Romantic Goodnight Prayer for Loved Ones


One of the lovable messages that we cherish most is a sweet goodnight prayer message. Every one-need prayer to find solace in God. Find a beautiful goodnight prayer for loved ones among the ones below.

Romantic Goodnight Prayer for My Wife

Goodnight my love I hope you slept like a newborn baby. God knows how much I love you, and as I leave this page for the night. I will always miss every feature of your face, every shape of your body, every curve in your hips. You are perfect in every single way and that’s why I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.


Dear wife, you have added so much to my life. You are a blessing and I love you with all my heart. As the sky turns dark and the stars begin to shine, I pray that our time together becomes more precious. Make no mistake, you will forever be dear to me. May dreams bring you closer to me in the night, as you drift into slumber.


Good night, hope you feel better, give me a hug and a kiss, I’ve been missing you so much. I hope you had an awesome day and thank you for always being there for me. Good night, dear WIFE!


Goodnight my sweetheart, may you have sweet dreams and pleasant slumber. I pray that the angels keep you safe through the night until we meet again. I love you!


____, I don’t know very much about how to pray or what to say, but I want you to sleep well tonight. Goodnight. I hope your dreams are sweet and pleasant.


I have been thinking of you all day. I miss you and think of your hands holding me, your smile making me laugh, your ear laying on my chest listening to my heartbeat. I hope that these thoughts and prayers I send bring you contentment and comfort. When I close my eyes, I see your face. Goodnight, I love you.


Babe, I hope you had a great day. I want you to remember that I love you. I love you more than any other woman in the world. God bless your heart.


Although my day had been long, I wish you a pleasant night and pleasant dreams. When the morning comes, give me a call, I love talking to you and hearing your voice. Sleep well my queen, may tomorrow bring you smiles and laughter.


O Lord bless our marriage, especially today and always. Bless me, my wife, and our union as we rest tonight. May you watch over us and keep us safe from harm. Let this day be done and all that remains be peace and love. Amen.


As you lay to rest your head this lovely night, may the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning. Goodnight my sweetheart.


You are the love of my heart, I can’t forget to say a lovely goodnight prayer for my bae, may God take your soul to heaven and back to the world by morning, goodnight my darling.


My angel’s eye wants to sleep now, may the Lord almighty make your night a wonderful one, goodnight Dearest.


Your love is always cute in my heart, I pray for a beautiful night for your soul, goodnight my Hon.


Life is so beautiful to have a lovely wife like you, I reserve a beautiful prayer in my heart for you every night, may the lord restore your soul tomorrow morning, goodnight sweetheart.


The night has come, and a beautiful hour to rest your head, I pray that my Lord blesses your soul with a marvelous night, you would arise tomorrow morning looking fresh and beautiful, goodnight my love.


I’m sure to dream sweetly of you tonight because your thought filled my heart and makes me happy, goodnight my Boo, may the Lord send His angel to guard you this night and always.


You are the one that makes me smile and happy every day, thank God I found a beautiful wife like you, may your night be full of beautiful dreams, goodnight my butterfly.


Life is good, life is cherishing because I have you in my life, may the whisper come sweet thought in your heart as you sleep now, goodnight cutie, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


You would rise and shine tomorrow morning again, don’t be afraid of lurk in the night, the Lord has taken care of that for you, just close your eyes and drift away in sweet sleep, goodnight my cuddles.


Milady is going to bed now, may God almighty bless you with a wonderful night, you would be my adorable wife, goodnight my love.


I never knew I would find a wonderful woman like you as a wife, you have brought happiness and joy to my heart, God bless you as you close your eyes to sleep this night, goodnight my special one.


No matter how far I live from home, my goodnight prayers would always meet you there, may the Lord bestow a blessing upon your heart as you sleep tonight, goodnight my angel.


There is the beautiful passion in your eye that I can’t always resist when I looked into them, may God bless your heart as you close your eyes to sleep, goodnight baby.


Love is you, and you are the most special to my heart, may the Lord fill your night with glory, sleep tight, goodnight my smiley face.


It is night again, and I wish to say my beautiful prayers for my soul mate, goodnight my angel, may the angels be by your side this night, sleep peacefully.


You would be wrapped with the mercy of God as you lay your head to sleep tonight, may the Lord never forsake you, goodnight my sunshine.


Dear Wifey, you know how much you mean to me, may the love of God abide in your heart as you close your eyes to sleep this night, goodnight my cinnamon.


You will be under the protection of the Lord as you rest your head this night. Goodnight love.


May this night bring sweet dreams and wonderful refreshments for your soul. No demon shall come near you by God’s grace. Goodnight love.


The Lord shall bring peace and sweetness in your sleep this wonderful, sleep tight my love. Goodnight.


May your heart be full of sweetness and joy as you lay your head to sleep tonight, sweet dream. Goodnight my angel.


The night is for rest and refreshment of the soul, rest very well tonight my love, the Lord is your protector. Goodnight.


As you prepare to sleep tonight, may you find the night marvelous and your body rejuvenated to see another beautiful day tomorrow. Goodnight my love.


May this night bring you more rest than you have imagined, may your spirit find a pleasurable rest place and wake up tomorrow looking great ever. Goodnight.


Wishing you God’s protection from all evils that roam in the night, sleep tight, goodnight my love.


Sweetheart is time to sleep, free your heart, forget every trouble of today and look up to a wonderful night and a better tomorrow ahead of you. Sweet dreams, goodnight my love.


The hustle of the day is over, it is time to rest your head, may the Lord gives you a peaceful rest tonight. Sleep like a baby, goodnight.


Have a wonderful night my sweetheart, may night be full of peace and splendor. The angels shall guide you to a peaceful night. Sleep tight, goodnight.


You would never be overtaken by any evil this night, the Lord shall be your protector from all evil. Have a wonderful sleep, goodnight.


As you close your eyes to catch up with sleep this night, may your soul be filled with sweetness and lovely dreams. Hope to see your beautiful face tomorrow, goodnight my love.


The Lord has chosen us to be among the lucky one that will see this lovely night, our soul is guided in his hand, may God protect and bless your soul as lay your head to sleep tonight. Goodnight.


Tonight will be a lovely night for you, and tomorrow shall be a promised day for you. Goodnight love, have a lovely night.


May this night be a joyful night for you, full of peaceful sleep and sweet dreams sleep tight, have a beautiful night my love.


May the angel of the Lord be your guard until the morning hour. No evil shall come close to you this night and always. Have a peaceful night my love. Goodnight.


Tonight, the Lord shall bring you love, peace, and sweet dreams, lay your head, and do not be afraid; the Lord is always there for you. Goodnight.


Put your trust in God no evil shall befall you tonight, all devils and demons that roam the night have been chained. Do have a wonderful and restful night.


Sleep and rest peacefully, the angel of the Lord will watch over you. Goodnight.


Dearest love, do not be overburden by what lies ahead of you tomorrow, God will take care of all your needs. Sleep with a peaceful heart tonight, tomorrow will bring you happiness and joy.


May your failure today be turned into success for you tomorrow; you will always find favor in God and tonight shall be a memorable night for you. Goodnight and sleep well.


You are the love of life, and the beauty of my soul, as the time for sleep approaches right now, I wish God protection and favor this lovely night. Goodnight my love.


May your tomorrow be better than your today, you will find peace in the Lord this lovely night, and He will take charge of your soul by protecting it from all evil. Goodnight my love.


What has happened today that brings you sorrow, may replenish your soul tonight and remove all rancor and sorrow. May your tomorrow bring new promises. Goodnight my angel.


Your night shall be filled with happiness, peace, and splendor. Goodnight love.


You shall never be overtaken by a nightmare this night. The Lord will be your protector; he will bring you peace and assign an angel as your guard. Goodnight love.


The evil one will plan, but they shall overtake you, they will stretch there and it will never catch you. You will be ahead of your enemies. Sweet dreams, Goodnight my angel.


You will find favor in the Lord where ever you go, you have always remained a wonderful wife. Wishing you a lovely night.


Tonight you will be in the care of God. No evil will come near you. Goodnight.


May the peace of the Lord abide by you as you laid your head to sleep. You will find your tomorrow a better day.


The night will give you refreshments and energy for your tomorrow, may the Lord take away all your burdens. Goodnight.


I pray that God protects you from any harm tonight, go to be bed do not be afraid. Goodnight and sleep tight.


I will always be by your side always, I will never leave you, and tonight shall a marvelous night for you, sweet dreams, and wonderful rest.


May the Lord grease your soul with sweet sedative balm, the type is never found anywhere in the world, except with the Lord. Sleep peacefully, goodnight my love.


Romantic Goodnight Prayer for a Husband

The night has come, I am happy it is another promised night for; you will find good rest tonight. The Lord shall be your strength, goodnight my king.


A beautiful night has upon our soul again, though you may be far away from home now, but since we all see the same night, my special prayers would always reach you, may the bless your heart as you lay to sleep, goodnight my HERO.


You make me happy every day of my life, I’m the luckiest woman to have found a lovely husband like you, as we go to bed now, I place your soul in the beautiful hands of God, goodnight my sweet dream.


Goodnight my dear husband, wishing a night full of God’s blessing.


You are one of the great souls I have ever met, thank God you are my mine, I pray that my Lord would keep you in safety as our soul journey through the night, happy night rest, goodnight my King.


Your love is so precious in my heart when it is time to say goodnight, my heart playback every beautiful word you have ever said to me, thank you for making me smile, may the Lord protect your soul, goodnight.


Slowly and steadily you find a way to my heart, I feel paradise when you kiss me, may the Lord guide and protect your soul through the night to see another beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight my heartthrob.


When the night comes, I stay in some silence to meditate my beautiful prayers for you, you wrap my world in beautiful memories, goodnight my superstar, may the night be a wonderful time of rest for you.


May the Lord unburden you, soul, tonight, may rise tomorrow morning looking great and wonderful, goodnight my Romeo.


There is no night I closed my eyes to sleep that I don’t hold you in beautiful thought, you have always been the joy of my heart, thank you for everything that you mean to me, goodnight my sweetheart, may the Lord keep your light shining.


I say life is beautiful because I found a beautiful heart as you as my lifetime partner, you have always been my moment of joy, good night Eye Candy, may God protect me now and always.


Your love shines brighter than the moonlight of this night and sunshine of tomorrow morning, I couldn’t have imagined what my life would have been without you, God bless you all the time of your life, goodnight my dear husband.


You are the beautiful passion that refuses to leave my heart throughout the day, now night has come, and still think sweet about you, you are one in million in my heart, thank you for bringing lots of sunshine in my life, as recline to bed this night, I pray that Lord secures you, soul, tomorrow morning. goodnight my Handsome.


Life is just perfect because I have you, may the night make this night a perfect night for you, goodnight my Honey Bear.


I still feel like the very first day I met you, my heart still race and beat faster for you, would never stop loving you because you are a beautiful heart, life is so cherishing to be living with an angel like you, goodnight my Super Stud, God bless your night.


Sweet sleep tonight my hero, you have done your best today, may tonight be a marvelous night and tomorrow be a better day. Goodnight.


I pray that God makes it possible that you continue to smile every day. Have a good night’s rest as we all prepare for tomorrow’s battle.


Hey honey, are you in bed already? I was just thinking about you; the world still feels empty without you. May God make your night a splendor. Goodnight love.


I do not care if the sun rises tomorrow or not. As long as I have you by my side, I’ll always feel happy and fulfilled. You have given me every reason to be and I only pray that you enjoy more of blessings coming into your life. Goodnight and sweet dreams.


You may look as hot as the sun all day, but it’s time to shine as bright as the million stars in the skies tonight. That is because you are special and all I wish for is more days with you. Goodnight my love.


Love is like the medicine of the heart. You are my doctor and I’ll need all the therapies and treatments so I can love and care. I pray God gives you the strength to see another day. Goodnight sweetheart.


Like every other night, the first thing I think about before I go to bed is you, then I remember to lock my front door, and then I’m thinking about you again! Wishing you God’s protection. Goodnight.


A night does not just close a day; it prepares us for the coming of another day. A new day to appreciate life and face new challenges. I wish you all the strength and guidance to face them as they come. Goodnight my dear.


Shush! It is time for the best husband in the world to have himself a good night’s sleep after a long day of work. Never give up on the dreams and desires that you look forward to achieving because they are just by the corner.


Yesterday, each one of us made a mistake, so we will tomorrow and many other days. However, the greatest mistake one could ever make is taking a beloved one for granted. You have come into my life for a purpose that I will always cherish. Goodnight and God’s blessings.


Waking up in the morning knowing you’re mine and I’m yours is the best feeling I have always had since we tied the knots of our hearts. I pray God continues to bless this special feeling we share called love. Goodnight and shine like the stars above.


It’s another night meant to show you just how much I love you. Peep outside and look into the skies. You shine like a billion stars and you don’t even know it! Goodnight dearest. With all the blessings and good tidings of the world, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.


I went to bed thinking of how sweet your lips and how warm your hugs can be. To the special man of my life, I wish you all the best of tomorrow. Goodnight and sweetest of dreams.


I pray God protects you for me, from all the darkness and cruelty of this world because you are my companion, my husband, my friend, and my love. But my heart only sees you as my life and that’s enough reason I always want to see you happy. You are my everything. May you wake up full of energy tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.



You’re the best proof that a perfect man is no myth. With you, life is happier and better and that is when I say God has done so many wonders in my life and you are the best of them. May the Lord be your guard tonight. Goodnight.


Have a wonderful night because you always have a special place in my heart. I pray to God to see you through all the hardships of this life. Goodnight to a special someone.


Every single night I go to bed realizing that my life is no ordinary, all because I have someone extraordinary like you. Someone who makes me smile out of nothing. I wake up and pray you’ll never leave my side. Sleep, tight love.


Every night, the stars and beauty across the skies never fail to remind me of the best decision of my life; meeting you. Ever since its’ been nothing but joy, laughter, and inspiration. I hope I don’t sound selfish when I say I only wish for more. May God continue to be a guide to your heart. Goodnight to the best husband in the whole world.


The night is rest and refreshment, may the Lord bless you with a glorious rest. You will wake up tomorrow looking great as ever. Goodnight my angel.


Sleep tight and sweet dreams, your night has been destined to be great, full of pleasure and splendor. The Lord is your guard, never be afraid of any evil. Goodnight my superman.


The day is gone; now it is time to sleep, may the Lord take your burden away, sleep with a joyful heart. Goodnight my love.


I may not be where you are now, but I know it is night and time to sleep. Do not worry I have beseeches the Lord on your behalf, he to wash away your sorrow tonight and filled your heart with peace and harmony, see you in dreamland tonight. Goodnight my king.


Tonight the Lord will protect you, never be afraid of what lurks in the night. Sleep tight and have a splendid night. Goodnight my hero.


Be optimistic, tonight shall a great night and tomorrow a better day. God is with you, he sees your heart and he knows what you want. May God provide a single that will please your heart. Goodnight my love.


Every night is a promise of God for us, many were with us this morning, but have gone before this night, that is a huge blessing of the Lord in our life. Let us thank God for the gift of this beautiful night. Have a peaceful rest.


I held up my hands in prayers for you this night, you would find joy and peace throughout your night by God’s grace. Goodnight my king.


You are the love of life, you bring me happiness and peaceful life, I have always prayed for you every day and night. May the Lord bless us with another beautiful day as you lay your head to rest this night. I miss you, goodnight.


You will never overburden by the troubles of this life, whenever you close your eyes to sleep every night, peaceful sleep shall overtake you. Have a wonderful night.


Your days and night, your heart will always find peace wherever you are. Wishing you a wonderful night.


I will be there tomorrow to say ‘good morning hope you had a great night.’ May your night be marvelous as you catch up with sleep.


Never allow the pain of today to interfere with your night, the day is gone, the night is what we have now, and now is the most important than before, forget about the pain, the Lord is always good to you. Goodnight my love.


Goodnight my hero, may God give you a peaceful rest.


Nights are for rest. May you rest well tonight, such that you will wake up tomorrow morning with great refreshments all over you. May the Lord give you strength and energy to face your tomorrow goodnight my bundle of joy.


Romantic Goodnight Prayer For a Girlfriend

You always make my days beautiful and memorable, may the Lord guard and protect you from the evil of this night, sleep tight goodnight, my love.


My beautiful is going to sleep now; I pray that the sunshine on your face tomorrow, goodnight my sweet candy.


You have been roaming in my mind all day, I know that this night would be a majestic night for you, goodnight my sweet sexy.


There can never be a night when I would forget to pray for you, you bring so much sweetness to my heart, may God fill your heart with peace, love, and harmony, good night sweetie-pie.


You would shine like the moon tonight and rise like the sun by tomorrow morning, goodnight my heartbeat.


Your love is beautiful in my heart, you bring sunshine to my heart every day, may your night be sweet and marvelous, goodnight my princess.


When I looked into your eyes I see the beautiful world there, I know I’m going to miss your beautiful face, sleep tight, I have beseeched my Lord to bless you with a wonderful night, goodnight my sweetness.


When I look up at the sky this night, I can see you among the stars, you are the joy of my heart, I pray that your heart would find sweet sleep and wonderful rest, goodnight cheerful heart.


May the Lord bless you with an amazing night, sleep peacefully, I would be your sweet dream tonight, goodnight my angel.


You melt my heart with your sweet smile, I’m so happy to find you; I wish you, love, peace, and harmony as you sleep tonight, goodnight my Alliebear.


You have an angel heart, you filled my heart with love and peace, may the Lord bless you, soul, as you recline to bed tonight, goodnight Beany, see your beautiful face again tomorrow.


Your thoughts blossom in my heart like this night moon as it shines on the sea, I have prayed for a beautiful night for you, sleep without fear, goodnight my Butterfly.


You are always on my mind, I have vowed to love you forever, I wish you a beautiful night, goodnight, my cutie.


Like the rising sun, you shall rise to life tomorrow morning by the grace of God, goodnight my dear heart.


Your love intoxicates me, I have never felt so good the way I feel when you are close by side, as the night thickened, I beseech my Lord to protect from its evil, goodnight my Diamond.


The Lord shall keep you safe and healthy, may your soul find joy in your sleep, goodnight to you the angel of my heart.


Your love is one passionate thing in my heart, I’m always happy when I think of you, you mean so much to me, may the Lord rejuvenate your soul as you sleep now, goodnight my Flower.


I wake up smiling thinking of you. I perceive the sound of the birds chirping busily on the trees and you come to my mind. I feel the breath of a gentle breeze and feel your breath on my skin. You literally make my day. Wishing you an unlimited blessing from God.


People pray to God in the early night hours, thanking him for the day has passed. I talked to the Lord every night, thanking him for making you mine and wishing you. I urge you to sleep tight tonight and always make sure to forget your worries.


It is time to sleep beauty; the world is waiting for you tomorrow, wishing you a blissful night.


The sun doesn’t rise in the east. It rises here, right next to me in my bed. Goodnight my sunshine.


Want to know the best part of the night. It is time I fall in love with you repeatedly. Wishing you God’s love, goodnight.


Hey dear, Can you answer this one question? Who loves you more than anything in the world? I guess God first and me second, but your trust in God, wishing you a marvelous night.


Hello. I might be mistaken but I think I love you and you love me. However, God loves you must, he would protect you all the time, goodnight my love.


Waking up just now, I was hoping the night lasted a little longer so I could dream more about you. I hope you had a wonderful night too.


Come, downstairs love. I have a pleasant surprise for you! I just want to hug you and wish you a beautiful night.


If you feel down today, just remember I am right here by your side and you will always be in my heart.


People ask me why I smile all day. I just tell them the first thing I think of every single day is you! This makes me believe I might be the luckiest person alive. I love you it makes me completely happy. I wish you all the best as you wake up to fight tomorrow’s battle.


I wake up dreaming of you. In the day I dream of you. Even when we are together, I pinch myself just to make sure I am not dreaming! Have a nice day my dream girl.


If I had a time machine, I will go back in time to be with you every night before you go to sleep. I pray all your actions are guided and all the good luck follows you as you wake up tomorrow.


You must be wondering why I am sending you this message after we already meet this morning. I was thinking about you and had to say goodnight.


I had many dreams last night. But having you by my side is the best dream I can ever imagine.


If the moon and stars never existed, I would still be fine. I have you; you light up my night already. Goodnight sister.


Going to sleep thinking that you are still alive, is one of those moments I cherish for the rest of my life.


Good evening sweetness. No matter what happens yesterday, today or tomorrow, just know that we have each other. Wishing you God’s protection, goodnight.


All the beautiful sunset in the evening is just a reminder for me that true beauty can only be found in the Lord. May the Lord be your shepherd, goodnight.


Do me a favor today, smile brighter than the moon at night. I love you and pray God continues to protect you for me. Goodnight my love.


Goodnight dearest, I don’t mean to disturb you but can I get more pictures of you? My friends still do not believe angels exist.


Do you hear that knock on the door? It is bringing another smile to your face. Have a sweet night, love.


Here is today’s weather forecast; A rain of blessings, a fog of happiness, and snows of success. Have a blessed night dearest one.


As you step out today, may you encounter more blessings and good tidings all step of the day tomorrow.


The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are reflections of my love for YOU. Have a wonderful night.


The night is gone and so are the stars. The clouds are out in the sky so blue. I love you dearly.


Beauty fades, happiness too, But our love is forever. Goodnight to you, sweetness.


If you are mine, then I am yours. Then we could be one. I just wanted to know how your night went. Have a blessed night. May the Lord guide you.


Goodnight babe. I just wanted to let you know that nothing can brighten up my day than a smile from you. I will never forget it.


Hey love, if you are reading this, I hope there is a cute smile on your face. Have a pleasant night and pray the Lord guides you.


Peace, love, and refreshment, may all be your portion this lovely night. Goodnight my angel.


As you plan to sleep tonight, you will find favor and goodness with the Lord. Goodnight.


Goodnight to someone so dear to me. I couldn’t close my eyes without having to tell you how much I love you. You have indeed been a blessing and an inspiration to my life. I pray for more strength and guidance to be the same for you.


You are like the reward for the things I did right throughout my life. In your eyes lies the key to my future. I pray the angels and heavens look over you while you have a good night’s rest.


May you never miss any minute of sweetest sleep tonight. Goodnight.


Hey there, I just wanted to remind you that I am right behind you. I support you and I want all your dreams and desires to become a reality. Goodnight dear, I love you.


Only for more blessings and kindness from God, I am thankful to him for giving me someone who runs in my mind all day!


Every single day brings more joy to my heart because I have you, may God bestow peace upon your soul, goodnight


The night is falling and I already love you more than I was when I woke up this morning. If this isn’t called pure love, then I don’t know what it is. I only pray this special feeling keeps growing inside of me. Sweet sleep.


I pray the Lord gives you the strength to withstand everything life has to throw at you because my world continues to spin around you. Have a good night’s sleep as we await the blessings of tomorrow.


The days are for work, while nights are for rest. It is going to be a beautiful night for you. Goodnight my love.


As you retired to bed tonight, raise your hands to Lord and ask for his blessings. May God answer all your beautiful prayers. Goodnight.


You will always find favor with the Lord; your night shall be full of beauties and your morning full of blessings. Goodnight sweetheart.


I will always appreciate all the love and care you have shown me. A pray the angel of the Lord be by your side throughout the night. Goodnight.


As you lay your head to rest tonight, may your body and soul find true rest. Goodnight.


Shall never have any nightmare tonight, no evil shall come close to you by the grace of God. Goodnight sweetheart.


You will sleep and be alive tomorrow by the special grace of thy Lord. Goodnight sweetheart, have a beautiful night.


May the Lord purify your soul you go to bed tonight so that you will always have a delightful and peaceful night.


You are the joy of my soul, every I think of you, I pray that the Lord continue to bless you beyond what you ask for. Tonight you find a lot of blessing of thy Lord. Goodnight and sleep well.


Goodnight my beautiful lady, may your heart be filled with the peace of God. The evils that roam in the night will never have eyes to see you.


As sleep tonight, I prayed for your soul to be preserved and be restored to life tomorrow. Have a beautiful night my love.


Have a wonderful night full of sweet dreams. Will be under the care and watch of thy Lord.


The day is gone hope it was great? The night is here, I pray it will be great as well. Wishing you a blossom night, goodnight my angel.


Tonight before you sleep, I am sending your name to God through the angel for protection. The Lord never fails; he will protect you through the dark night. Sweet dreams, goodnight.


Romantic Goodnight Prayer for a Boyfriend

You are the love of my eye, and the beauty of my heart, I wish you a night full of God’s infinite mercy, goodnight, my playboy.


Your sweet voice playback some melodious tone to my heart every night before I sleep, I wished that I’m in your arms now how lovely would that be, goodnight my Super Hero, wishing you heavenly guidance.


You bring love and peace to my heart, I pray to spend the rest of my life in your lovely arms, goodnight, may God see through another beautiful day.


It is now that we know, but we don’t know what lies ahead of you, and that is why I’m placing your soul in the hand of the one who knows the unseen, God would care for you, goodnight my Teddy Bear.


No matter what happens tomorrow, I would be there by your side; I want to be with you for the rest of your life, may the LORD protect you and keep you in great mind to see another beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight my Sweet Boy.


Sleep and put your trust in God, He is sufficient for you, goodnight my Chocolate.


Your love is warm in my heart always, a day without you is like a year of loneliness, and as the night comes no, I pray for a lovely night and wonderful morning for you, goodnight my sunshine.


However your days go, thank God for you have seen another night, every day that passes make your love stronger in my heart, as you sleep this night, I wish you special favor from heaven, goodnight my sugar cube.


The first time I met you I realized that you have that special heart that I have always seen in my dream, I know that we would make a perfect home together, may God continue to be your guide, and protector, goodnight my moon.


You make me see every beautiful thing in the world because you lift the veil from my eye, you are my angel’s eye. For the night has come with a bundle of blessing for your heart, just close your eyes and drift away in sweet sleep, until the white thread of tomorrow arrives, goodnight my Choco Prince.


Life is full of uncertainty I know, but one thing that is certain for you is the love of God, I place your soul in God’s hand this night, He a kind LORD, He would protect you, wishing you a wonderful night, goodnight.


If it takes me a hundred years to find you, I would always wait for you, as darkness takes its rightful place now, may your heart find a beautiful place of rest, may your arise tomorrow and be rejuvenated, goodnight my Spice Man.


You bring so much love and harmony to my heart, nothing would ever take away from you except when my LORD permitted, good night tomorrow is sure for you by the special grace of God.


One of the lovable messages that we cherish most is a sweet goodnight prayer message. Every one-need prayer to find solace in God.


May the Lord be eyes when you close them, may he be your soul and you rest tonight. He will take over you and bring you sweet refreshment to your body and soul. Have a beautiful night’s rest.


Romantic Goodnight Prayer SMS

Goodnight my sweet love. May God bless you with a peaceful night and restful sleep. I pray for your protection and safety along with your family, friends and loved ones.


So before I lay down to sleep, I pray for you! Goodnight and sleep tight.


I pray that God will bless you with a sweet and peaceful sleep. Goodnight!


Be safe, have fun and God Bless you. I just wanted to say ‘Good Night’ and may your dreams be full of blessings and hope.


Dear God, Tonight I ask that you to guide my soul to a calm and peaceful place. Thank you for the opportunity to give my love free range to roam and grow. Thank you for this presentation of abundance and blessings. Be with me as i rest tonight and help me with these dreams I see! I am in need of guidance dear sweet father for tomorrow will be a great day! Goodnight . . . . . . . . .


God bless you and keep you. May angels watch over you as you sleep tonight. I am thankful, completely and deeply, for the chance to know you. In the morning I want to tell you how much I appreciate all of the things that make you who you are.


I hope that you wake up with a smile and a new day to face. May your heart be filled with joy. Prayers for the day ahead. Goodnight and sweet dreams!


I just want to say that sometimes I need to remind myself to pray for you and think of you before I go off to bed. Prayer is such a powerful thing. It helps me to remember how very blessed I am!


Good night, sleep tight. I will be dreaming of you!


With the moon and stars as my witness, I promise to forever be with you. May every star in the sky shine down upon you. Be mine, forever and always!


This is no ordinary friendship, no ordinary love affair. This is a promise to be with each other in both laughter and sadness, in richness and in poverty, in health and in sickness, as long as we live. I hold the proof of your love in my heart and know that you feel it too.


God be with you till we meet again.


I pray that you will have a wonderful night and sweet dreams . . . I am always thinking of you. You are my love, my life, and my soul. Goodnight.


Goodnight, my love. Sunshine may smile on your tomorrow and many more to come. May love and peace surround your dreams tonight as you sleep. Most of all may God hold you in the palm of His hand and keep you safe from harm. Sleep peacefully, my angel. I love you.


My day is heading to an end and my only prayer is that tomorrow will come just as fast as today. But unlike you, it’s not because I’m running away but because I’m coming to see you. Now close your eyes, relax and know that I am thinking about you with all my heart and soul. Shoosh baby, goodnight. Have a wonderful dream. xoxo


I pray that you reach your dreams and goals with ease. I pray you to get all the best things in life. I pray for safety, love, and care. Most importantly I pray that your heart stays warm and open as our friendship grows! Love ya sugar muffin!


I pray for a relationship, filled with love and passion, laughter and joy. I pray for a man who will love me for who I am, and respect me for what I do. May my prayers be answered tonight.


Hold me tight, don’t let go of me, As I fall asleep with my heart full of you. Sleep tight, I love you, and good night.


I pray you to rest well; May YOU dream of me and I dream of you.


Dear Lord, please watch over me as I sleep. Protect me during the night, and keep me safe in your arms. Watch over my loved ones as well, for we are all under your care tonight. Amen.

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