Top Season Greeting Wishes (2021)


Season Greeting Wishes

Send a heartwarming Season’s greetings wishes to those who mean so much in your life. Spread the joy of the season and leave a beautiful expression of love in the heart of those that your loved ones.


Season’s Greetings Wishes for Co-Workers

1. Best of wishes as we entered the new season, may it be full of beautiful expectations for you.


2. Season’s greeting and best of wishes for the New Year, may you begin the new year with love, peace, and harmony.


3. Wishing you love and peace as the New Year rolls in, happy new season, all the best.


4. Compliments of the season may the year ahead bring you joy and prosperity.


5. I’m wishing you a lovely holiday season, happy New Year to you and your family.


6. May the joy and the peace of the holiday season be with you now and all through the year, wishing you success and growth.


7. My warmest greetings and best wishes to you and your family this beautiful holiday. I’m wishing you the best all through the season.


8. Wish you love and harmony this holiday and the new year, have a great season.


9. You deserve the best holidays, stay back and enjoy yourself, compliment of the season.


10. May the season bring you amazing life, best of wishes for the New Year.


11. I’m wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.


12. May the New Year bring you happiness, good health, and success in everything that you do, compliment of the season.


13. Hurrah! It is the holiday season, wishing you a joyful season, happy New Year.


14. May the seasons filled your heart with peace and harmony; enjoy the goodwill of the new season, wishing you the best throughout the year.


15. Happy holiday, I’m wishing all-round success in the coming year.


16. Best wishes for the New Year, happy holiday.


17. As we share love and greetings this holiday, may your happiness last throughout the year, compliments of the season.


Season’s Greeting Wishes for Friends

18. Best of wishes for an amazing friend, I’m wishing you good health, harmony and a prosperous year.


19. I’m wishing you love, peace, and harmony this beautiful season, thank you for always being there for me.


20. You are such a wonderful friend, may the season bring you lots of goodness and success, happy New Year.


21. Dear friend, I’m wishing you and your family a glorious holiday season, enjoy your every moment together in peace and harmony.


22. A joyful and wonderful season is what I wish you and your beautiful family, wishing you a prosperous new year.


23. Feel love, be joyful, it is holiday time, wishing you and your lovely family best of time together, may the year ahead bring you a wonderful moment.


24. May the holiday season be amazing for you and your beautiful household, may you home be filled with love, peace, and laughter, happy New Year.


25. To a wonderful friend full of love and care, I wish you, your wonderful family a happy holiday, and a fruitful year ahead.


26. We share in the euphoria of the good season with you, we are wishing you and your amazing family all the best as you enjoy your holiday and we look forward together for a wonderful and prosperous year.


27. On behalf of my lovely family and me, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year, may the year to come bring love and harmony to your family.


28. Compliment of the seasons to one of such and an amazing family, you are loved, wishing all of you a fruitful new year.


29. I pray that your expectation of the new year will be fruitful, take a beautiful step into the new year, may the blessing of God be with you and your entire household, happy new year.


30. Happy holiday and wishing you a prosperous new year, may the Lord keep you in safety and good health all through the year.


31. As we share the happiness of the new season together, may it be a prosperous year for us, happy New Year.


32. The holiday time brings you and your lovely family peace and love, may the year ahead be full of milk and honey for you, best of wishes for the year.


33. I’m wishing you and your amazing family, peace, love, and good health for the entire season, happy new year.


34. It is going to be a season full of beautiful outcome for you and your loved ones, relax together and enjoy the holiday, season’s greetings.


35. Season greetings to you and your wonderful household, you have always been an amazing family, we wish you the best time together this lovely holiday time, as well as peaceful and prosperous season.


36. We share in your laughter and happiness this beautiful season, compliment of the seasons to such a wonderful family, may the Lord make the coming year a turning point for amazing things to come in your life.


37. It is a season of love and peace, may you enjoy every beautiful moment together with your family, wishing a greater expectation in the New Year, happy holiday.


38. With gratitude to God almighty for sparing our life all the previous year, I and my lovely family wish you and your household a prosperous new year, wishing you peace and harmony all through the year.


39. Happy holiday to you, relax enjoy the time together with your family and friends, all the best all the way to the new season.


40. May your heart find peace, love, and harmony throughout the coming year, relax and enjoy every single moment of your holiday.


41. It is time to relax and celebrate a beautiful life, the year has been a wonderful year, stay back and enjoy the holiday season with your beautiful family, wishing you a prosperous year in advance.


42. May the beautiful memories of the past season become the treasure of the coming one, I wish a wonderful holiday as take time out with your loved ones.


43. My love fills your heart this holiday, wishing you the best in the coming season, season’s greeting to you.


44. I pray that the light of God continues to shine in your life, best wishes this beautiful season, happy holiday.


45. May the new season bring joy and harmony to your heart, may you experience new growth this New Year, best regard.

Season’s Greetings Wishes for Family

46. I’m Conveying my warmest holiday greeting to you and your amazing family hood and wishing you all a joyful year ahead.


47. May the season bring a wonderful time for you, wishing you and your entire family the best the year-round, happy New Year.


48. May God elevates to a beautiful height this season, may live in peace, health, and harmony with your loved ones, best of wishes.


49. As we celebrate a brand new year today, may the season be an amazing one for you and your family.


50. Happy New Year, Good tidings for you and your entire family members, wishing you love and peace.


51. I’m Sending you God blessing this holiday and best wishes for the New Year, best regards to your family.


52. May the holiday season bring peace, love and laughter to your household, blessings of the seasons to you.


53. Best greetings of the season to you and your wonderful family, I’m wishing you a memorable holiday season.


54. May glad tiding and harmony fill your household throughout the season, my best regard to your wonderful family.


55. Cheer and merry this beautiful holiday season may experience joy together with your lovely family.


56. Wishing you and your loved ones a merry holiday season, may the Lord bring joy to your heart all through the season.


57. Warmest greetings of the season to you and your entire family, we are wishing you unending happiness in the New Year.


58. As we move unto a brand new year, may the new season be a herald of glad tiding for you, happy holiday.


59. Behold a beautiful new year ushering in, wishing you and your wonderful family a merry celebration, may the new season bring peace, love, good health and prosperity into your life.


60. May the new bring you harbinger of glad tiding in your life, wishing you joy, love, and abundant blessings this year, happy New Year.


61. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones in peace and in harmony, may the New Year be a season of great harvest for you. Seasons greetings.


62. Shine like the moon glitters like the star, may the fresh season be a turning point for every good thing that would happen in your life, best of wishes to you and your loved ones.


63. It is that time of the season where we forget our sorrows and join our loved ones to celebrate, as we step into the New Year with happiness and smiling faces, may the New Year be a fulfillment of GOD glory in your life. Season’s greetings.


64. Love, peace, and good health all would follow you into the New Year, compliment of the season to you.


65. Laugh more, wear your best cloth, smile and merry, wishing you a bashful holiday and best of season’s greetings.


66. May the new season be the year of great fortune for you, happiness and harmony, love and peace, happy New Year.


67. It is good-bye to the year gone, and heartily welcome to the New Year, you are one of the few people that mean so much to me, thank you for your support and care, may the New Year be great for you, best of season’s greeting.


68. May the new season be a marvelous season for you and your loved ones. Season’s greetings.


69. Wishing you a joyful holiday, have a lot of fun with your wonderful family.


70. Holidays come with many beautiful memories, wishing you the best holiday as you spend a wonderful time with your family, a great season for everyone.


71. Forget your worries and enjoy the beautiful season, the Lord had prepared a wonderful year for you, happy New Year.


Season’s Greetings Wishes for Cards

72. Enjoy the New Year with family and friends; it’s going to be a joyful season for you, happy new year.


73. Life ushers in a brand new year for us, hurrah! Let celebrate, happy New Year.


74. Compliment of the season, may the year that begins be a fulfilling year for you.


75. It is the time of the season when everyone smiles and celebrate, may your smile brighten all the year. Best of season’s greetings.


76. Holidays are the funfair time of the year, relax and catch your fun, wishing you a memorable holiday and season’s greetings.


77. Enjoy this time of the season with your loved one, wishing you a beautiful year ahead. Seasons greetings!


78. Have a bliss holiday and a wonderful year ahead, best of wishes for you and your lovely family.


79. You have been so amazing all through the year, wishing you a memorable time this season, and the best celebration for you and your wonderful household.


80. I’m wishing you a happy holiday and year filled with happiness and joy, season’s greetings!


81. May your heart be filled with love this holiday and the lovely year that comes happy New Year.


82. Get to relax in the best place, enjoy every single moment with your lovely family, you deserve the best, happy holiday.


83. It is time to celebrate the year over, hurrah! It’s holiday time, wishing you an amazing new year.


84. Take a break from the busy world, it is that beautiful time of the season where we feel abundant love around us, enjoy every moment with your family, happy holiday.


85. May this season bring love and harmony upon your entire family, season’s greeting to you.


86. Wish the day ahead in this New Year are as pleasant and joyful as today, happy New Year.


87. May your life be filled with sweet memories, wishing you a fruitful year ahead.


88. Wishing you the warmest happy holiday, may the season be full of wonderful moments for you.


Season’s Greetings Message to Loved Ones

It’s that time of the year again where the only thing we crave is to be in the presence of the people who have always been there for us. The people we love and cherish the people who give our lives some meaning. Here are some lovely Season’ Greetings messages to make there day.


89. With every single cell in my body, it’s an honor to be alive to witness you blossom into one of the most beautiful persons I have ever met. I’m proud to call you my loved one. Cheers to a new season!


90. Taking my time to count the times you have brought warmth into my heart, I found out that it’s impossible to fathom. On a special day like this, I want to use this opportunity to express my appreciation. Happy season’s greetings.


91. All I want for this Christmas is you wrapped in a big box made with the strength of our love and tied with bright red ribbons of sweetness. Don’t worry you won’t suffocate. Cheers to the wonderful times to come.


92. When the time comes for facing and tackling life’s challenges, I will always be present to support you. When the time comes for smiles, drinks, toasts, and celebration, I will also be there by your side. Season greetings love.


93. To the spine of my support and survival, I couldn’t have made it here today without you lending me a hand in an ever unforeseen situation. It’s a good time to celebrate you. A toast to you.


94. There are many things in this world to make someone happy. You wrap up all the good luck and fortunes in the world and that makes you my only key to unending happiness. Season’s greetings to my one and only.


95. There are times to work, times to be alone, times to be happy and times to be sad. There are times to look back and appreciate the good things in life. There are times to laugh and celebrate with loved ones; which is why I raise my glass and make a toast to you. Season’s greetings.


96. Everything is going to be alright. As we prepare for the incoming new year, may the next 365 days be filled with more blessings and harmony and less of sadness and sorrow. Cheers to a new dawn in the lives of our loved ones.


97. The feeling of knowing that you always got my back is a feeling I cherish with every cell of my body. Thank you for sharing your love with me and making sure you always put a smile on my face. Season’s greetings dear.


98. You have taken me to the heavens and back with your smile and confidence. With you, my life feels secured. There is no other way to appreciate you than beseeching the Lord to keep guiding and showering his blessings on you for the coming new year.


99. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to a very important person in my life. You deeply deserve every single blessing that comes your way. Having you in my life is a miracle. Have a wonderful day ahead and in many years to come.


100. I want to wish you a season designed to reap the benefits f of the good omen you have brought into the lives of the people around you. Like a flower, my life has blossomed with your care and guidance. Season’s greetings to you my dear.


101. My life is colorful when you are around to listen to my problems and lend a helping hand. Life is more meaningful been close to you and loving you for who you are. It’s a miracle. I wish you a year filled with nothing but success.


102. Season’s greetings to you my dear. Your value to me is not worth a thousand chests of diamonds. This is because you shower my life with so many beautiful memories and affection to match. What more can I ask for in this world?


103. Thinking about the love we share makes me stronger of a human to believe in faith and life’s greatest miracles. With you, everything is possible and that’s why I want to build a dynasty with you been by my side. Season’s greetings to a special person.


104. From strength to strength, I keep growing. My heart is purer and my mind is at eternal peace. I wish to make this world my kingdom because you rule mine. It’s time to celebrate someone like you. Happy seasonal greetings my angel.


105. Falling in love with you was magical and I’ve learned many more things as I got to know you better. These things make you very special to me and that is more reason you can never be replaced. I wish you a brighter future and we raise our glasses and toast on the good times.


106. I want to use this moment to remind you of how important you are and have been to me. I just want to thank you for always trusting me and making me feel like the most important person in the world. Season’s greeting my dearest friend.


107. The trust and support that we share are what binds us together. The feeling and affection we share are what keeps us going. Today is a good day to express my appreciation to the Lord for blessing me with so man and you are the sources of my eternal bliss. Happy seasonal greetings love.


108. The beauty of your mind, body, and soul makes you unbelievable. You are special and that cannot be overstated. You have brought the shining light I’ve so craved for all my life. I treasure, cherish, and adore you. Happy Christmas.


109. You are brilliant, confident, smart, funny, intelligent, trustworthy, loveable, caring, supportive, affectionate, honest, benevolent, and sweet. You are my one in a million stars up above the skies. I just want to wish you a season of so many blessings.


110. Standing before you today with a glass in my hand, I just want to make a toast you my lovely wife, my idol, my inspiration, and my reason for feeling blessed. I just wanted to wish you many more years of happy returns.


111. My future beside you is bright and my heart is full of hope and strength. It is time to celebrate a life-changing partner. Merry Christmas to you and a merry new year.


112. Been the power that gives me and edges over my weaknesses. I am always here for your guide and support as well. Cheers to the only person that makes me feel well and alive. Season’s greetings to you mi amour.


113. I want to give special thanks for this overly gracious day. I feel lucky to be alive and witnessing yet another year of memories with you my dear. I want to wish you many happy years of abundant blessings to come. Happy new year!


114. I used to think the world revolves in its orbit, but from the very first day I set my eyes on you, I realized the world revolves around you. It’s a great day today and I can’t stop wishing for many more years like this where I wish you a wonderful season’s greetings.


115. Season’s greetings to one of my favorite persons in the whole world, I can’t stop wishing you many more blessings and many returns on this special day.


116. Happy season’s greetings to a confidant, a special person in my life that has proven to be valuable than everything world. I just want to wish you a merry season’s greetings, dear. You deserve it all.


117. My highest achievement in my life will be the task of keeping you happy. Love has no meaning when it isn’t shared with you. You give me all the happiness I need to survive whatever obstacles life throws at me.


118. My warmest thoughts go out to one of my special life partners. It’s an honor meeting, knowing, and celebrating you. You have become a leading example for others to follow and that is just one of the amazing things about you.


119. Thanks for been there for me through the trying periods. I wish I could take you around the world and beyond but that won’t be possible because I am too busy thinking about you. A happy new year and I wish you many more returns.


120. Like an artist, you color my life with magic and fantasies. You know how to make me laugh when I’m sad and you seem to master that art as well. How more poetic can get when I am over here celebrating you on this wonderful day. Happy holidays dear one.


121. I wish I was there right now to raise a glass of wine and dine with you. You have given me enough support, trust, belief, and joy to be able to beat my chest and scream to the world that I have experienced true friendship. Seasonal greetings to you


122. Wishing you many more happy returns as we mark yet another end of the year together. Thanks for always been there to motivate me. Happy new year, I can’t wait for many more years like this to come.


123. What’s even more heartwarming is that it is celebrating beside the one person that has always been there to make this dream a reality. Happy new year to a best friend and a priceless companion.


124. I never understood the true meaning of love until I met you. A happy new year and a million more blessings as we venture into a new year. I want to also remind you that I will always be there to lend a helping hand whenever you may need it. A big and merry season’s greetings to you.


125. The love we share is nothing but magnificent. Thinking about the future possibilities with what keeps me strong and motivated. I want to dedicate this day to you for all you have done in my life. Wishing you a very happy new year and many more happy returns.


126. It’s strange when you are not there to comfort me. It’s frustrating when you are not there to guide, advise, and support me. I want to dedicate this day to you, my love. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


127. 12 months, 365 days, and 52 weeks was enough to make me fall in love with you all over again. I wish you many more good tidings as the new season awaits us. You deserve the whole world and the heavens. Merry season’s greetings.


128. I see your pretty face anytime I close my eyes. I perceive your perfect sense anytime I imagine you by my side. I can hear your laughter any time I think about you. You deserve all the blessings available today to yourself. Have a blast!


129. It’ another time of the year when we just have to reflect back on the past 12 months and give praises to the Lord for giving us a priceless family bounded by eternal love. Today is a time to celebrate one of the very few people that makes me happy and loves me for who I am. Cheers!


130. Thinking about what binds me to you becomes more impossible to fathom. Today is a day of wishes and magic. Today is a day I want to dedicate to you, my love. Happy New Year. I’m wishing you a year of success and good health.


131. Spending quality time with you is what I feel like doing right now. What can I do when you are over there and I am over here. Distance won’t stand a chance to keep us apart. I love you and I wish you a merry season’s greetings.

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