Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry


Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry
Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry


Sad love quotes that make you cry is are beautiful ways of expressing our emotions when we are hurt or in pain. Words, when expressed properly, could have a way of dousing away the tension in your heart. Also, you want to let him know how you feel about what had happened.

Sad Love Quotes that Make You cry

1. It is very sad that we cannot make up for our differences, I tried so hard never to betray my mind on the promises I made to you the first day I met you, but you would not just give me a second chance to prove my innocence. My heart is broken and I deeply regret to let you go. I still love you and wish that you will come back to my life one day.


2. Dear Elisa, ever since you have left me, my life has been in shamble. I can’t just do anything right, because your thought occupies my heart every second. If you can read this message, please know that I still love you, your smile still soothe my eye and your laughter I love to hear. Please, Elisa, come back to my life.


3. This is counting up 100 times I’m waking up this night, my heart is heavy and my eyes weighed with tears, I can’t believe that you are saying the final goodbye to me, I can you say so? How do you want me to start another imaginary journey with someone I don’t know? How could you leave me all alone in this darkness? My health is failing me because of you, nothing matters to me any more than to see you come back, please back my joy that you have stolen from me. I still love you.


4. My life is in a complete mess without you. I’m truly sorry for the wrongs that I have done to you. I couldn’t believe that this is happening to our beautiful relationship. I will do everything possible to make this relationship work again. I’m truly sorry for hurting you.


5. The time has come to let go, it is very hard to say goodbye time to you. I have tried all I could to avoid this break up between us, but you have continued to trample on me, thinking that I’m under a spell to continue being your fool. I know it is painful to let go, but I have to pick up the pieces of my life and move on.


6. The moment you concluded in your last letter that it was over between us I know the world is crashing on me already, why are you doing this to me? After I have given you all my heart, all that you could give me in return is heartbreak because you have to find another girl. But don’t worry I will try hard to bounce back and continue living my life in peace.


7. I can’t stop crying until I see you come back to Darlin, what have I done to deserve all this pain you are putting me through. You know I have never lied to you before and will never tell you any lie. Whatever anybody has told you that makes you hold back on me is all lies, they are the enemies of progress, they never wish us well in the first place, you have to believe me, and let’s continue our beautiful love.


8. I love you with all my heart, and you could give back is sadness and sorrow. But thank GOD right now I’m bold enough to say enough is enough. I’m determined to let go of things I have had to give up to make this relationship work, and I have been a fool for too long but right now I’m saying a final goodbye to you. I will cope without you.


9. Now that you have decided to leave me, I know that I’m going to miss you greatly. I have never loved somebody the away I loved you. And I can assure you that you’ll never find another lover like me, however, I’m not wishing you bad luck, but know that you have broken somebody’s heart, someone that truly loves and care for you.


10. Never again would I pray to meet somebody like you. You have torn my heart into pieces. All that you have caused me ever since the day I met you is pain upon pain. I blamed the destiny that brought us together, but thank GOD that I’m still alive, I know I will recover from all this pain and my life will be filled with the beauty that it uses to be. I’ll rise again.


11. I stop thinking about you when I realized that you have never wished me any good. I know I have wasted some of my precious time with you, but I will make them up soon. I will be strong without you.


12. I still remember how felt after the last fight we had, I feel like I never wanted you in my life again, but how wrong I was to think so. My heart has never known peace ever since that day. I realized that I can’t live without you, and I take the blame for everything that happens. Now I’m ready to correct all my faults, please accept me back into your life.


13. I’m very sure that the pain that is befalling me right now is also befalling you. But for how long are we going to be pretending that we can do without each other love? I ought to be next to you right now, and I can’t wait for you to come back home, a home that is truly yours.


14. Sweetheart, I can’t just continue living in this life without you. Ever since you left me, it seems as if part of me is gone with you. I cried all through the night when the thought of the beautiful time we spend together dashed through my mind. Please come back to me, my life is miserable without you.


15. It likes taking a living fish out of the water, that’s how I feel ever since the time you left. The world is empty without hearing your beautiful voice. It is better I die than for you to live me in this excruciating pain. Please come back, the pain of living a lonely life is unbearable for me.


16. Since the last day I set my eyes on you, I have never stopped thinking of you for one second. I thought that time will heal the wound as it is always said, but with every time that passes, the wound is opened again in my heart. Safe me from heartbreak, safe me from this pain I’m going through, my heart is failing me already, all I need is you, I need you to come back to my life. I miss you, and I love you.


17. I thought that my life will seize to exist when you broke your promise to me, at first, I couldn’t do anything reasonable, but now, the time has healed the wound and I have gotten back my stolen happiness, I will never pray to meet somebody like you again.


18. It is hard to let go, but it is obvious that at this stage of our relationship we have to say goodbye, we have to say goodbye to all the beautiful time we had together, we have to go our different ways and open a new page of our life. But I still wish you well in life, you are still the hero of my heart, I don’t know why life treats me so badly by snatching you away from me.


19. I dreamt that I was yours and my dreams come, but why would destiny bring this hardship upon my soul. I loved you with all my life, but all you could do to pay me back is to break the same heart that has loved you. I will survive, I will start all over again and I will be strong. Someone out there will love and appreciate me one day better than you. It is time to say goodbye. I will survive.


20. I tried so hard to erase your thought from my heart, but each time I tried to thoughts come upon me like torrential rain. I can’t let go of you, please come back and let’s be happy couples again.


21. I would have wanted to appear before you physically, but my feasible legs will not hold me still, and my eyes quiver in the agony of pain that I feel in my heart. It so hard for me to bear the hardship of your departure, so nothing matters to me right now than to hold you tight in my arms. Please save my broken heart and come back to me.


22. It is true that one does not know the value of what you have until you lose it. Life has been so difficult for me ever since you left. You use to be the treasure of my heart and now I have no other treasure. I still think about you every day and I still love you. Please let’s go back to the beautiful days of our life.


23. It so hard to forget someone who gave you much smile and happiness every day. Even if we have gone our separate way, you are still on my mind.


24. Happiness is not sought by compulsion, at some point, you have realized that he/she doesn’t care about you and you have to move ahead with your love.


25. The bitterness of this life is to be under the spell of loving someone and not being love in return. And it is more stupid when your heart always tells you that you cannot survive without him.


26. Love is reciprocal, but always love yourself first. And do not die loving somebody who does not appreciate you. you can love for the sake of loving each other, but do not make loving him detrimental to your happiness.


27. Every moment is beautiful if those that we love, love us in return.


28. Every day I pray you to look my way again, I will never forget all the beautiful time we have together. I still love you and I’m missing you.


29. It is not as if I don’t want to love again, but I hate what loving someone who doesn’t care about you do, I just hate what it does to you at the end, ‘heartbreak’.



30. I was hurt badly by you, you left me broken-hearted, but today I’m healed, however, the scars still remind me about you.


31. Though you break my heart, I still love you. Love is indeed very crazy.


32. You know I love you so much, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry, please come back to me.


33. Please give me a second chance to love you again, I’m really sorry for all that happens between us.


34. My eyes are swollen because the tears wouldn’t just stop wailing down my face every time I think about how much pain I have caused you. I’m begging you to forgive me and come back to my life.


35. I have become a regular visitor to the hospital, the doctor says I suffered from amnesia, I couldn’t close my eyes to catch a glimpse of sleep ever since the time you left me. I can’t do anything without you in my life please come back to me.


36. I hate to hurt you and let you go. You are the only person I have ever loved so deeply. Everything that happened, happened within a twinkling of an eye. I take responsibility for all that happens, please forgive me and come back to my life.


37. You are the special angel of my life, I can’t just let you go because you are my other half. Please forgive me and let’s be together again.


38. If I’m the richest person in the world today, and I’m living life without you, my happiness will never be complete, when you told me you are tired of this relationship, I know I have to give up something to spend more time with you. I’m ready to be with you any time you need me, I’m ready to change now, please come back to me.


39. It is hard to pretend you love somebody when you don’t, and it is harder to pretend you don’t love somebody when you know you still love the person. I can’t keep on pretending any longer that everything was ok with me since you left me, it has been so difficult to cope, I still love you and I want you back to my life.


40. I have tried several times to make you see the reasons why you have to come back, but you refuse, I have prayed to GOD never to have any relationship with anyone again except you, now I’m stranded, please forgive me and come back to me.


Sad Love Quotes for Him that Would Put Tears in His Eye

41. I have only one thing to ask you, please forgive me and come back to my life. I regretted to have ever hurt you.


42. I’m an empty life without you. I can’t just do anything right, this lonely life without you is killing me softly.


43. The beauty of life is when I thought I have you all to myself, but how wrong was I, to have thought so. Now you left me without any trace of you, what have done to deserve this way you have treated me. I pray that the GOD lord will give me strength to recover quickly.


44. Despite all the pain and hardship that you brought me, I still love you and wish that you can turn a leaf and let’s continue our beautiful affairs together.



45. The burden of carrying a heart filled with sadness is so tedious, I can’t continue harboring this pain in my heart any longer, so I have to let go of the pain, and I’m willing to be called yours once again.


46. It is painful to know that the person you have given all your love would be the one that will turn around and break your heart. I thought I will able to continue living my life without you, but now I feel much pained by the lonely life I’m living.


47. The joy of life is to see us come together again in peace after all that has gone wrong. I will be sadder if we allow our enemies to mock us. Remember all the beautiful moments we share together, they must not be in vain.


48. If we remain divided like this on the simple issue our children will be at the receiving end, please let’s forget our personal interest and put the interest of our children first, I still love you and wish you feel the same way too.


49. How time flies, it is almost one year when we go our separate way, but life has been so difficult for me ever since then, I’m willing to make up and rush into your arms again. Please accept me bad into your life.


50. To be together with you is better than being alone in this lonely life. despite all the pain you have caused me, I have accepted your last apology and I’m willing to love you again.


51. Dearest love, don’t border to call me to apologize to me, I have already forgiven you and let go of all the pain you have caused me.


52. Life is sweet to know that I have a kind-hearted man like you who is willing to forgive everything, even if he has been hurt so badly. You are my true-life hero and I promised never to make the same mistake that set us apart again, forever I pray to be in your arms.


53. It’s clear that you don’t feel the same way for me. The problem is that as much as I can’t force you to love me, I can’t force myself to stop loving you. I just have to accept my fate and keep loving you, even if you left me.


54. I don’t mind how long you have left me, but I just want to return to your life as your wife. You mean everything to me.


55. My sad moment will last longer if I don’t find a place in my heart to forgive you.


56. You said you were sorry for all the pain you have caused me, and I have accepted all apologies.


57. “It’s amazing how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little pieces.”


58. When I was sick you were beside me, when I was thirsty you gave me water to drink, nothing I ask you that you don’t do for me, but suddenly things changed, you want to leave me alone, why would you be my angel and suddenly my rebel, is there anything I have done wrong, and you didn’t let me know? Please tell me and let me say I’m sorry.


59. You don’t need to tell me what is on my mind, I have seen the sign all over you. You don’t treat me like a woman again, things were beautiful and normal before now, and our life was perfect together, but now we are pole apart, sweetheart our life is richer together than been apart.



60. Whatever I have done that brought this sadness to your heart, I deeply regretted it, I can’t pay your good with evil. You have been a wonderful husband to me. All that happen Is very unfortunate, please forgive me and let’s come together happily the way it has been with us. You alone still remain my beautiful love.


Deep Sad Love Quotes for Him

61. If I was told that one day I will wake up and I will not find you beside me I will never believe it. You use to be my everything and suddenly everything goes wrong, this pain of living alone is unbearable, I have promised that you will be the only man that I will spend my life with, please think twice and come back to me.


62. Sweetheart, if you can just take a minute and looked carefully at this picture I’m sending with this message, you will find out that my life is breaking into pieces. I would only have the courage to pick up these pieces of my if only you are willing to love me again.


63. I have cried several nights, and many days have gone without hearing a word from you. Why are you doing this to me, my sweet love, you know how I have promised to be by your side all the time. Our life will be more beautiful if we can spend it together in peace and harmony.


64. I would have sent you this message since yesterday but my heart has been so heavily overburdening with the thought of how my world would be without you, you mean a lot to me if I should lose you, all the happiness of my life will be gone.


65. People kept blaming me for not getting over you and move on with my life. but how I could forget you in a hurry? how could I forget once, the beautiful love of my life? I still pray day and night that GOD will bring you back to me.


66. My tears have refused to dry, I have been crying day and night. What have I done wrong that takes away my love from your heart? How do you want me to face this world alone, this is not what we promise each other, we vow to be there for one another. I’m ready to stick to my vow, what about you?


67. Nothing matters to me anymore, not interest me ever since the time you have gone, how do start? Where do I start? With whom do I start? I’m closing my mind to any relationship if you have refused to come back to my life. We had a lot of good times together and I believe that we can as well manage our bad time together, no relationship is perfect anywhere. I still love you so much.


68. You promise to be by my side in times of trouble, now why do you want to live me in this trouble? the trouble that was brought upon my heart by you. You know how much I love you and I will never allow anything to hurt you. Is this how you are going to pay me back? I know that one day all this trouble will be over and I will survive, if you decided to come back that will be fine, and I’ll still love you the way I use to love you, but if you decided to leave me, I’ll overcome the pain, time will heal the wound.


69. Search your heart, think twice before you say a final goodbye. We have come along way in this relationship, we have sacrificed so much, then we should be more accommodating of one another. I know you are a good person, perhaps you are listening to some voice from outside, they will not live your life for you, they can not decide your happiness for you. Let overlook our differences and make this our union a great one. I love you.


70. Deep in my mind I know I can never live without you when you told me you were tired of this relationship I know it was a joke. I know you don’t mean everything you said that night, I know you can’t live without me too. Our relationship is made in heaven, and we will rise above every hurdle of our life. Please let’s meet tonight to iron out our differences. I love you.


71. I loved you, I gave you all my heart. And all you could give me in return is heartbreak. Men are supposing to be the protector of women, you don’t even know I exist, and people still call me your wife, if GOD asks you today how you treated your wife, what will be your answer? Please search your mind and answer this question sincerely. I will forgive you and move on with my life.


72. I was afraid to face the world alone when you told me it was over between us. I have never been this exposed before, unprepared I have to pick up the remaining pieces of my life. We have been together for more than a decade and this has to be the end of our time together. I have endured this pain for so long and you don’t care if I existed. I know with time I will survive. Goodbye.


73. To stay in this relationship where my happiness has been snatched away for so long is a waste of time. I have tried my best to you make see reasons why this relationship can work out best, but you wouldn’t want to know that somebody existed. If I have suddenly become a burden and liability to your life, then let me pack my belongings and move on with my life. But if you change your mind and want us to live together in love the way it uses to be before now, I still love you, my heart is open.


74. Not minding how much pain you have put me through, not minding how much tears you have made me shed, I will still love you and pray good for you. These were my early promises to you and I will always fulfill my own part of my promise.


75. Even if you have pushed me out of your life, I will go somewhere to rest my head, I know that one day you come looking for me.


76. The fact that we have to part ways, however painful and hurting this decision is, you still remain my best friend.


77. If you had not come my way, that would have been the best for me. you break my heart and took my love away.


78. By the time you realized how important this relationship was, I must have completely taken you out of my mind. I don’t know why you chose to hate, why I have always loved you in return.


79. You have never apologized for anything that you have done wrong, I have overlooked all these pains you have been causing me all this time, but now enough is enough I’m leaving.


80. I now finally realized that there is something in life that you cannot change, I can’t change the way you perceive life differently from me, we were always poles apart. I think we will be fine in our different way, goodbye.


81. It is hard to say goodbye, but goodbye to all the pain and frustration you caused me. I have put up the courage to face the rest of my life, I know I will gain back everything I have lost with time, I’ll be ok at the end.


82. Despite all the pain and agony, you put me through, I have forgiven you all, but I have to open a new chapter of my life. It is time for me to go. Goodbye.


83. I know that one day you will remember me for all the sacrifice that I have gone through with you, even if you don’t value me now, you’ll sincerely do so one day.


84. If you no longer want me to stay with you, let’s talk it over instead of pretending that everything is ok. We don’t usually appreciate our valuables until we lose them.


85. I thought that when I found you, I have found my missing love, but how wrong I was, you made my life miserable and worst, don’t you have a conscience? Don’t you have a sister? How will you feel if another man treats your sister the same way you have treated me badly?


86. In your mind, you will find relief after all that you have done to me. but wait a minute don’t you know that what goes around comes around, if you don’t change to a better way, someone will pay you back one day in your own coin.



87. The beauty of life is to find someone who will accept you the away you are. I’m not very lucky to find this special person, despite how much love I have for you and endurance, you have always hit me in every opportunity you get before you kill me, I have to say goodbye to this love.


88. Save me, protect me, don’t live me all alone in this uncertain life.


89. It is sorrow and heavy heart that I should let you go, please come back to me our life is beautiful together.

Quotes About Hurt and Pain

90. The hurt and pain you have caused me will not stop me from loving you.


91. Do we need to be alone so that nobody can hurt us?


92. Hurt and pain are part of a relationship, we cannot be free from it.


93. The pain of life is when someone you love and trusted so much hurt you.


94. It is so painful to share the same space with people who take pleasure in hurting other people.


95. The most beautiful thing in life is to learn to forgive those who have hurt you.


96. Life is not a bed of roses, we must endure so many things through pain and anguish.


97. Take heart, no pain last forever.


98. The good things of life may not appear very attractive from the beginning, but if we endure through the bad time we may enjoy the remaining part of life in peace and harmony.


99. It better for me to be in pain now and be happy later than for me to be happy now and suffer later.


100. Feel free to express yourself do not allow sadness to accumulate in her heart. Free your heart.


101. Make yourself lovable, do not destroy your life by destroying others’ life.


102. Life precious, life is good, if only we will learn to be good to one another.


103. Laughter takes your sorrow away, laugh even through a difficult time.


104. Take a deep breath, refresh your life every day with just a smile to somebody.


105. The pain of life is when you decided to remain in pain. You can choose to make yourself happy if want.


106. Take a firm hold of your life, do not give away your happiness. be happy, and give happiness to others.


107. The milk of humanity is to show love to those in pain and those that sadness has overtaking.


108. I do not know any better things than truthfulness, it liberates the heart from sadness and takes away the burdens of the heart.


109. When you are hurt and in pain, do not think of hurting the one who has hurt you back, think of how to teach the person, simple love, so that he will not go sharing his evil.


110. I truly love you, I will never hurt you.


111. It is so sad to be living you, my sweet love, your dreams will always remain in my sleep.




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