Sweetest Good Night Messages for Her

Good night message for her


Sweetest Good Night Messages for Her, She maybe your lovely wife or your daisy girlfriend, this good night message is for her.


She would smiles when she read any of our beautiful collections of goodnight quotes, and that how we want you to depart for the lovely night, send her one that catches your eyes she would feel loved when she read it, good night to you too.

Sweet good night text

Sweetest Good Night Messages for Her

• Good night my sweetheart, sleep well.


• May your night be full of sweet dreams, good night.


• May the Lord keep you safe as you lay your head to sleep now, good night my sunshine.


• I love it when you smile at me, because your smile lights up my world, I would miss your smile tonight, good night my Angel Smile.


• Good night my Jewel, nothing makes me happy like being with you, I love you with every beat of my heart.


• You are cool as the night moon and as tender the flower, I wish you a wonderful sleep full of sweet dreams, good night my Dewdrop.


• Like a peal, your beauty shines in my eyes, good night my sweet baby.


• Everything that I remember about you makes me smile, good night My Smiley.


• Mi Lady is going to bed now; I have beseeched my Lord to bless you with wonderful sleep, good night.


• Like Rainbow, you brought beauty to my life, I would ever live to cherish you, good night my Perfect wife.


• You are heaven-sent to me, may the Lord heaven bless you every day and every night, good night my angel.


• For every night that I close my eyes to sleep, I use to think of you last, may the Lord make it possible for us to see another beautiful day tomorrow, good night my sweet Fantasy.


• You have always been my greatest inspiration, you are cute and lovely, goodnight Minnie, and have a beautiful rest.


• You use to call me your superman, and truly, you are my superwoman too, good night.


• The night is for rest, so rest peacefully and refreshed for another beautiful day tomorrow, good night my angel.


• You make my day beautiful, thank you for being part of my life, wishing you a beautiful night, dream sweet of me, good night.


• My Kissy Face wants to sleep now, I pray the angel to bring you to me even if it’s just to kiss you once before you sleep, good night sweetheart.


• Just glance at you sparks my eyes with love, I wish that I could see your lovely eyes before you sleep tonight, I miss you, good night my sparkles.


• My love for has no end for you, even if I die today, I know that my Lord would join us together in paradise forever, good night my life.


• It is time to rest my Honeybee, I hope the day went smoothly as you envisage, may the Lord bless you with a splendid night, good night.


• She is sweet, she is lovely, she is my charming wife, I miss her so much, good night my angel heart.


• As beautiful as a rose that is who you are, you are my all, I love you, goodnight my Happiness.


• My one in a million wants to lay his head now, good night sweet sleep.


• I’m lost in your world, especially when I looked into your doe-eyes, nothing gives me joy like holding your lovely hands in mine. I pray the Lord to bless us with another beautiful day tomorrow so that I can love you more, goodnight my beautiful treasure.


• Good night my sweet Mona Lisa, may your heart finds beautiful rest this lovely night, sweet dream.

Good night messages for her
Good night messages

Good Night Sweet Words for Her 

Look here dear, you have to make her smile no matter what before she sleeps. Sweet words live a beautiful impression in our hearts for a longer time, so make her dream of you by always sending a lovely good night message to her before drift into the mighty hand of sleep.


• May the angel of the night stay beside and take good care of you as you drift in sweet sleep this night, good night my Honey.


• May night be full of God’s glory; you have always been the joy of my heart, good night, and bless you soul.


• Sleep without fear, the Lord would send his angel down to guard you, good night my love.


• You mean so much to me, I would always cherish you all the time of my living, may God restore our soul and we close our eyes to sleep this night, good night my beauty.


• Shine like the moon and glitter like this star, happy night rest, good night.


• I love the look in your eyes when you wake every morning, sleep early now so that you can be as beautiful as ever tomorrow morning, good night my sweetheart.


• You make my life beautiful ever since the time that I found you, thank you for loving me the way I’m, I love you too, wishing you a wonderful sleep, good night.


• You make me cherish life because of your wonderful heart, why didn’t I know that an angel like you still lives for long. Thank God, I found you; I promise I would always be there by your side forever, good night my beautiful soul mate.


• When I looked into your lovely eyes, all I could see is my paradise; we are made for each other. O Lord bless my lovely wife as she lay her head to sleep tonight, take her soul to heaven and bring her soul back to her body tomorrow morning, so I can see her beautiful face again, good night my angel.


• I still feel how I felt the first day that I met you; you make my heart beat faster every time that I set my eyes on you. I’m entangled in the trap of your love forever, and I love every rhythm of my heart beats because of you. Good night my sweet Candy, see you on another wonderful day tomorrow.


• Life is good, life is lovely especially spend it with an angel like you, good night my sweet love, I adore you.


• Good night my gorgeous, thank you for being a beautiful part of my life, may the Lord bless your soul.


• I would dream sweetly of you tonight, just make sure you keep me in your heart as you sleep now too, good night, may the Lord make your night a beautiful rest.


• You came and complete my life, I was incomplete before you arrive, thank you for everything that you been to me, good night good soul.

Good night my smiley

Sweetest Good Night Messages for Wife/Girlfriend

Live beautifully in her heart at all times even in her deep sleep, say good night to her in a beautiful word that shows she means to so much to you.


• May the make your heart beautiful all the time of your life, wishing you a wonderful rest as you sleep tonight, good night my Angel Eye.


• You love shines brightly in my heart, I can’t think of a world with you, good night, praying to see your beautiful smile tomorrow morning.


• As you to go bed this lovely night, keep your dreams alive as well, good night my beauty, wishing you a nice sleep.


• When I looked around me, I knew that something special was missing, then I realized that it was you. I would be back into your lovely arms soon, but do make sure you have great sleep, may the Lord protect and guide your soul, good night.


• You showed me was true love means, you are my beautiful gift from heaven, thank God I found a wonderful heart like you, as my life partner, I pray that the Lord keep you safe all the time, may heaven be brought to your heart this night, good night.


• May you sleep on the angel’s wings tonight, dream sweet, good night.


• You are every that ever brought a beautiful smile to my face and bright light to my heart, good night my angel; I beseech my Lord to take good care of your soul tonight.


• You make everything beautiful when you came, I can think of a day that you don’t make me happy, I ask God for his protection over your life, sleep without fear the Lord’s angel is guarding you, goodnight.


• Good night my sweetheart, good rest for your soul, wake up with a smile tomorrow morning, I love you so much.


• With a cheerful heart, I say good night to my other half, may the Lord bless you with a marvelous night.


• I have been blessed so much ever since I found you; you mean everything to me, goodnight my sweet love.


• I would forever be thankful to God for blessing me with a beautiful heart like you, as I lay down to sleep this night I pray that my Lord bestows peace and harmony to your heart, good night my Flower.


• Look here honey; you shine brighter than the full moon of this night in my heart, good night my angel, wishing a night full of sweet dreams.


• I wish I can kiss you good night now, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you, good night my sweetie, may the Lord bring back our soul tomorrow morning.


• Thank you for ending my day in sweet memory, good night, I love you so much.


• Every single day that I spent with you is a new day, good night, may God make us see each in another beautiful world tomorrow.


• Goodnight my angel, sweet dream, may our tomorrow be full sweet memories again.


• Love is the only answer to every question we raise, may your heart be filled with love and peace as you close your eyes to sleep tonight, good night my Honey.

Good night sweet dream

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her

• I’m so lucky to have an angel like you a mine, sleep tight, good night my angel heart.


• We are gonna be under the same moonlight tonight, see you in wonderland, dream sweet, goodnight.


• I understand the true meaning of love when I met you, you held me in great awe, goodnight my sweetheart, may the Lord bless you with a splendid night.


• You make every day marvelous for me because you make me happy, I have vowed to love you forever no matter what, good night, dream sweet of me.


• I count the blessing of every day with you, thank you very much for always being there by my side when I need you most, you are one in a million in my heart, good night my beauty.


• Sweetheart, look at the star above how beautiful it glitters, but do you know that you glitter more than that in my heart; I just want to say I love you, good night.


• When the night comes, I pray that my Lord blesses u with wonderful night and restore our soul to see another beautiful day together, good night my baby, wishing you a marvelous sleep.


• Good night Mi Lady I shall miss for the beautiful hours of the night until I see your beautiful blue eye again tomorrow morning.


• Good night my shining star, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, God bless your soul where ever journey this night, may we rise up with thank you Lord tomorrow.


• Good night my angel, I commit thy soul in the hand of God, sweet dream.


• I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are the only one who knows me so much, good night wishing a wonderful night.


• Whatever happens in the night, I pray that my Lord makes it a safety moment for you, sleep with a joyful heart; I love you more every single day, good night.


• Good night now, to say good morning tomorrow, God bless your heart.


• May the night come with blessing for your heart, you deserve every beautiful thing in life because you are wonderful, good night my angel.


• May torrential blessing fall from heaven to grace your night, good night my sweetheart, sweet dream.


• You left me with a happy mind when we departed to sleep now, good night my love, sleep peacefully, for the Lord would take good care of you.


• May we see another tomorrow in peace and harmony, keep shining like the star that you are, good night.


• May the love that I have for you keep you warm and never leave your heart, and above all, may God stamp the night joyful sleep for you, good night.


• Good night to the most caring wife in the world, may the keep you safe from the evil of darkness, sweet sleep.

Goodnight my love

Sweetest Way to say Good Night to Her

• Good night to my angel heart, you mean so much to me, I love you.


• Good night my love, may the angel of God surround you to keep you in safe hand, may you wake up tomorrow refreshed and happy.


• I’m so fond of you because you are my everything, I would miss you lovely face for the hours of the night, but I’m sure to dream sweetly of you tonight, goodnight, keep looking beautiful.


• A life of peace and harmony is what I pray for you now and forever, good night my sweet dream.


• You are incomparable to anything in this life, may make fall in love with you every moment that I think of you, I would always be there for you, good night my sweetheart.


• The joy of meeting you again in another new day tomorrow keeps me awake in the night as I count down to the beautiful morning, but as for you, I want you to sleep tight, just dream sweet of me, because I love you so much.


• If you say good night to me now, I would say God bless you for another tomorrow, it going you and me forever.


• You live in my heart like an angel, you refresh the happiness in my heart, and I want to make you happy forever too, you are so special to me, good night.


• Speed up the sleep, hit the road at once, good night my angel, I wish to see your golden smile tomorrow morning, I love you so much.


• I wish you could look into my eyes this night, you would see the passion of your love in my eye, you are heavenly angel, I can lay down my life for you, good night my beauty.


• You keep me awake in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep without you by my side, I miss you, good night my Amazon.


• I have loved someone so intensely before the way I love you, and I know why because you are made for me, good night.


• I want to shroud your heart with love, and I pray that my LORD takes my sweet love to your heart, good night, sleep tight.


• When you dream sweetly of me tonight, know that I’m dreaming sweetly of you as well, there has never been any night that I don’t dream of you, good night my BAE.


• Love is in the air and love is when I think of you, I’m thinking of you now, good night my sweet love.


• Look at me now, I’m drenched in your love, I love the strong feelings of love you cast in heart, you are so beautiful, goodnight my sweetheart.


• Beautiful things happen to me every day, and you that beautiful woman that I love t see smiles, good night my wife, make sure you keep a beautiful smile for me tomorrow.


• Can’t imagine a world without you, if you can see through my heart now, you would know how my heart blossom for you, good night sweet dream.


• You may lock me in your heart before you sleep this night because there I wish to spend my night with you, good night my Cutest.


• If you don’t mind let me kiss you good night right now, goodnight my dream lover, I wish you an amazing sleep.


• Don’t forget to fasten your bed belt, because we going to the moon tonight, good night, dream sweetly of me.

• Your love keeps me warm every time that I close my eyes to sleep, look at the sky above, aren’t the moonlight beautiful, we will under the light of God tonight, good night my Kitty.


• Let sweet sleep envelope your soul, be refreshed for a dream day tomorrow, good night, God bless your heart.


• I have never met a beautiful heart like yours, if all women in the world as kind as you, the world would have been a better place, keep doing what makes you lovely, there is a marvelous reward from God for you, good night my better half.


• I’m over the board in love with you, if loving you is a crime, I would love to be found guilty all over again, good night my Lover Bird, may the Lord shower your heart with sweetness.


• You live beautifully in my memories; I feel joy when I think of you, good night my moon and star, wishing you a night of majesty.


• I pray that the angel spread their wings around you tonight, sleep peaceful, God blessing is upon you, good night.


• I can’t sleep if I haven’t sent you lovely good night text messages, words cannot express how much you mean to me, good night my cheerful, wishing you a lovely sleep.


• May this night be a beautiful resting time for you; you deserve a glorious night, good night.


• We are out of the hustle and bustle of the day, relax, forget about the troubles of today, think about the beautiful night and a lovely day ahead, good night.


• I wish the angel could carry my message of love to your heart tonight before you sleep; I want to know that you a beautiful and I love you just the way you are.


• Let cruise the night together, lets take a stroll to paradise, we would be back tomorrow morning by God’s grace, goodnight my beauty.


• Good night, keep me cool in your heart, just you s are in my heart, I love you.


• Your love keeps pouring into my heart like the water of fall of the great Lake Victoria, I knew that you would be in my dream tonight because I have been thinking of you all day, good night.


• It’s so sweet to fall in love with an angel, and that special angel, good night my heavenly.


• I wish that I can be where you are now, I would have hugged you so that you can feel my heartbeat as it beat for you, good night my adorable.


• Let me tell you something sweet before you close your eye, I love you, I wish I can kiss your beautiful lips now, good night my dove.


• Your thought keeps coming to my heart all day long, now the night has come, I wish the angel would carry you in her wings to lay you in my arms now; I miss you, good night.


• When I look up at the sky this lovely night, I can see the brightest star, which is you, good night my sunshine.


• You are too beautiful for my heart, good night princess.


• I wish I could wrap my hands around your waste before you sleep, good night my baby.


• I knew it the first day that I set my eyes on you that you would be my Wonder woman, good night sweet dream.


• Your love keeps me yummy and me bright good night my Cutie patootie.


• My baby doll wants to sleep now, may the Lord keep your night shiny, good night.


• You are my dream girl; I would always be there for you, good night my angel.


• Life has done me a great favor when it bestows you as my lovely wife, good night my Sleeping beauty.


• You are the purest woman living, like beautiful petals you love attracts my heart, wishing you a peaceful night.


• Good night to you my true love, may the moonlight cool your night, sleep in angel’s hand, I love you.


• Good night my soul, you hit my heart at down with so much love for you, may we arise together into a beautiful, world tomorrow.


• She is my first love and my last love, she is so beautiful, I love her with all my life, good night Pretty lady, may God prepare a wonderful night for you.


• Good night my beautiful queen, thank you for being part of my beautiful story, I love you.


• Sweet honey pie, you are always fresh and tender to my heart, sleep peacefully under the canopy of my God, good night, see your beautiful face again tomorrow.


• Do you how you look every time when I see you, you look Gorgeous and Exotica, keep shinning as you close your eyes to sleep, good night my beauty queen.


• Good night my Juliet, I would always be your Romeo, until the end of time, life is so beautiful to spend it with you.


• May you have the sweetest sleep tonight, good night my love.

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