep now; I hope that I was part of tour sweet memories today, good night, always be cheerful.


Hello, my LUCKY CHARM, may the night be splendid to you just as you are in my heart, words cannot express how much you mean to me, good night rest in the arms of the angel.


You twinkle like the star and shines like a diamond, your teeth are sparkling like gold, and your smile melts the ice in my heart, I have never been so joyful before in my life until I met you, you are my paradise on earth, good night my sweet dream, I love you so much.


When I closed my eyes to sleep at night, I always pray for you in my heart, may the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning, so that I can be happy once more, good night my Classic.


You make my heart want to be with you always because of the way make me feels, I can’t just explain how I feel about you, I could just say you are the angel of my life, good night.


It one thing to fall in love and it’s another thing to be accepted by the person you fell in love with, I was lucky to find a beautiful heart like you because you make me feel so happy, good night my Panda.


You are so cute and hot, just too perfect to be my wife, good night my adorable wishes you a wonderful night.


You re-defined what love means, I can’t find a perfect word to describe how you make me feel, all I could say to you now is have a memorable sleep, good night.


When I looked into your eyes, my heart melts in sweet love a thousand times, behold and an angel as my lovely wife, enjoy the cool breeze of this night, goodnight my Moonshine.


You open the spring of love from heart to my heart, how come I didn’t know that angel as you lived for so long, I’m so crazy about you, good night my Juliet.


You are my magic world, everything becomes splendid and marvelous when I found you, there can never be another you, good night sweetheart.


A day without you is like a moment without water for the fishes, I live every single day thanking God for bringing such a lovely wife my way, I would hold your hands forever and take a stroll with you through the garden of love, may feel garden of Eden as you close your eyes tonight, good night my beautiful.


If I have a choice to make I would ask God to keep us together forever, I would always be there for you, good night my angel.


It is difficult to sleep with texting you a goodnight paragraph, you mean heaven to my heart, so that is why I’m saying good night my angel, see you again on another wonderful day tomorrow.


Your sweet voice rings a melodious bell to my heart every night that I close my eyes to sleep, you are so cheerful to my heart, I love you so much, wishing you a wonderful night.


May God keep a beautiful place for you to rest your head as you sleep this night, don’t fear the dark night, it would be a moment of sweet sleep for you, good night, God bless your night.


May you close your eyes and sleep at once, may the night be sent to protect you, good night my sweet world.


It is only you that can speak the silent words of my heart, how beautiful you mean to me, God sent a perfect woman like you as my wife, good night my good heart, wishing you a splendid rest.


I love it when you hold tight on a cold night, you have a share in every beautiful thing in my heart, I would always be with you forever, good night my bundle of joy.


When I looked at the stars as it glitters at night, I knew that it time to say good night to my soul mate, you make my day a memorable one, good night my angel.


There is no night that passes without dreaming of you, may your heart be full of freshness and your body be rejuvenated as you fall in the mighty hand of sleep, good night my sunshine.


The sky is beautiful every night because from heaven are hanging low to bless your night, good night, have a perfect night.


I give you all my heart because you are so special to me, good night my heartthrob.


It has been a life of full beautiful memories with you; I pray that God keeps us together forever, goodnight my angel.


I care so much about you because you mean everything to me, as you lay your head to sleep this beautiful night, I pray that my Lord keeps you safe to see another day tomorrow, good night.


I keep my love for you forever; nothing can take your love away from my heart, good night my sweet baby.


You are the most beautiful woman in the world, have a beautiful night just as you are, good night my angel.


I love life because of you, thank you for bringing sweet memories into my life. Good night my cheerful heart.


Just close your eyes, sweet sleep would envelop you, and make sure your dream sweetly of me too, good night.


As the moonlight shines brightly, may the sleep becomes intense, goodnight my beauty. See your lovely face again tomorrow morning.


May this night be a wonderful rest for you, dream sweetly of me, goodnight.


Dearest, I must confess that you make me feel so happy; I’m blessed for having you in my life, goodnight.


Sweetheart, thank God for another beautiful day that has gone, now a lovely has come, I wish you a splendid night, sleep tight, good night.


You live sweetly in my heart, I would forever adore you, goodnight my cutest.


Sleep and shine like the moon, I would miss your lovely eyes for the hour of the night, may see your beautiful smiles tomorrow morning, goodnight.


I love so much, I wished that I can lay by your side and watch over you until the approach of the morning, good night.


Goodnight to you now my sweetheart to say good morning to you tomorrow.


You deserve a beautiful paragraph of the best most beautiful phrases ever use for a gorgeous lady, may the angel spread its wings around you, goodnight my blossoms.


Where others end their love stories, ours just, I love you to the moon and stars, goodnight my beautiful Flower.


I feel so joyous because you live beautifully in my every day, I have never felt so marvelous before until I found you, good night sweet baby.


I wished I can hold you tight now into the heart of the night to beat this raging Cold, good night my princess, sleep tight.


When you close your eyes to sleep tonight, make sure you dream sweet of, I have never missed a night without having you in my dream. Goodnight my Angel Eye.


Your love blossoms in my heart like roses, I wonder how my life would have been without you, you make every day worth living, thank you for being my wonderful world, good night my beautiful baby.


There has never been a time that you make regret ever knowing you, your love is passionate in my heart, good night my love, may the Lord bless you with a Wonderful night.


You make me smile every time that I think of you, there can never be a better time than now to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you just as the blood that flows in my veins, goodnight my sweetheart.


When I think I have loved you enough, I discovered that I just began to love all over again; you have a special place in my heart, goodnight my heart.


Throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night.


I cherish you all the time of my life, I feel great to go to bed every night because you are always in my dreams, goodnight, wishing you a lovely sleep.


You are the treasure of my life, you are the sweetness of my soul, I love you because you are just my perfect world, goodnight.


Everything you do makes me happy, you must be an angel sent from heaven to make my life rich, I would go and bring you the moon tonight, I would bring you the stars as well, goodnight my special love, see your lovely face tomorrow.


Tonight would be a beautiful night for you, you always deserve the best, the best night for you, goodnight.


Looking at your lovely face gives me a kind of joy that is difficult to explain, I feel so delighted to have a marvelous girl like you in my life, goodnight.


It is going to be a cool and cheerful night for you, because that is exactly who you are, goodnight.


Tonight, the angels would take you and me on a journey to high heaven where our soul would find eternal peace, sweet dreams my love, goodnight.


The more I think about you, the more I feel better, you are the joy of my soul no doubt, I wish to be by your side until eternity, goodnight, and sweet dream.


Every night that I spent away from home, I shed painful tears, why, because I feel so lonely as if I’m alone in the world. I can’t live without you, you have all the love of my heart for you, goodnight.


The best moment in my life was the day I found you, ever since then, you have been so wonderful to me,  I want to know that I have given all the love of my heart, sweet dream, goodnight.


If I can be here again in another life, I would still choose you as my lifetime partner, you are the queen of my heart, I feel good every day because you are part of life, goodnight.


As far as I have you in my life, I know I have the most precious gift in the world, let sweet sleep drift you to dreamland this night, goodnight my sweet love.


Every time I spent with you, you always leave me with an incredible memory, I’m thinking of you now, goodnight.


I have plenty of love for you from my heart, you make my perfect world, I can’t leave without you, goodnight.


It so cheering to know that you are still there for me, I would always be here for you too, happy night rest, goodnight.


I know I can’t find another girl that would mean so much to me as you do, that’s why I hold you tight, goodnight.


Goodnight my love, sleep tight, see you tomorrow refreshed.


The night is for peaceful rest, no demon shall come near you, the angels of the Lord are your guard, goodnight.


Make every moment count in your life, remove all the pain in your heart before going to bed, you would emerge victorious tomorrow morning, have a blessed night.


Try to sleep well, I will be praying for a beautiful night for you, goodnight.


Goodnight, my sweetheart let your soul find a beautiful place to rest.


You are so cute and lovely, I appreciate you all the time of my life, goodnight.


When I found you I know I have found a marvelous woman, my guess was right, you have been the driving force of my life, thank you for always been there for me, goodnight.


Long Goodnight Paragraph to Make  Her Dream of You

I have searched my soul to know what makes me feel so happy all the time, I discovered that it was you, I feel so joyful just the sound of your voice and the mention of your name, nothing can separate me from you except when I stop breathing, wishing you a lovely night, goodnight.


You can’t understand the degree of my love for you, do you know the love that a mother has for her little child, I love you much more than that, as you close your eyes now, I wish a wonderful sleep, goodnight.


I may not be telling you this all the time, you are my everything, my love for you is brighter than the light of the moon as it shines brightly this night, you are the queen that rules in m heart, goodnight.


You have proven to me why I should keep loving you so much all over again, you are such an amazing woman, words cannot totally express how I feel about you, you are like every breathe take keeps me alive,  sleep tight, goodnight.


I can quit all other habits but I definitely can stop loving you, you make my world a beautiful place ever since you came into my life, you make me feel great every time of my life, I would build you a paradise on earth, just stay with me forever, goodnight, I love you.


My love, thank you for everything that you have been to me, you may not realize how much you mean to me, I have the whole of my heart for you, I want to be the man that takes you to every beautiful place that your heart desired, goodnight.


It has been a wonderful time that we ride the tide of life with you, I have realized that you are that special woman that I have prayed to find all my life, now that you are mine, I will never hurt you, I will never make you cry, smile as you read this message, goodnight.


As lay down to sleep this lovely night, I want you to feel the fragrance of my love for you, lets the angels be your guide to beautiful dreamland tonight, sweet dreams, sleep tight, goodnight.


I use to visualize someone special like you before I met you, I use to dream of you before we met, so I recognize your face the very first time I set my eyes on you, these are the reasons that I love you so much, I would do anything for the sake of keeping our love, goodnight.


The seems too long if you are lying by my side and it seems shorter if you are beside me, spending 24 hours in your arms look like just an hour, you are too special to me, goodnight.


Inspirational Goodnight Paragraph to make Her feel Good

The night would refresh you for a greater tomorrow, sleep well and look like a newborn tomorrow morning, goodnight.


“Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what’s done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.” Unknown


“Goodnight, goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” Williams Shakespeare


Dearest, your body deserves good rest, sleep tight, goodnight.


Put on the nightdress that makes you the queen that you are, feels the freshness of the night, sleeps peacefully good night.


Go to bed early and be inspired for better a tomorrow, goodnight.


Early to bed, early to rising, may this night refresh your body until tomorrow, goodnight.


To sleep is to rest and be energized for another new day,  goodnight my love, see you happily tomorrow morning.


“Before you fall asleep every day, say something positive to yourself.” – Enid Bagnold


I have kept you in the hand of the highest; I’m assured that you would be awakened in great spirit tomorrow morning, goodnight.


Be optimistic for a better day tomorrow as you lay your head to sleep tonight, put today’s trouble behind, tomorrow is going to be another promised day for you, goodnight.


“Think of all the good moments of this day and keep a smile for tomorrow! Goodnight!” Unknown


Today does not determine what tomorrow would be, you have lived today, now it is time to sleep, imagine tomorrow beautifully in your mind, so shall it be goodnight.


Only the living can tell the story of today tomorrow, but be careful, don’t carry on the burden of today to tomorrow, sleep peacefully goodnight.


Shortest Goodnight Paragraph for Her to Make Her Smile

Think only of the wonderful night now, goodnight.


Leave today’s for today, go to bed with happy, goodnight.


Life is what you make it be happy all the time goodnight.


You are my favorite everything, goodnight.


Have a beautiful night my love, I will miss YOU until tomorrow morning.


I pray you to have a sweet night, goodnight.


Every night is a moment of sweet dreams, dream sweetly, goodnight.


Dream us tonight, goodnight.


Close your eyes and catch a sweet sleep, goodnight.


Goodnight my beauty!


Sleep without fear, goodnight.


God loves you, good night.


Tomorrow would be better, goodnight.


Goodnight my beautiful angel.


Good night my sugar Candy.


Good night sweetie.


Goodnight my crush.


Dream me, good night my goddess.


Good my princess, sleep tight.


Goodnight, I would come to you on an angel’s wing.


You would always have my love, good night.


Good night my joyful heart.


Let the night angels convey my beautiful message to you, goodnight.


May new beautiful life begin with us again tomorrow, goodnight angel.


Good night my cutest, I love you.


Good night sweet baby, sleep tight.


Good night my Rose, you are always beautiful.


I can smell you next to me, good my soulmate.


It’s so beautiful to have you in my life, good night my heaven.


Paradise valley is where we would both spend our night, good night.


I love you, good night sweetie.


You mean everything to me, good night.


I just want you to know that you are my number one, goodnight.


Sleep and dream beautiful dreams, good night.


I would always be by your side, good night.


I love you with all my heart, wish you a good night.


Good night good wife.


I wish I could lay straight on your chest this night, goodnight my sweet Wife.


Good night my heaven gift, I love you.


Good night my baby, I wish I could cuddle you before you sleep.


May your sleep be smooth, goodnight my love.


Kiss me before you sleep; I miss you, good night.

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