Romantic Words for Wife to Make Her Smile


Romantic words for wife
Romantic Words for Wife

These romantic words for wife to make her smile are collections of sweet love words that would make her smile any time no matter what.

Your wife doesn’t need all the beautiful gift in this world to be happy, she might not need all the money in the world, but only one little thing that does not cost you anything could make her happy. Sending her romantic text messages.

Romantic Words for Wife to Make Her Smile

1. I want to use this text to say thank you a lot for your love and care for me, and making me feel like a king, you will always have my love any time any day till eternity.


2. Life becomes easy when I’m with you. You make me forget all my worries.


3. I know it is just a word, but it contains a hundred hugs, a million kisses and a million shades of love.


4. My days are always worth it when I hear your voice or seeing your lovely face. You’re nothing but perfection itself.


5. Life presents us with lots of uncertainties but there is only one thing I’m sure of and that is the feelings I have for you. I love you, my dear wife.


6. I’m so glad watching myself grow from an admirer to a boyfriend, a fiance and then your husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner.


7. Time seems to fly faster and faster all because I’ve been caught in nothing but joy and happiness living with you. You are dream wife, I love you.


8. Being with you is like a dream come true. A dream I can’t seem to wake up from, a dream I wish I would never wake up from. I love you my dearest wife.


9. Love isn’t about just words and actions. I’ve given you my body, mind, and soul. Take them all because I see no other place safer.


10. You give me yet another reason to live today and like every other day. Your touch is delicate and your kisses are golden. You rock my world.


11. God beautifully made you for me, thank God I found you, I love you.


12. I may not be a superman, but I’ll always be there to protect you. I may not be a sailor but I’ll take you across the oceans. I may not be Romeo but I’m ready to die for you.


13. You are my source of inspiration, my source of strength and the reason I keep going on in life. As long as I have you, I’m always at peace. I adore you, my beautiful wife.


14. I want to be your confidant, your ally and your partner. I wish to stay by your side for the rest of my life. I couldn’t ask for a better wife, but you. I love you.


15. Nothing matches the undying love I have for you. You make my heart go fonder of you and you make my life better. I can’t think of a better way to thank you for making me feel special.


16. Hey dear, I just wanted to write you an eight-word poem; ‘You are the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen’. I hope that makes you smile.


17. Every day, every smile, every hug, every moment, every kiss, every laughter, and every hug is an addition to this wonderful journey of life with you my dear.


18. I just realized that when next I hug you. I wouldn’t be able to let go of you. Just one hug gives me an everlasting memory of you.


19. I can’t explain the way you make me feel when I see your face, when I hear your melodious voice and when I’m with you. I wish to build my family around nobody else but you.


20. Everyone has a motivation for waking up and to face the everyday world. Mine has always been you and you forever.

Long Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

21. It takes me about two decades to find a beautiful wife like you, I still remember the circumstance by which we met, I deeply appreciate your love and care for me, I’m reassuring you of my love for you, I will never let you down, you will always thank GOD that you also meet someone like me. You will be proud of me; I love you with all my heart.


22. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the world. You came into my life and make my life beautiful, I will always hold you high in my heart, and you are simply an amazing woman. I love you.


23. Thank GOD I didn’t let you go the very first time I set my eyes on you; you are the woman of my dream. For me, having you beside me is the most beautiful thing that has ever happen to me in this life. I will always take good care of you; I love you straight from my heart.


24. Nothing can come between us because I love you more than anything else in this life; you are the joy of my life. Be assured that your love is safe in my heart. I will never cause you any pain, and I will never break your heart. It is a promise I have the vow to keep.


25. You met me when I was broke and down, those that knew me before my trouble deserted me and left me in the lurch, but for you, this was the time you came closer, you gave me succour and encourage me through the tough time, you were always beside me and never gave up on me. Now I have bounced back to life because of your prayers and believe in me. I will never forget you; I love with all my life. Thank you, my love.


26. There is you first in everything and others follow, you are so nice and caring, I never imagine a saint like you still exist in this world. I am blessed to have a beautiful angel like you as my lovely wife. I will do anything to make you happy all the time. I love you from the bottom of my heart.


27. You are the loveliest and romantic woman I have ever imagined, you make me feel I am living in paradise with an angel. I will bring happiness and joy to your heart because you are the most deserving of it.


28. I can’t imagine how my world would have been without you by my side; you are the light that shines brightly in my heart. Staying with you is like staying in paradise, you are surely my paradise on earth. Thank GOD I found a wife like you.


29. Ever since you came into my life everything has been beautiful, you are the woman specially made for me, I have never found any fault with you, you must be an angel sent to me from above. I love you so, much.


30. Nothing is too much for me to do for a lovely wife like you, just tell me what you want; I will strive to do everything for you. My love for you will never seize flowing; I love you more than you ever believed.


31. You are my lovely wife, and I am your darling husband, don’t be afraid of our future together, I have vowed that through the thick and thin I will be with you. I will never leave your side because you are the only woman I loved so much.


32. I will be the one to make you smile more than the whole world conspires to do, I will always be the number one of your favourite. I love you, my dear wife.


33. The joy I feel when I’m with you is infinite, I can’t count my blessing ever since you came into my life, you are my beautiful treasure. I love you.


34. You make my world beautiful, thank you for being a wonderful wife and an amazing mother to the kids, we can never found another like you, we are happy with you and we are grateful to you.


35. You are my queen, and I’ll build a hundred castles around you. You make me happy as a wife should. If there was to be another life, I will choose to live it with no one else but you.


36. A great chef, a wonderful mother, a lovely wife, and an amazing teacher and the best partner. All these qualities for one person? Unbelievable!


37. I always have you in my thoughts, I always want you in my dreams and I will always need you by my side. You are perfection itself and I couldn’t live without you.


38. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Everybody knows that but don’t you know that you are the best?


39. As busy as the days can be, I needed to remind you of how cute your laugh can be, how sexy your smile is, how sweet your lips are, and how courageous your heart is.


40. I’m so glad I chose you. I’m still choosing you now and If I get the chance in the future, I’ll still choose you.

Sweet Romantic Words for Her

41. You have me and I have you. Until the last star in the galaxy dies, I’ll always love you.


42. Growing old together is a gift from above. Every day I keep learning new things about love, care, affection, and understanding. You make me whole, and you complete me as a man.


43. I can stand on top of the mountains and proudly tell the whole world that I’m the luckiest husband that has ever lived. You bring me nothing but pure joy and unimaginable bliss. I love you to the end of times.


44. I always wish and pray to God that he continues to bless and take good care of the only woman that makes me so happy.


45. If you were a book, I wouldn’t skip any chapter, page, word or any letter. I can’t just get enough of you.


46. I admire you for being so good at always holding my heart and keeping it safe.


47. If life was a song, I just want to let you know that I’ll always be ready to face the music with you.


48. Been with you feels like the best feeling that can ever be. Happiness is immeasurable when you are around me. It is a feeling I cannot explain. I’ll always be glad to have chosen you.


49. Once upon a time, I met someone really special and then I fell in love. She became a constant thing in my thoughts and an agent of my happiness. Sooner we got married and we lived happily forever after, and that is you, my lovely wife.


50. You are my present, future and my forever. I love you with the last breath in me.


51. I have only three wishes that I pray to God to grant me- ‘You, Me and Forever.’


52. If marrying you was a crime. I wouldn’t hesitate in putting a ring on your finger again and again. You are my everything, my dear wife.


53. I couldn’t think of another one better to raising my kids, preparing my breakfast running my home and waking up every morning with. You will always have a special place in my heart.


54. I could still remember the very first time I saw you. My heart beat faster and the blood in my veins ran cold. I knew right away that you were the one meant for me.


55. Last night, I had a dream. A woman came to me with her eyes as bright as the stars and a smile that could move mountains. She looked at me and then I saw your beautiful face.


56. When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open them, my mind runs for you. I informed the doctor and he told me the sickness was called love.


57. If your love was a disaster, your smile could sink the Titanic!


58. It’s really funny how time had flown by just by being with you. I then realized it was the joy, fun, and happiness you gave me that has made me lost track of time.


59. Finding you was destiny, loving you was uncontrollable, and marrying you was pure happiness.


60. An interesting trivia. Do you know that there is a billion text been sent around the world every day? And do you know just one matter the most? That’s yours, your sweet words keep me in great spirit every day, I love you.

Love Words for Her

61. If you were a piece of art, you’d be the first painting made by Pablo Picasso. If you were a story, you’d be the first written by William Shakespeare. If you were a song, you’d be the first sung by Elvis Presley. It all shows how special you are!


62. I do take you to be my beloved wife, through thick and thin and for better for worse. I can’t get tired of saying these words and if I get the chance again, I say it in a heartbeat.


63. Love isn’t just the touches, kisses and the hugs. It can be felt from a little crack of your smile, a brief moment of a conversation or a resting your head on my shoulder while you sleep.


64. It is my sole responsibility to hold you when you fall, light up your mood when you are sad, and always be there when you are lonely. What more can I do when you already filled my heart with unimaginable wonders.


65. If you are angry, talk to me. If you get furious, punch me and let get off your worries. I want to assure you that I’ll always be there for you.


66. It’s been some days you’ve made me laugh, sad, happy and amazed. Been with you can only be called an adventure.


67. May your heart find peace and happiness all the time, you are an exceptional woman, your types are hard to find. I will be your lovely husband forever, I love you.


68. The most beautiful moment of my life is when I found an angel like you, how happy I have ever been since then, you are my bundle of joy. I love you.


69. My joy multiplied when you became my wife, you are so sweet and lovely. I love you.


70. Living with you has been my greatest moment, I wish we will never grow old and never die so that I can continue living with an angel like you till eternity.


71. The real reason I love you is that I cannot stop loving you, you mean everything to me.


72. You fill all the vacuums in my heart, you make my life complete I love you.


73. Your heart is full of care and affection, you are a darling wife, I will always make your world beautiful. I love you.


74. My love for you is more than the entire love in the world gathered together. You make my life beautiful, why wouldn’t I love you so much.


75. I dream of you a long time ago before I met you, thank GOD my dream have come true because you are now in my arms. I love you.


76. You came into my life and everything about us seems perfect, you have a very wonderful heart, I’m lucky to have an amazing woman like you as my wife. I love you.


77. Thank you for making my imperfection looks perfect. You have been my sources of inspiration since I met you. You were always by side when I need you most. I love you.


78. Your love is so powerful in my heart, it gives me strength every time I’m down, I just think about you and a beautiful relieve overtake my sadness. You are my wonderful angel.


79. Dear love, if there is another you in the world, the world would have been a wonderful place.


80. If everything is over, be assured of one more thing for you, my love. My love for you will go beyond time, nothing can overtake it.


81. I feel like a king when I’m beside, you are the queen of my heart.


82. There are many reasons why I called you my favourite, one, because you are the only woman I loved so much, two, because you mean what others do not mean to me, three, because you are who you are and four all other reason.

Romantic Words for Wife
Romantic Words for Wife

Sweet Love Words for Wife to Blow Her Mind

1. The love I have for you keep multiplying, the affection keeps adding and your flaws keep subtracting. Who else is the best wife on earth aside you, my dearest.


2. Ever since I put a ring on your finger, my life had instantly changed and it keeps on changing. You have successfully filled my life with amazement wonders and surprises. Stay with me and I’ll love you forever.


3. You water my roses, and sugar my tea. You butter my bread and sweeten my heart.


4. No matter how hard the day is for me, I come home and your face is enough to give me a reason to smile. Loving you is like medicine.


5. If love was a crime, I’m willing to be locked up forever. If love was music, I’m ready to dance with you forever and If love was a journey I’ll travel with you till eternity.


6. I could lose money and possession and I can still stand it. I could lose a part of my body and lose respect and I’ll be fine. But losing you, I can’t live with. You are my everything!


7. I look at you and it feels like I’m lost In time. You take my breath away and bring magic to my life. I’m honoured to call you my wife.


8. Finding you was like discovering a box of treasure buried underneath the earth. Knowing you feels like learning a great knowledge and marrying you was like conquering the entire universe.


9. You amaze me with the way you came into my life and conquered my heart. You left no space for another and you went further and took over my soul. You are my queen.


10. I’m always puzzled by your beauty, amazed by your words and blown away by your smile. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Hold my heart and I’ll hold your hand forever.


11. You are the rhythm that keeps me going. The melody that soothes my soul and the tune that brings a smile to my face. Loving you is like my destiny.


12. Our love is like the beauty of the morning, the glitters of noon, and the peace of the night. You run on my mind all day.


13. The slightest smile on your face can lighten my saddest moments. Sometimes, I feel like I married an angel.


14. I love you to the galaxies above and to the depths of my soul.


15. Before I met you I used to kneel and pray to God every night to grant me eternal happiness and then you came along like a gift made in heaven.


16. Always start your day with a smile because it lightens up my day!


17. When I have a bad dream, I wake up and see you by side. I have a bad day and come home to you and all my problems go away. I get angry and then you calm me down with your words. I feel sad and I remember that I have a wonderful woman at home.


18. I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t live without a woman like you.


19. I could send a thousand texts and a million kisses. Send a hundred messages and endless hugs. But it can’t still explain the way I feel about you.


20. There are a hundred ways to say I love you and a thousand more to show it. Touch my heart, feel how it beats, that’s how I feel about you, my dear wife.

21. I just want to thank you once again for been there for me, showing me care and affection, loving me like no other it’s a feeling I can’t explain but cherish with all my heart.


22. The feelings I have for you is as deep as the oceans, big as the mountains, gentle as the wind, and rare as a gem. It is a feeling that is difficult to explain.


23. I promise to always be by your side. I promise to always respect and cherish you. I promise to care and provide for you. I promise to love you for as long as time can take us.


24. There are billions of people in this world, but even though I knew them all, I will still choose to build my family and the rest of my life with you. You are enough for me!


25. I never understood what beauty really meant until the day I saw you. I never knew what affection felt like until I got to really know you. Loving you sometimes confuses but it keeps growing inside of me.


26. I love it when you hold my hand tightly. I love it when I catch you looking at me. I love it when you push me and get angry while we play.


27. With you I can face the world and tackle life’s issues. Your presence inspires me and it’s easier to make difficult decisions. Meeting you was like a fairy tale with a beautiful ending.


28. My days are always complete when I sleep with you in my heart.


29. I practically survive with your care and affection. It is what drives me through the hurdles of life. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you.

Short Romantic Love Quotes for Wife

31. You are the light that shines brightly in my heart.


32. You are always on my mind.


33. Your lips taste so sweet.


34. You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.


35. You are an angel sent from above.


36. You are a darling wife.


37. You are a lovely mother to our beautiful children.


38. I love you, my dear wife.


39. The children said you are the best mother in the whole world.


40. You are the sweetest thing on my lips.


41. Thank you, you make my world beautiful.


42. In your heart, I found true love.


43. I’m glad to be home in the bosom of my lovely wife.


44. You are my world.


45. I feel good being at home because I know you are there.


46. My life is incomplete without you.


47. You are so marvellous.


48. You are so wonderful, I can’t live without you.


49. You are the crown on my head.


50. When I think of you I feel, a lot of joy.


51. Ever since you arrive, my joy has multiplied.


52. Sharing the same space with you makes my life splendid.


53. You are the splendour of my life, I love you.


54. I promise to always love you, no matter what the situation is.


55. Blessed is the day I found you.


56. Thank you for being my lovely wife.


57. God sent you to my arms; I will take good care of you.


58. You the number one in my heart.


59. Your love is always renewed in my heart.


60. Your love is always fresh in my heart.


61. You are the air I breathe, with you I would not be here.


62. You are my tears when I cry, you are my laughter when I laugh, and you are my joy when I smile. I love you.

Short Romantic Words to Send to Her in the Morning

63. I may not be waking up beside you this morning, but my night was spent in your arms in dreamland.


64. When I opened my eyes this morning your thought first crosses my mind, I miss you.


65. You are the reason I wake every morning and smile graciously.


66. Good morning honey, thank GOD we are alive.


67. You the sunshine of my life, I love.


68. It is always beautiful to begin each day with you.


69. You sugar in my tea, good morning my love.


70. You were the last on my mind last night and the first on my mind this morning.


71. The morning is fresher when I wake beside you.


72. You are so beautiful every morning, I’m sure you were in heaven throughout the night.


73. It is another beautiful day when I will hold and kiss you again.


74. It gives me joy, to stare at your beautiful face every morning.


75. My day is incomplete without you.


76. It is always beautiful to start every day with a charming smile from you.


77. Good morning my beautiful wife, it is a great moment to share another beautiful day together.


78. I wish that I will wake beside you till eternity.


79. My heart belongs to you, I love you beyond the level you can ever comprehend. Good morning.


80. God had made you so perfect; everything about you is good. I love you.


81. You are the special gift bestowed u upon my soul from heaven, you warm my heart with your beautiful smile.


82. No other woman is as beautiful as you are; I’m always lost in your world.


83. You hold me spellbound by your beauty the first day I saw you thank GOD you are in my arms now. Good morning.


84. I’m addicted to loving you, and I love it this way.


85. Your love intoxicates me, it gives me these joyous feelings that I can’t completely express.


86. You are GOD sent to me, everything you do is beautiful. I love you.


87. My plan for you today is to take you to every beautiful place your heart wish to be.


88. You keep me amazed by your beauty, you keep me warm with your smile, and you set my heart on fire with your kiss. I love you.

Short Romantic Words to Send to Her in the Afternoon

89. You are on my mind, good afternoon my love.


90. Like the beauty of the sun this lovely afternoon, your love shines brightly in my heart. I love you.


91. I’m coming home for lunch so that I can sneak in your lovely arms, I love you.


92. I love it when it is noon, cos it reminds me of your beautiful smile.


93. I’m sending you a lovely kiss to cool you this lovely afternoon. I love you.


94. You always flourish like the fruits get ripened by the sunlight. I love you.


95. My noon is incomplete with thinking about you. You are the sweetest love of my life.


96. Good afternoon my charming angel, your thought just cross my heart. I miss you.


97. I want to take you for lunch this afternoon my love, prepare and get ready for me.


98. You gladden my heart when I think about you. How are you doing this lovely afternoon?


99. I want to be in your arms right now; I can’t just stop thinking about you.


100. I love you beyond the moon and the stars. I miss you.

I Miss You Romantic Words for Wife

101. Life is so kind to me that it brought an angel like you to my heart. Good afternoon my love.


102. This lovely afternoon reminds me of the first time we met; I’m so blessed to have you in my life.


103. It is a sunny day, and another beautiful day to see your lovely face. I love you.


104. Every day reminds me of the generosity of life when I hold you close to my heart. I truly love you.


105. You are everything that I wanted in life; I don’t need another love but you. Good afternoon my love.


106. My sorrow disappears from the moment I set my eyes on you. You are my dream come true.


107. I have come to realize how beautiful one feels when you are in love with a beautiful angel like you, even the scorching heat of the sun becomes cool when I think about you.


108. With a wife like you, I know I blessed forever, I looked up in the sky this afternoon, and ask the LORD to bless you.


109. May your eyes be cool this lovely afternoon. I miss you.


110. I may not close to you this lovely afternoon, but you are always on my mind. I love you.


111. I’m sending a ferry full of love this bright afternoon, hope you get my message, I miss you.


112. My heart is full of your love, I have no vacancy left for any redundancy, I love you.


113. It is a beautiful afternoon, and I’m going to end up in your arms soon.


114. At the peak of the noon, when you are by side I can’t feel the heat of the sun.


115. When the sun is high up I’m filled with joy, because the evening is approaching when I will hold and kiss you again. I miss you, my love.


116. I love my wife, she is all that matters to me, I can’t breathe without you.


117. Life does me a huge favour when it brought you to me; you are so lovely and caring. Hope you noon is better.


118. I can’t believe I will ever fall in love, but when you arrive, I became enmeshed in your love.


119. You make my heart melt every time I touch you; you enshroud my entire life with your love. I can’t live without you, I love you.


120. I will never find another wife like you; I will forever be your sweet husband. Good afternoon my love.


121. I’m very proud to have you as my wife; you fit into my life perfectly. I love you.


122. I don’t want to spend I a day without you because I can’t think of any moment without you.


123. The more I see you the happier I become, I want to be by your side all the time. I love you.


124. Thank you for being a wonderful wife to me, I will do anything to make you happy. I miss you.


125. I will spend my entire life loving you because if I don’t do, I will break my heart. You are my heart.


126. I prayed for a lovely wife, GOD answered my prayers and brought you my way, I can never let you go.


127. I will do everything to secure my love for you; you are the apple of my eye and the joy of my soul.


128. Seeing you are seeing light and hope, you have touched my life in so many wonderful ways. You are my heroine.


129. With you in my home I’m sure of having lovely children because you are such an amazing woman. I know you will make a super mother, I love you so much.


130. I want you to know that my heart will stop loving you; you have made my world a wonderful place.


131. The biggest joy of my life is when I have you as my wonderful wife.


132. Just a look at your beautiful face erase all the troubles in my heart, I will love you forever.


133. Every minute I spent with you bring another splendour to my life, I can’t live without you.

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