Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile


 Text messages to make him smile
Text messages to make him smile



Find your favorite among these lovely selected text messages for him to make him smile. It is good to share sweet words with your spouse, you need to text him often to make him feel special even if he has just the home now. These could be very short text messages but they live some beautiful traces of love in his heart.

Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

1. The most beautiful thing in life is to be held in your arms for a longer time.


2. There are no better moments than the moments we spent together, you make me feel very special.


3. Hello, your majesty! I’m missing you.


4. The greatest gift I have ever had is the gift of having you.


5. You kiss me once and I’m cool for several days to come, your kiss is so magical.


6. You are my happiness, I always feel very happy when I’m with you.


7. Hello, my charm, I don’t know what to do without you, you make my life beautiful.


8. I pray to GOD to give us long life, so we can remain in each other care.


9. Your sweet voice mesmerizes me in a very cool way that I can’t explain, I want to hear your voice now.


10. You are my beautiful sunshine, you brought light into my life. Love you.


11. God bless you, love, you are the most caring man in the world.


12. I love you so much more than all the quantities of oceans and rivers in the world.


13. If I have to tell you the reasons I love you, I’ll be lost in counts. You so cute and special to my heart.


14. My sweetheart, you know how much I love and adore you, I do this because my heart belongs to you. You only have my love.


15. Love, our best is yet to come, I’m going to crush your soul with lots of beautiful love.


16. In your lovely arms, I find a good rest, please be home soon.


17. I’m 100% in love with you, nothing is hidden any more of my love for you.


18. Because you are my soul mate, it is easy to get along together, our love is made in heaven, thank GOD I found you.


19. There is no condition that will make me leave you, I understand the vicissitude of life, I’m ready to face the storm with you. Love you.


20. I will never leave your side, I will always love you till the end of time.


21. You are my superhero, I have never found someone like you anywhere in the world.


22. Life is so good because you are by my side.


23. I have never seen any fault with you, you are so good. What kind of goodly creature are you, an angel from above?


24. When I’m down you have been a big shoulder to lean on, you are my magical hand.


25. You are always on my mind, deep in heart you love has found a beautiful place.


26. I have always thanked my star, for having you as my man.


27. Not every woman is lucky to have a charming husband like you. You are so lovely.


28. A day by your side is like a minute to me, there is never a dull moment when I’m with you.


29. I have sworn to always be yours forever.


30. Every time I see you, I fall in love with you over and again.


31. Your love is driving me crazy.


32. Every moment is beautiful for me when I think I have you in my life. You’re so special to me.


33. You left me speechless whenever my lips touch yours.


34. Our love is full of sweet good memories, there is no doubt that we are blessed with one soul.


35. Where the beautiful love story of others ends, ours continue.


36. You seem to be unique among your peers, you truly a rare gem. My supper man.


37. I’m proud to be called yours, I’m deeply in love with you.


38. For only your eyes is my body created.


39. For only you, my heart wishes to be with. I’ll continue to love you with all my heart.


40. I hope you how great you make me feel when you’re at home. I wish you will come home soon. Love you.


41. You are my favourite and my life belongs to you, you are my hero, I have always wished to be with you.


42. You are my dream come true, I haven’t met a more, intelligent, romantic, and understanding man like you. I still cannot understand why I deserve such happiness, but I thank God every day for you.


43. There is only one name I know and that name is yours. It rings a bell in my heart.


44. Your image is imprinted in my mind, my heart whispers your name and when I close my eyes, I see your face, you are the best part of me, I love you more than you could imagine.


45. You know, with you, I realized what it means to live life to the fullest and to enjoy every breath, I am all over your love.


46. There is nothing more romantic in this life than to be under your arm at all times.


47. I will always be forever grateful to have found you. You are so special to me.


48. My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction. You are at the right place at the right time.


49. I only saw you for a second, but it made my day. And the memory will last forever. Love you.


50. Your kindness and super care always make me wonder what life would have been without you. You are my dear and I love you forever.


Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile
Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

Paragraphs for Him to Make Him Smile

51. I never believe an amazing man like you will come my way, I will always make your life wonderful.


52. The best smile that I have ever seen is your smile.


53. The best moment of my life is those moments I spent with you.


54. Life brought me a beautiful gift which is you.


55. I have never to doubt your sincerity in everything you do. You are truthful and straight to the point.


56. You are the whole world to me.


57. You make me look like a queen.


58. The king of my heart.


59. My heart beats furious whenever I think you are going to be away for some minute.


60. Deep in my heart, I found peace with you.


61. I want to build a beautiful home with you.


62. All-time have its gift, my gift now and forever is having as my spouse.


63. The weather is chill and cool right here now, I wish I’m in your arms.


64. I have been afraid to face the future, especially when I know that I have a reliable person like you.


65. I feel so relax in your arms.


66. I can’t imagine how life would be for me without you. I will rather go with than remain here alone.


67. There are only two times that I want to be with you… Now and Forever.


68. My love for you will never break. You are so loving and intelligent; you look so handsome, and I am happy you are mine.


69. There are so many flowers in the garden and you are just like that special one among millions to me. I will always be your special one. Love you.



70. If there is anything that makes me happy is your thought and when I remember how you hold me and romance me, I am filled with joy.


71. God bless that day I set my eyes on you. I will always remember that first day I met you because since then you have been cheerful in my heart.


72. I am pleased to have you in life. You brought joy into my life and you are so nice and funny to be around.


73. It is you alone I can share my secret and worry with because you are so understanding and supportive, so caring and loving.


74. The world will look empty to me, if you seized to exist in my life, I need you more than you can ever imagine.


75. I have come to realize how special you are to me and I promise to love you today and forever.


76. If there is anybody that makes me happy that person is you, and if there is anything I dream of, is you



77. I get lost in the sea of your love.


78. I’m enmeshed in your life. I’m yours forever.


79. Each day opens a beautiful chapter in my life because you are mine.


80. I will do anything that will make you a better man.


81. I’m so proud of you, you truly an amazing personality.


82. Thank you for putting this glorious smile on my face, you keep younger.


83. All my life, I will be committed to loving you. I mean it when I say so.


84. Thanks for everything, you are so good to me.


85. I thought that only the angel is the best in everything, you have proven me wrong because you are the best among the rest, I love you.


86. It takes me a long time to recover when you are away, sometimes I don’t ever recover until I set my eyes on you, please don’t leave me alone.


87. My life will be beautiful if you allow me to remain in arms forever.


88. Honey, I won’t want to sleep tonight, I want to stay awake to watch over you till the daybreak.


89. If I have cross all the oceans in the world just to hold your hands, I will gladly do. You are the Romeo of my life.



90. Every moment I close my eyes, day and night I dream of you and me in each other’s arms in paradise.


91. Waking up in your arms every is what I prayed for.


92. I look forward to your arrival, I miss your special kiss.


93. I can’t just explain how you make me feel. It so cool that I can’t imagine a period without you.


94. If I come to this world a hundred times I chose to stay with you again and again.


95. Life is so favourable to me because I have a special man like you beside me.


96. You look clean and handsome, my superhero. No one likes you.


97. Once upon a time when I dream of having a man like you, now I have found one, that one is you, with you, I’ll remain forever.


98. My eyes remain misty until you return home, miss you.


99. My entire life is for you, please don’t disappoint me.

Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile
Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

100. For many times that I think of you, I can’t help but shed tears of happiness.


101. Your present make me want to remain with you for as long as I’m alive. When you away I cry until you return.


102. The journey of my life begins and ends with you.


103. You are the joy of my life.


104. Every time that I think of you, I jumped into your arms where ever you may be.


105. If I get hold of I’ll never let you go with taken me along.


106. Your love is crippling my legs.


107. You are the sunshine of my life, you make life fruitful.


108. Thank you honey and thank GOD for this beautiful gift of love you give me.


Long Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

109. For all the disappointment in the world, I thought I would never found someone that would be sincere and generous to me. How wrong was I to have to thought like that? Ever since the day I met you, you have remained the dream of my life. You make my life beautiful. Thanks, my dearest love.


110. You truly show me what true love looks like, I thought love was a fairy story as we use to read in novels and watch in movies. I never knew that I have a beautiful chapter to open in my life until I met you, you showed me how true love could become reality. Thank you for keeping to your promise.


111. I’m the luckiest woman in the whole world because I have a man like you. You are everything that is good, it seems GOD created you different from all other mankind, your heart is so pure and good. LOVE YOU.


112. You showed me how to be loved, you cuddle me like a mother will cuddle her child. You are so understanding that you never complain, even when I know that everything is not ok, you are so caring and understanding, your type is rear to find. Thank you for all that you been to me, you are indeed a superhero.


113. The more I see you the happier I become, I want to see more often so that I can be the happiest person in the whole world. And I will never let you down too. I will always strive to meet up with you, to make you happy, together we will ever remain a happy family.


114. You are my dreams come true, how beautiful it is to be called your wife, I will not only be your wife, I will be the most beautiful being to have come your way. Because you are the king of my heart I’ll also be the queen of your heart. Love you with all my heart.


115. The moment you held me in your arms, I feel like I’m in paradise already, I have never felt any comfort like the comfort I feel when I’m in your arms, you are really a special gift for my heart, my heart finds a resting place with you.


116. For you, I will always love. I will always be by your side no matter what the situation is. You have always been kind and generous to me. I never knew a person like you still exist. For you, I will always be. Love you.


117. Don’t mind me, sometimes I kind be naughty, and you, you are so cool, your simplicity is what turns me on, your heart is so good. I will always be within the radar of your eyes, I will always love you.


118. The sweetest part of life is you, you are my honey and my special love. you one can love you like me.


119. You brought peace and joy into my life, your kind is rear to meet, I fortunate to have found you. I will make you happy, just as you have been to me. I will be sincere with you. thank you for your love.


120. Everything I tell you, I say it from the bottom of my heart, you mean more than all the treasure of the world to me, you are a singer person to the world, but to me, you are the world.


121. The happiest thing that ever happens to me in my life is when I realize that you truly love me. You have never let me down, you mean every single word that comes out of your mouth, GOD is so generous to me that he brought you my way, our love is the sweetest love in the world.


122. A perfect man for a perfect woman, a handsome man for a gorgeous woman, a beautiful for another beautiful soul, what a perfect combination. Thank GOD that brought us together.


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Text Messages For Him To Make Him Smile

Sweet Text To Make Him Smile

123. I ask for a little love, you gave me much, thank you for your care.


124. I’m just happy to be with you, for you I will love to be called my husband forever.


125. I thought I was in a wonderland until I opened my eyes and discover I was in your arms.


126. It is so cool to be with you.


127. You deserve all that is good, and that is why I’m here for you.


128. To all cares to listen, I’m introducing (……. mention his name) my beloved, charming man.


129. What is can I give in return for kindness if not to love you.


130. You are my love and a big shoulder to lean on, you have never left me alone in trouble time.


131. I thought I would never found an angel like you.


132. After many hearts are broken, GOD finally brought my own to me, you are all that is beautiful.


133. You are so handsome and good, GOD really perfected his work on you.


134. If I find my way to this world again after death, I’ll always search for you.


135. Even if you are in the sea of people my soul will always search you out.


136. Your love unburdens the stress of my life, you came as a harbinger of goodness. I will always love you.


137. Like the water that flourishes the flowers in the garden, your love illuminates the beauty of my soul.

138. Everyone asks me where ever I go, the secret of my beauty, I told them it is fed by the love of my heart. I’m happy and I’m fine that man is you.


139. You are my best friend, you are a very understanding person, I love you.


140. You are the Romeo of my life, the king of my heart, the man that brought a cute smile to my face, you are truly my hero.


141. There is no better way to love you than to love you so much. I believe nothing is much to be done for you, because you are just too kind to me.


142. You came, you planted your love in my heart and you conquered my soul. I love you with my last breath.


143. Every moment I’m with you is like we are celebrating a special occasion. You are so friendly and nice, in your arms I have I found a place to call home.


144. A home is a place where both of us will be loving each other when we are married, I can’t wait for this special moment to come. I’m eager to be found in the home of a man that truly loves me the way I’m.


145. The longest distance cannot take your love away from my heart. I will be right here waiting for you to come back.


146. Like the beauty of the rainbow, you came to make my life beautiful. I’m happy to be with you.


147. I’m proud to hold your hands and take a stroll with you in the garden of love. You are an amazing man.


148. This is exactly what I long for, to be with someone like you, someone that makes me special, someone that accepts me the way I’m. I’m truly yours forever.


149. I saw in your eyes the beauty of the world. I saw in your soul the serenity of paradise, you are the epitome of all that is good. You are so kind-hearted. Thank you for your love.


150. My master, my love, the beauty of my soul, I thank GOD for the gift that is you.


151. No, one can take your place in my heart. You are truly not comparable to anyone. Your love is pure. I’ll ever remain yours.


152. If you are happy, I’m also happy. And your sadness is my sadness. I feel everything you feel. Please be happy my love, so we could be happy together.


153. I can’t just live without you, I’ll never let you go.


154. The moment that held my breath, was the say you told me you want to marry me. I’m so happy that night I couldn’t sleep, I was just thinking of the beautiful moments we will share together.


Beautiful Messages for him
Text To Make Him Smile

Funny Text Messages to Make Him Smile   

155. You have stolen my love, so I need to remain with you so that I can still you own too. By that we will become a thief to one another, I think it is better that way.


156. I will always coffee my love for you.


157. I will always sugar my love for you.


158. I will always honey my heart for you, for you, and for me our hearts will be sweeter together.


159. Whatever crosses my heart about you, I will make sure it is good for you. because only you, I adore.


160. The pleasure of your love is turning me crazy.


161. I’m going gaga because your love had filled my heart.


162. I have no vacancy for anyone in my heart because you love me. I mean no love vacancy no.


163. I’m sending you this piece, I pray it would meet you in peace, that I love you.


164. I know you are thinking of me right now, but don’t worry I have already received the message of your heart. I love you too.


165. I wish I could paint your lips with my lipstick right now. I miss you.


166. Please come home soon, I dying of loneliness.


167. Safe a dying soul! I can’t continue to live without you here, please return home and once you return I will never allow you to go again. Love you.


168. I love like fish love water, I can’t imagine life without you.


169. Can you feel my heartbeat? it beats as yours beat because we are two on one, we are meant to be together, I’ll always love you.


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170. Life has no option for me except you, only you, I truly love, because you are so special to me.


171. True the mirror in your eyes I see the world, you the reason why I keep smiling in the in a hard time.


172. If think you are there for me, I always feel loved. Love you more than you love me.


173. You own the key to my heart, I know it safe with you, I have no fear that you’ll treat it well.


174. You gave me lots of love that nourish my soul and so the beauty of my body and soul is for you.


175. If I’m offered the whole treasure in the world in exchange for you, I’ll choose you. I’ll choose to be found in your arms.


176. You are my dream come true, you are my paradise on earth, you are my love, big brother and father, in fact, you are my everything.


177. Life would just be too funny if I had not found you. Anyway, I would have to continue searching for you, but thank GOD you are mine now.


178. I have nothing to offer you except all the love in my heart. I’m sure you would love it.


179. The tides of life that push you my way has done me a great deal, you are superman, the beloved of my soul.


180. They say a man could be like an angel, I don’t believe it until I met you. you are the angel of my soul.


181. My beauty, my love is for eyes only.


182. The love you shower on me makes me feel, there is no better place to be except in your arms.


183. You are the apple of my eyes, you are so handsome and generous. With you, I have found a home.


184. I want my children to grow up and look like you, you are good.


185. You are always on my mind, you are the hero of my life.


186. Nobody makes me happy more than you, you are the real happiness of my life.


187. You teach me what love, you are love.


188. I’m passionately in love with you. You alone can make my days sweet.


189. GOD loves us by bringing us together, we are meant to be together forever because our happiness is interwoven.


190. I’m blessed because I have a special man like you in my life. You brought lots of blessings to my life. Love you.


191. No matter the condition of every season I will always be the sunshine of your life.


192. I will always make you smile when the time is gloom, I will stay with you till the end of time.


193. For many years I have been looking for you, now that I have found you, I’m going spoil silly with all the love of my heart.


194. I will give you a special part of my heart, I will feed you with the most delicious food in the world, I will be your warmth in extreme cold, I give all the love of my heart.


195. I will always stand by you my love, this promise I will keep till I breathe my breath.


196. You are my favourite everything. You have won the love of my heart.


197. For you, I reserve the special gift of my heart, my love.


198. Your confidence in me makes me feel good, you always call me the beautiful names I love to hear. Thank you, my hero.


199. Life is a game of chance, thank that I never miss the chance of being with you.



200. Before I met you, I was heartbroken and sad, you came and you took my sorrow away. You showed me love and illuminated my darkest past, thank you, my love.


201. For every moment that passes, I think of jumping right into your arms so you can cuddle me. please come home fast.


202. You are the root of all the happiness that I’m feeling. GOD perfected you for me. Thank GOD I have you. Love you.


Sweet text to make him smile
Sweet text to make him smile

Sweet Love Messages for Him

203. The purpose of being in this life is to share this moment in loving each other, to live in peace and harmony, all this o found with you.


204. A letter deep from my heart to you is to tell you that I really appreciated all that you have been to me and let you know that I will always hold you in high esteem because you are the only one I called my love.


205. If loving you is my only achievement in this world. what a beautiful success! because with you my heart had found peace, and I don’t know what is more important than peace of the mind.


206. Please find a place in your heart for me, because I’m going to love you more than your heart can ever contain.


207. The most powerful part of the human body is the heart, there you find love and peace, and that is all that I’m given you- love and peace.


208. My life is beautiful when you come along, your presence had brought me more happiness than before, you are indeed GOD sent.


209. I wish to be with you all the moment of my life. You are so perfect for me.


210. Thank you for taking me on this beautiful adventure through life, what a beautiful moment I’m having with you, you have made my world paradise on earth, thank GOD I found you.


211. I will always love and cherish you day by day, you are the reason for my happiness.


212. Hello Mr. am just thinking of you, what are you doing right now, I really need to see you my charming prince.


213. There is no reason why I should not love you, you are always there when I need you, you fight for me, and you shed me from the rain and give me what I want.


214. I am glad you are mine, and I will not allow anything to come between us forever. Love you sweetheart.


215. The joy of having you by my side, your presence keeps me going on and on. I love you so much and thanks for being there for me. Love you, my prince.


216. You brought all that is good and fresh to me, you showered me with love and kindness. I will always be with you, I will never leave your side. For you, I will remain yours be forever.


218. I will spend all the moment of my life loving my kindly man, my handsome, the man that crown me a queen, my charming husband. You have the whole of my love no doubt.


219. I love for all that you are, for all that you have been, and for all that you would ever be. I will never stop loving at any point in time, with you I will be till the end of time.


220. Thank you for the pure undiluted love that you showed me, thank you for always being there when I need you. Thank you for playing the role of a father and a big brother to me, though you are my husband, you also played all these roles perfectly. Thank you, my superhero.


221. Thank you for watering my heart with your beautiful love, you have made my life rich and beautiful because of your love and care.


222. The way you treat me is so special. I’m so blessed for having an angel like you as a husband.


223. The most wonderful moment is the moment when I was lost in your heart. These are the moment when I’m glued in your arms. You so cool to be with, thank GOD I have you as my special man.

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