Top Romantic Affection Quotes for Him/Her


             Top Romantic Affection Quotes for Him or Her

                   Top Romantic Affection Quotes for Him or Her

Showing sincere love and affection to one can another can go a long way to cement the cord of a good relationship between you and him or her. We have carefully written some of the best-articulated affection quotes for Him or Her in these collections of Top Romantic Affection Quotes for Him or Her.

You would not only enjoy reading it yourself, but you would also as much find it helpful to send as much as you want to him or her every time you feel like. Our only reason for giving you these beautiful collections of affection quotes is to make that special person in your life smile when you send one to him/her.


                                    Top Romantic Affection Quotes for Him

Dearest majesty, your love blossoms in my heart like a garden of a rose flower having sufficient water and sufficient sunlight, you brighten my world with your unending love for me, I love you forever and if anything beyond forever.


The deep affection I have for you is not because of the money or gift that you often shower on me, but because of your pure love for me. You blow my heart with your sweet words and affection every single moment of my life, my heart swells with happiness and the beauty of your love you, I love you with all my life, I can do anything for you.


Thank you my dearest for always being there for me, you are a beautiful shoulder to lean on. My love for you is beyond space and time, no one would ever found out why I love you so much because is a natural phenomenon. I promise to always make you feel good, I will always be a woman of your dream, I love you.


Who wouldn’t love a charming, handsome and caring man like you, I’m naturally attracted to you, so the deep affection I have for you come selflessly, that is why your love can never die in my heart. Thank you, my hero, for accepting in your life too.


I use to hear of Superman, I thought they were in another world, not on this planet until I found you. You are even more than a superman, you are so sweet and sweep me off my feet with your endless love for me, you make me feel great like a queen, and I’m enjoying every single moment in your arms, thanks so much for this purest love for me, I will love you too forever.


I have known you for so many years, they were years of my secret admiration for you, every moment I see you my heart skips with a heavy thud, and I prayed silently that one day you would look my way. Thank God, you are mine today, my secret admirer now is now my husband, I have indeed made the right choice in a wonderful man like you.


My heart never betrayed me, I long to be with you, now I’m marvelously in the hand of the most caring man in the world, you make my world a paradise on earth, thank you for having this great affection for me, I will always be the one to paint your heart with incurable color of love. I will love you until the end of time.


Everything you do is great and stunning, your kind is difficult to come by, how did I manage to find you? I think our destiny was cross-matched by God Almighty; thanks for being the super love of my life, with deep love and affection, my heart will always love you.


Every time I look into your eyes, I see the face of the most handsome, cute man in the world, I feared that you are too handsome and pleasant for someone like me, but I found out that you are too down to earth to love me. My love for you will live in the heart forever; nothing would stop my sweet affection for you.


You came into my life and everything started working perfectly, you are an angel sent to me, to make my life beautiful, my heart is ever grateful for having a miracle like in you in my world. I love you so much.


You are handsome, cute, daring, nice, and very sweet. When you told me, you love me the first day I set my eyes on you and that you have been on my trail for so long. I never believed you, but thank God that I gave you a beautiful chance to prove what you said, now I’m in your arms staring at your beautiful face, thank you for being my super lover. I love you.


I will always love you forever; you make me believe in true love and affection. I never knew that I would meet an angel like you in my life. You are a life changer, you change my sadness to happiness, I was heartbroken when you came, and you mend my heart with your lovely care. I will always be beside you, no matter the condition of tomorrow, I will love you.


Every time you place your lips on mine, you always left me speechless. In addition, every time I hear your voice, I feel like an angel is talking, you have the charisma of a great man, and thank God, you are my husband, I’m living with an incredible man. I will ever remain yours affectionately; your love will keep burning in my heart.


Over the few years to have we been together, my heart has found true love, I’m deeply attracted to you forever, the reason is because I have found everything that I needed in a real man in you, you’re the real man of my world, I will stay with you until eternity, I love you with all my life.


“Your words are my food, your breath is my wine. You are everything to me”, I love you.


I love you, I want to crash in your arms tonight.


Affection is like putting my arms around your waist and give you a goodnight or good morning kisses. You are the best man in the world.


The rhythm of your heart keeps smiles on my face because I know that when it beats it beats for me.


My dream comes true when I found because you are the angel I have been dreaming to have.


There is no limit to loving you because every moment that I spend with you is dream come true.


You pulled me out of my shelf to love you, I’m all yours forever.


I go down on my knees every day to thank God I found you.


Nothing can measure my love for you, God bless the day that I found you.


I know I would endure every raging storm with you because I love you so much.


I was hungry for love and you came along, that is why I said I give you all my heart.


Your love leaves me with sweet memory every day, I can’t imagine a world without your smile.


Your love heals the entire wound in my heart, thanking for loving me.


A day with you is like a year of happiness, you are cute for me, I love you.


It takes me a year to believe that you are mine, you are the most handsome man I have ever seen, so caring and loving too.


I don’t need a single change from you, you just too perfect for my life; I pray to be in your loving arms forever.


I couldn’t imagine life without you, because I can’t live without you.


You are all that I ever wanted; your sweet love is cute to my heart.


I stop looking for Mr. Perfect when I found you, you are everything that a woman could die for, and thank God I found you.


I love you just the way you, I love all of you.


Your love is like a beautiful flower in my heart, it thrives in every second.


You are my sunrise and sunset and thank God every day that we are together.


I have found my heartthrob; I would hold on to you forever, I love you.


You get me crazy every moment that I looked at your face; your smile warms my heart like morning sun on a cloudy morning.


I have always had this secret affection for you from the first that I saw you, and that love blossoms ever since then.


I have never loved anyone as much as I love you; you give every reason to say thank God I found you.


Loving you is so great to my heart, you make me live every day in happiness, I care for your love.


I love the fact that you are mine now and it is going to last forever because I love you like the life that I breathe.


I’m in a magic hand when I’m in your arms; I cherish your love every day that comes.


Just a smile and a kiss from you keeps me in Great Spirit every day, I don’t know how to say thank you for meaning so much to me.


You filled all the holes in my heart when you came, you vanish my fear about love, and keep me fresh and lovely, I would spend my whole life with you, I love you so much.


I just thank God I found you because there is nothing to describe how happy I felt with you.


I have heard of angels, I have never seen one, and I know that they are wonderful creatures, if you are not one, then you must be close to an angel, I love you.


Dearest, being in love with you is the only thing that keeps my memory beautiful.


Love is a powerful thing; it is the “discovery of ourselves in others and the delights in recognition”


There is no remedy in loving you but to love you more, you mean the world to me.


The best prove of love is trust and that trust is you.


                                 Deep Affection quotes for Him to Him Smile

“As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change…I will always keep falling in love with you.” Karen Clodfelder


Your choice of sweet words to flatter me is great, you always know the right words to say to make me happy, when you hold me, sweet sensation runs through my spine, and when you kiss me, I feel like I’m in paradise. Thank God, that you are my husband, you have to take no permission to kiss and hold me forever. I love you with all my heart.


You are a special gift to me, a marvelous gift from God, I have never heard of or seen a wonderful man like you, staying with you gives me unending happiness and peace, you will find me sufficient for your heart. I will love the way nobody can do.


I will sing, la…la…la…, I will always go down on my knees to thank God for giving me an affectionate husband like you, you make me feel so lovely and you tingling my heart with so much sweetness, I love from the bottom of my heart.


You took me into your heart spellbound, I’m down with the syndrome of loving you so much, you know what turns me on and what makes me happy, I have my heart flatly for you. I love you with every sweet word that I have said to you.


I love you for no reason, and that is enough reason to really love you so much.


You have captured my love forever, I tried to find out what makes me so happy every single minute that passes, and I discovered it was you. You came into my life and light up everywhere, you are the best man in the world, I love you.


I don’t care what people about us, all I care is to always make you happy, you are the secret behind my happiness, I love you.


I will cherish and love you all the time, you shape my world beautifully, and you feed me with unending doses of love and affection, my heart is filled with joy because you love me so much, I’ll always remain the woman of your dream forever.


You are the only one I have ever given all my heart to, I was afraid to love anyone so much because I can’t stand the pain of heartbreak, you gave me every reason to love you so much, I trust you, and I love you with all my heart. Thank you for making me believe in love.


I now know what true love is because I know you. You are my true love.


I can bet my life for you with my love, I love you for whom you are.


A sour lemon becomes sweet orange, every bitter experience was washed away by sweet memory, you make every day memorable for me, and I can’t believe that I will find an amazing man like you as my eternal love. Thank you, my Lord, for blessing me with a beautiful husband like you.


Every moment was blissful to spend with you, you make feel so happy every passing day, I pray that the feeling I’m having with you lasts forever, I love you with all life.


You are marvelous, you are beautiful, and the king of my heart, every moment I’m around I feel so gorgeous because I’m in the world of the caring and handsome man in the world.


                 Top Sweet Affection Quotes for Him to give you all His Heart

Loving you forever will be an only option for me, you have a special way of making me happy and only you know the unspoken words of my heart, you know me better than anyone else, you are special love.


Your words are a soothing balm for an aching heart, your touch is an electrolyte that sends jazzing feeling all over my body, I’m transfixed each moment you touch me, thank God you are my husband, I want to be yours forever.


“Forever isn’t long at all when I’m with you.” Every day is a sweet experience in your arms.


I visualize you in my mind, and the Lord brings you my way. You are a huge blessing to my life. I love you.


When my soul first saw you, it says, gosh! That is the man I have been looking for, and then the angels led your way to my heart. I love you, my sweetheart, you are a heavenly gift for my soul.


I prayed for an ordinary man, and God gave me a superman, what an amazing life I’m having with you, you blow my heart with endless love and affection, thank you, my hero, for making feel so good.


I’m entangled to your world forever, and I love it that way because I love you so much you.


Loving you gives me so much joy, I have never been this happy before in my entire life. You make my life a splendor, I never stop loving you.


You handsome face always mesmerizes me, despite the fact that I wake up in your arms every morning, you look so charming and astonishing every time I looked into your eyes, I see pure love, I love you.


You look so alluring each moment I fixed my gaze on you, sweetheart you are the best lover in the world.


I find true love and peace of mind being in your world, my heart is always in harmony with you, I love you forever.


I have always dreamed of a man like you, now you are here, here in my world, I will love and cherish you because I have found my other half, my missing ribs is here. You complete me, I love you.


A perfect world is a world with you; a sweet life is a life with you, and spending an eternity in your arms is a desirable act for me. I love you so much.


Living with you has been a beautiful experience, the light of your love in my heart will never go off, the fire of the passion I have for you will keep burning in my heart, and I will always love you in all time.


I mean every word that I say to you when I say I love you and you are the best man in the world, I mean it, it is not a flatter. I have found a home in your world. I love you.


Thank my love for being a wonderful and caring husband, may your life be full of beauties and happiness, every moment will be joyful for you, I love you so much.


              Affection Quotes for Him to Think About You Every Time

When I found you I know that I have found someone that my soul truly love, It doesn’t take a long time to fall in love with you, when I saw you for the first time, it was love at first sight. I love you with all my soul.


I fall in love with you the way you fall asleep, slowly then all at once.


When it is time to sleep, I’m happy, because it was in my dream that I first saw you and then you became a reality in my life. I love you.


I will be patient with you because true love is enduring and caring, no matter the vicissitudes of life.


There are millions of men in the world, but God chooses you for me. I love you.


My nights are sweet and longer spending it in your arms and my days are full of pleasure and joy when I have you in it.


I cannot guarantee you that everything will be fine all the time, but I can guarantee that my love for you will never wither.


When you smile, I melt inside me, you are the right person for me, I love you.


I love to hold you for a long time, which is why I hug you so tight and never want to let you go.


I didn’t love you because of your look, and neither for your money nor for your personality, I love you because you make me good.


You thrill me so much, and that makes me love you so much.


Dearest, you are my true love and my best friend, life is marvelous to be in your arms, I love you.


No distance can take your love away from my heart, no matter how long you have been away, and I will always wait for you.


I will cross the longest sea, and I climb the tallest mountain to reach you if I know you are there, I will defy all obstacles to always be with you.


Every moment is good for us because only your good thought occupies my heart, dearest I will try my best to make you smile. I love you.


                         Affection Quotes for Her to Make Her Feel Special

My dearest sweet babe, I will always treat you like a queen because you make me happy every single minute of my life, you are as an angel sent from heaven to make my world a beautiful place. I will always be yours affectionately.


You are always on my mind, morning, afternoon and evening, your thought always occupies my mind, I love with all my heart, I will always take good care of you.


I will always be your fantasy, I will love you beyond the doses of love that your heart can take, stay with me because nobody can love you better than me.


I have vowed to be for you forever, nothing will be able to come between us, because my love for you has reached the crest that no one can touch, I love you and cherish every moment that we spend together.


I will make your life joyous, just you have brought happiness to my life, I will pay you back by dedicating all my love and affection for you. You deserve every beautiful thing that comes your way, I love you so much.


Even, if I cannot assure you everything, I can assure that my love for you will never diminish.


I will travel to bring you whatever gives your heart delights; no matter where the object is located, I will gladly go there to bring it for you.


My mission ever since the time I married and until the end of time is to make you happy, I will do my best to keep this promise for you, you have been a woman of my heart, and I cherish you so much.


Dear love, one thing I know for sure is that I have permanently come to stay with you here; I wish to continue living with an angel like you even beyond this world, in paradise. You are my paradise on this earth, I love you.


Every time I think of you I feel like holding you in my arms forever and never let go of you, I feel the joy to be with an angel like you.


You hold my breath every moment I looked into your eyes, you always looking overly beautiful; you have ignited my love for you forever.


You will forever rule my world, I have given you all my love and my affections, every day and every night your love will always blossom in my heart, I love you.


Watching you carefully when you are asleep, gives me a great deal of joy, even at sleep my heart still thugs for you, your beauty always hold my heart agog.


If my heart was, imprisoned in your heart, which is better for me, because the more I love you the more sweetness I feel about life.


Dearest, you came and complete me, thank you for coming into my life.


I will kiss your four head millions of times while you are asleep, and I will kiss you billions of times while awake, I’m never tired of kissing you.


If everything in life eluded me and I have only you left, then I know that I have not lost anything. I have everything when I have you because you are the most important of everything to me.


I fell in love with you because you have always been there for me, even when I was down, you stood by me through the hardest time, thanks so much, my love.


I found true love when I found you; you are the best thing that has ever happen to me.


If you are away, I would wait forever for you, your name is written in golden pen in my heart. I love you.


You are beautiful, I love everything about you], you make alive every day], I would be there for you forever.


Your love lives in my heart all the time], I have never missed a day without thinking of you], I love you so much.


When I fond you], I know that I have found my lifetime partner], since the first day that we met, your love has always blossomed in my heart, I would do anything for you.


Your morning smile is all I need to be inspired for the day, good morning my sweetheart.


You shine like a million star in my heart, I dreamt sweet of you last night], welcome to a new day], it is going to be a wonderful day for you.


I live every moment in happiness because I have found an angel by my side, good morning.


Nothing makes me feel better than hearing your sweet melodious voice every time], you are my heaven gift, smile it’s a beautiful new day.


I wake up this morning feeling so great because I know it is going to be another wonderful day to be in your arms.


You make every work perfectly in my life], you are energy when I’m weak, my smile when I’m sad, and my every time inspiration, I love you with every beat of my heart.


Your smile has a magic wound in my heart], it penetrates so deep and ignites happiness that sparkles like the star, I’m so crazy of you.


I can’t imagine a single moment without you, because you always make every minute worth living.


Before I met you], I was always sad about everything, and when I met you, you take all pain away from my heart, you replace every bad memory with a good one, you are God sent from heaven, I would love you forever as long as I lived.


I have often read or hear of sweet romance stories,] I never that I would be writing my sweet love stories one day, you light up my world with deep affection, it is you or knows any other woman, I love you.


When you came into my life, you showed me what true love means, you are such a caring heart, thank you for everything that you mean to me], I would strive to make you happy.


I started witting my memorable love stories from the first day that I met you, you have been sources of happiness to my heart, I love you more than you ever know.


Stay with me and let me love you more, words can’t capture how much you mean to me, but I want to prove that to you every day until my last day here, you are the angel of my heart.


I just love you without reasons, I want you to know that you a special person to my heart.


Your love is driving me crazy, I can’t think of a moment that your sweet thought doesn’t fill my heart.


Thank God I found you; this is the beautiful phrase on my lips every time that I think of you.


You are the water and I’m the fish, I need you all the time, my heart is deeply in love with you, is deeper affections that I have for you, I would be by your side forever.


When I looked into your eyes, I see the passion of my love there, thank for the destiny that brought us together.


I would be your guitar tonight, play me until you fall asleep, and then make sure you dream sweetly of me because I feel so happy to have you in my life.


Thank God I found an angel like you], you have always brought happiness to my heart,] good night my Angel Eye.


I look up to heaven to protect you every single day that are awake, my day is incomplete with you], I cherish you so much.


It is a new day,] it’s new you and me, and it’s new beautiful love I feel for you, good morning my beauty.


Beauty was redefined when you were born, how come it is me that found you first], God shot every eye for me to have you because no man would not melt at a glance of an angel like you.


Every single moment that I looked into beautiful eyes, I rediscover how beautiful you are, you an angel living in the world of humans, I love you so much.


You give me every reason to fall in love with you every day, you are the peace of my heart, I love you.


Your voice Is so sweet in-ear such as I have never heard before when I kiss your lips, I feel like I was in paradise], life is so beautiful to have you around, I pray that you would be mine forever, I love you.


The joy of my heart is because I living with an angel, you are the most beautiful and caring heart in the world, I love you so much.


I don’t mind what I would cost me to make you happy], all I want is just to make sure that you are always happy, I love you.


You make me realized that true love still exists because every moment that I see your lovely face], I fall in love with you all over again.


You are my Juliet and I’m you, Romeo, forever would your love be tender and fresh in my heart.


I don’t how to define your beauty, your beauty got me so crazy, I have a deep affection for you.


You are playmate, my angel heart, and my beautiful flower, I love you so much.


I have to adjust to being on the same scale with you, you pulled me out to a love race, how can I beat you in this contest, thank you for falling in love with me, every part of me is in love with you too.


I would always be there for you when you need most, I can’t imagine I world without you, I love you.


You make feel so joyous just when I hear your sweet voice, I have never felt this special way before in my life, I believed that I’m in love with an angel.


I love you big amorous eyes, you set my heart ablaze every time that I looked into your eyes, my world revolves around you, I love you.


I keep thinking of you every day and night, you are the one I can’t live without, no matter how long it takes me to stay here, your love always blossoms in my heart, I love you so much.


I dream of you just immediately I closed my eyes to sleep, until the early hour of the morning, and when the morning comes I want to hold your hands in mine again.


You make a king of your heart, but you are the queen of my heart, I cherish every moment with you, I love you.


Life is so sweet because I found you, I care so much about you, I love you.


When I think of you, I think of a beautiful angel, you make me feel so sweet every day, I love you.


You keep my heart warmly of your love every moment; I have found my eternal soul mate, I love you.


You are just a perfect woman in my life, my life becomes so good when you came, I dream of a beautiful place for us, stay with me, I love you.


I love it when you call me your hero because I truly want to be your hero forever.


I’m pleased to let you know that you have won all my heart for you, I want to be the one that would make you smile every moment that you think of me.


Love, at first sight, is what I felt when I first saw you, and ever since then, your love has wax stronger in my heart, you are the kind of woman I can’t keep my eyes of, I love you deep in my heart.


You got me gasping for more space in my heart for you, your love has taken over all the space in my heart, I adore you, I love you.


Like a blessing from heaven, you came and change everything about me, I’ m happy because I found you, you keep my heart passionately.


When I looked up the sky at night, I see you among the brightest star, you shine so brightly everywhere you go, I’m the luckiest man to have and the most gorgeous woman as my wife, I love you.


Your smile could melt iron, you are so loving and peaceful, I cherish the day that you became mine, I would love you forever.


I keep sweet in my heart everywhere that I go, because everything about you keeps me inspired, I love you.


Your love blossoms in my heart like a rose flower, and it shines like the gold and diamond, nothing makes me feel so good like thinking of you, I love you.


I love you to the moon and the star; you are my everyday sweet melody.


Look at how because I feel every day because I’m I love with you; nothing could prove that you are not an angel.


You are every that is good to my heart, I can’t imagine how I would live a day without you.


I don’t care about what I would lose to have you forever with me, I can lay my life for you to live, I love you so much.


The kind of feelings I have for you is unexplained, your love is so sweet to my heart, just make sure you stay with me, I would write every letter of sweet love in your heart.


Everywhere that I go in life I would never forget the sweet memory that we shared together, every single day refreshes your memory in my heart, I love you.


I think of a beautiful life for us, you deserve every beautiful thing in life, I love you so much.


When you smile at me, my heart feels so joyful, you are the beautiful woman I have seen, I love you so much.


I want to be banished into your heart so that I can keep feeling every single beat of your heart.


             Top Sweet Affection Quotes for Her to Make Her Yours Forever

There wouldn’t be a time when I will stop loving you or when my love for you will dwindle, I will always love you all the time.


Making you my Juliet is all I have ever craved for, and now that you are in my arms, I will make you more than a Juliet, I will fill your world with my love.


If the whole world turns against me to snatch you away from me, I will fight tooth and nail to have back, no one can take your love from my heart.


When I told you I love so much, never doubt my sincerity for you, I mean I love totally, everything that you do gives me endless joy because you always do good.


I have been looking for a perfect word to describe you, but I have not found any in all the dictionary of languages, you make my world pleasurable by your undying love for me, I will do anything for you, I love you so much.


Your love has sung to deep in my heart, nothing will make me turn against you, you will always be a woman after my heart, I love you.


Never fear living tomorrow with me, your affection in my heart keep multiplying every single moment that passes, I love you with all my heart.


Thank my love, for making me feel like the most special man in the world, you raise my ego in a positive way and gives me the confidence to face the world because you brought peace to my heart. I will always love you and be by your side.


You are the best thing that has ever happen in my life, you came along, everything became perfect.


Thank you Lord for blessing me with a marvelous woman like you, you make my life better when I found you, I will strive to make your world a joyful place. I love you so much.


Every night that I close my eyes to sleep you are always the last on my mind, and when I open my eyes in the morning you are the first thing that pop-up on my mind, you reign in my heart all the time, and I love to always keep you there.


Riding on the roads of life with you has been so marvelous, I thank God for giving a lovely woman like you.


I need you by my side always; the world is an empty place if I don’t find you by side.


I will spoil you with my love, I will keep sacred in my heart, you deserve every bit of my love, I love you.


You are the focus of life; just to make you happy is my joy.


I can’t stand to see you cry, whatever that will make you cry, let it befall me.


I guarantee my love for you; nothing will make me stop loving you.


You are too sweet to be ignored, thank God I was the only one that saw this quality in you from the beginning, other peoples eyes were blurred for me to have you. I love you with every bit of my heart.


God gave you to me, so I would not disappoint my Lord, I will take good care of you.


        Affection Quotes for Her that Would Make You Special in Her Heart

I feel so many rumbles in my stomach the first time I saw you, I stutter with my first words to you, and thank God that I have a gorgeous woman like you in my arms now, but I still feel so much butterfly in my stomach because you are conspicuously beautiful to behold.


When you need me, call on me, I will always be there by your side.


Home is sweet because I have an angel at home waiting for me.


You are the angel of my life, you make every beautiful I’m around you, you turn my world around, I love you so much.


Whatever life brings for us I will never leave, I will always be with you until the end of time.


Life is good and joyous spend it with you, thank you for your care and love.


You are my sweet melody, for every moment that you speak, I feel happy inside me.


My heart is filled with happiness every time your thought flip through my mind, you always leave sweet memories that are difficult to erase, a minute spent with you is more than a month spent alone, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


Just to hear your voices over the phone make my day a splendor.


I keep you in my heart wherever I go because my heart belongs to you.


If I’m one thousand miles and a year away from home, though I will miss you so much, it does not change the level of my love for you, because no one can take your special place in my heart.


I love you now more than the first time I met you, your love keeps growing in my heart every single second that passes.


You are all that I have ever wanted, thank God I have now, you so close to my heart than the distance I use to see from, the more I see you, your love blossoms in my heart.


I got lost in your world every time I think about you.


Fifty thousand miles apart will not affect my love for you, I will always love.


In the middle of the night I woke up thinking about you, you are my world and my paradise.


I’m addicted to loving you, there is nothing anybody can do about it.


I will spend the rest of my life with you; I love you.


Each time I looked into your eyes, the desire to love you forever increases, I truly love you more than you realize.


I actually fell I love you several times before I let you know, so your love has grown in my heart ever before you know.


                                Sweet Cute Affection Quotes for Her Delights

I was your secret admirer for so long and you didn’t know, so when you see me crazy about you don’t be surprised.


I have dreamt of you for so long and every day I pray to God to bring you to me, now you are here with me, I happy to found my sweetheart.


122. If I had never met you, I will still be dreaming of you every day until we meet, you wouldn’t have escape meeting me, and I wouldn’t have missed you because we are made to be in each other’s arm.


My joy escalates every time I’m with you, you are such a darling wife.


I shiver when you touch me, my heart skips hundred times when kissing you, you have always made my adrenalin run faster every moment I hold you tight, you are the sweetest girl made for my heart.


Once upon a time when use visualizes holding you by your hands and take a lovely evening stroll in the orchards, now I have you in my arms, I will be doing one million strolls around the beautiful scenery of the countryside with you, I feel majestic when I walk beside you.


I will be the salient love of your heart; I will be in your world forever.


I will never be bothered if you don’t love me as much as I love you, my love keeps flowing for you till the end of time.


I fall in love with you because you are always yourself; I love your self-aura.


Your smile captivates my world, your voice is my favorite melody, I love to hold tighter, close to my chest so that you can feel my heartbeat.


My heart beats for you; the more it beat the greater I love you.


Your love has found a permanent abode in my heart; forever will I be for you.


I would trek for thousands of kilometers to find you wherever you are, my life will unbalance without you.


I just want you to know that you are the only woman who has succeeded in crowning my heart with your love; you have my undying love for you forever.


Each morning that comes, I thank my Lord for giving us another beautiful day, another day of the promise of my love for you.


Life would have been boring with you by my side, you make every single minute I spent with you a joyful and memorable one, thanks for bringing beauty and splendor into my life.


I’m here to give you millions of doses of love for your heart, stay with me you deserve every beat of my love for you.


I will be calm to listen to you when you talk, I will never hurt your feelings, making you smile and happy is the paramount thing to me.


I will dazzle your life with my sweet love; my love is for you forever.


There is no limit to the level at which I can love you.


Your words are my food, your breath my wine. You are everything to me. – Sarah Bernhardt


To sleep and to wake beside you is one thing that I cherish so much, thank for being my true love.


Do not fear whether I truly love you, or if every word that comes from me that professes my love for you are ever true. I love you and my words for you are true.


The sweetest thing that I have done in my life is loving you; it brings back all the joys in my heart.


I get an instant reward for loving you, and that is peace of mind and unexplained harmony. You are so dearest to me.


You so incredible to me, I will marvel in your world forever, I will cruse life with you to the end of time.


As the beautiful petals of those colorful flowers attract butterflies so does, your love attracts me to you.


“If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me.” W. H. Auden


148. “Love is not to be purchased, and affection has no price.” St. Jerome


I would not delay my love for you until tomorrow I will give you all my love now and every day that I’m alive.


You are the much-awaited blessing of my life, thank God I found you.


More Romantic Affection Quotes for Him/Her

My love, my dearest, what would I have done without you. All through the night, it was you in my head. I love you so much.


My sunshine, the owner of my heart, the day is bright with you and am alive because you care and love me, happy to have in my life, if not I don’t know where I will be by now. I love you so much.


My dear, how are you, I feel like lying in your arms all night. Please let’s swim in the ocean of love. I am indeed in love with you. I can’t sleep without you; your love is driving me crazy. I love you and I need you badly in my life.


I want to be the one close to your heart, the only one that makes you feel better, Have a lovely day my dearest.


My sweet love, you are so beautiful, because you are mine you look so unique and different. I love you so much, my love.


You are my sunshine, you are everything I ever wanted in my life, I will love you more and more every day.


I want to tell you that you are my good news. I am blessed to have you; I wish you are in my house already, just for me. I love you.


I will hurt anyone who touches you and will hit anyone speaks ill of you, I love you dearly, you belong to me, you are mine.


I don’t want to leave your side, I just want to be in your arms all day, I love this feeling, the feeling of protection in your arms, I love you so much, dear.


I don’t want to let you go, I just want you by myself girl. You have been a wonderful woman in my life; I love to be around you so badly.


You are all I think of all throughout the day. You mean a lot girl, life is beautiful with you. I love you, dear.


I am so happy you are in my world in my existence, you are so dearly and I love to be around you all time, give me your heart and I promise to take care of it for you perfectly.


My sweetie, I will be so happy to be in your arms all my life, you are indispensable, you a true lover.


You deserve my love every day, what a beautiful thing in life to have a beautiful girl like you. I love you.


I feel I should be that bird to give you that sweet morning music at your window, you would not understand the level of how your love is driving me crazy. I love you so much, dear.


You are the one I see the future with, you hold the most important part of my life. My sweet loving pie you are my everything.


I want to be the man in your life, the man that will be responsible for your well being, you are so sweet and I cannot do anything without you.


Having you by my side every moment is a wonderful and loving experience, the moment I set my eyes on you, you give me a signal that keeps me smiling all day, I love you


Being with you is a great thing, you are so hardworking and smart, it’s another day of our lives and I am happy it’s you and you in my life.


Life is beautiful with you, you give food to my soul, you look so fresh and beautiful and I love the sight of you always. I love you.


I want to be the first and last in your life, you need not search anymore. I am the right man for you, I will love you unconditionally sweetie.


You are at my dream, hope you will be in my life forever because all I want to see is you, I love you, darling.


You are looking just like the morning sun; the light in your eyes is reflecting through my heart, having you is beautiful. You mean the world to me.


Having you in my life gives me this fulfillment that I cannot express; you are the only person that caught my attention. I will not stop loving you, my love.


Having you gives me so much joy and happiness; you are the only one who controls the system of my heartbeats.


I know how special you are so I do need anyone to tell me that you are wonderful, you are my precious gold. I love you.


To the world’s most beautiful lady I say I love you and wishing you all the loving and wonderful things of this world.


You are so exceptional, you look like and an angel every day, hope you are having a loving moment with me. I missed you and love you.


My love for you is in measurable, you need not worry at all, am behind you, and will love you every day and night, come rain, come sun. I love you dearly.


My joy, you have replaced my worries with happiness and my nightmares with sweet dreams, I can’t do without you girl. I don’t want to miss you a bit. I love you.


I have cherished you always, and will always want you so close in my life, you a woman that a man could ask for over and over again, you are my treasure.


I love every moment with you let’s start with a warm and sweet kiss and a hug that feels so warm that I don’t want to let go.


My love, you are everything that I want in life, I see you as a wife, mother, friend and best mentor. I love you, dear.


Love you my dearest wife, have a pleasant day ahead. Kisses.


Hello, my queen, I need you to be fine always my dearest wife. I love you so much.


I love you so much that I could not sleep all night but think of you, I will love you always.


I am so glad to be yours, you are my dearest and I will forever be yours. I can’t stay without you, I love you


What will I have done without you, you are the secret admirer I have prayed for, thank God you are mine. Kisses


Having a woman like you in my life is enough to be successful; you bring endless joy to my life. I love you so much.


My better half, my love for you is blind I want to see you alone, my love I love to see you smile always.


Your eyes are glowing and your lips shining; your face is pretty every day. You mean so much to me.


Darling, anytime I look at you I appreciate how blessed I have been, when I look into your eyes I see sunlight. The night is so beautiful with you and the morning complements it. My dear, I will love you forever.


My dreams are shattered without you, you give me what I want and you will be happy for the rest of your life, your love is so precious to me, you are my sweetest.


My love, you are so dear and I don’t want to be far from you. I want to always be at your side.


I love you, you are gentle and nice, you amaze me every time we are together and I hope these feelings last forever. I love you.


My loving sweetheart, you are the most beautiful woman on earth, you make happy, you are my God sent. I love you a lot.


It’s so sweet having you in my life, how would I have managed without you? Thanks for coming into my life.


I like to play with you every day of m life, having you is a special gift, not everyone could be as lucky as I am.


My darling, Let go to the garden of love and explore the sweetness of being in love, to feel all the freshness the day has for you and me, it beautiful every day with you.


It’s a bright day for my love, the woman that keeps me, the only lady that owns my heart. Having you in my life is all I have prayed for. I love you more than you could ever imagine.


Keep smiling girl; you look more beautiful when you smile especially when I look into your eyes you make the day a fulfilling day for me when I see your smiling face. I love you dearly.


Having you in my life is the highest of gift I have ever had, you mean so much to me. Love you.


My dearest wife, I will never break your heart, I promise to be a sincere and loving husband to you, you are all I think of, and have a pleasant day love. Kisses.


You are my energy, my supporter. I love you dearly.


My queen, I need you to be fine always, you are my dearest wife.


I love you so much that I could not sleep all night but watching you sleep to be sure nothing disturb your night, I’m sure you had a peaceful night. I love you.


I will be the first on your doorstep; I want you to smell the fragrance of a beautiful rose flower to start the day with. I love you.


My dearest treasured and loving sweetheart I love you more every day.

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