Trending You are my world quotes for Her/Him(2020)

You are my world quotes for Her/Him
You are my world


Don’t let a day pass without sending one of these lovely you are my world quotes to him or her to show much you love him/her.


If you have someone that makes you happy so much and have touched your life in a beautiful way, then this message is from you to him/her. You may not have to do many things to show your deep appreciation to this special person in your life, but just a little message of love as we have carefully selected here can help you pass a beautiful message to his/her heart.


I have learned over time that to keep a romantic life with your partner you have to say thank you for the little things that he or she have done for you and that would make him/her do more. Try to say something sweet words as often as possible to revive your love in his/her heart.


You are my World Quotes for Her

Here you would find some amazing collections of beautiful words to show her truly care.


1. Every moment that I see you, my heart skips with endless joy, every time that I spend with you, I feel blissful, you are my sweet paradise, I love you.


2. You are the love of my life, there no better way to describe as my endless pleasure, I love you with all heart.


3. As the sun rises, your love blossoms in my heart, and as the moon shines, your love glitters in my heart, you are my sweet world, I love you.


4. Thank you for always being my beautiful world, I cherish every moment with you.


5. My world couldn’t have been better than this without you.


6. You always bring happiness and joy to my heart, thanks to my love for being my endless bliss.


7. When I think of the beautiful things of this life, I think of you first, you are the first of all the most beautiful things to my heart.


8. When you held my hand in yours, I feel like an angel is holding, it is tender and beautiful to be held by you, I love you with all my heart.


9. Every time that my heartbeat, it beats for you, you have the whole of my heart for you.

10. Dearest, you are the most beautiful woman in the world; just a glance at your lovely face every morning gives me so much joy.


11. You are the epitome of beauty to my heart, my heart is calm and lovely because it loves you, I would always be there for you.


12. I cherish every single moment that I spent with you, the sweet memory of meeting you always lingers in my heart.


13. You are the fruit of my heart, you brought so much happiness and endless joy in my life, thank you, my beautiful love, you are my beautiful world.


14. There is no time that your thought doesn’t fill my heart, and I feel so amazing to have a place for you in my heart, I love babe.


15. Dearest, if look into my eyes, you would see the reflection of your beauty in it, and I wish that you can see my heart too, you would realize how deep is my love for you, I always love.


16. Ever since the day that I met you, I have never thought of single that I don’t pray to be with you, you are my everyday joy and inspiration, I love you.


17. You are my life’s greatest happiness, I can’t live without you, I love you from the bottom of my heart.


18. My love, do know you that I day without you is like a year to me, I’m like a fish out of water without you.


19. There is no moment that is as beautiful as the moment I spent with you, If I spent the whole day with you, it seems as if I have just spent an hour out of my time, when I’m in your world, I don’t know how time flies.


20. I can’t have enough of you, I wish that I can always be with you, all the time of my life.

21. My world became most beautiful when you arrive into my life, I never knew that the world is so sweet until I found, you are every amazing thing I have ever dreamt of, I love you.


22. When I’m sad, you make me happy and when I’m down you pick me up, you are my blissful world, I love you.


23. You are so adorable my angel, the first day that I set my eyes on you, I knew that I have found my eternal love, thank God I found you, I love you.


24. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you, ever since the time that I found you, I never want to live a single minute without you, I love you
so much.


25. Sweetheart, I want to assure of my unconditional love, count on me, I will always be your sweet melody.


26. I’m counting all the blessings that you have brought to my life and I lost count, life has been wonderful ever since the time that I found you, I would do everything to make you happy, I love you.


27. Sweetheart, tell me what you ever want me to do for you, I promise you, I would do my best to always be the joy of your heart.


28. You are a special gift from heaven, I was lucky to have you in my life; I love you with all my heart.


29. You are my everyday happiness, you bring hope to my world, thank you for being so great to me, I love you.


30. You don’t know how much I love you, your love shines in my heart more than the light of the moon and the sun combined, you are my best life.


31. You are like oil in lamp that makes it light shines brighter, you are like water in a desert, you are the sunshine in my life, I have fallen in love with you with all my heart for you.


32. I keep in my heart in every moment of life, in my sleep and in my wake, you are always on my mind because you are so special to me, I love you.


33. I can’t just stop thinking about you, I miss you, my love, thank you for always being my beautiful world.


34. You are the joy of my soul, if there is a beautiful flower some in the moon, I would take a trip there to plug it for you, I love you.


35. I can’t express how marvelous I feel about you, you are dreams come true.


36. I love you, I have never imagined that a beautiful woman like you still exist in this world until I found you, you are the kind of woman rear to find and proud to have, I would give you all my heart.


37. You are every man’s wish to have, but I was fortunate to be the lucky man in your life, I promise to make the heart grow fonder in sweet love, I love you.


38. Dearest, you are my everyday light, everyday peace, and everyday inspirations, you are my beautiful world, I love you.


39. Sweetheart, for being so caring and lovely to me, I want to let you know that, I would be your amazing world, nothing would make me stop loving, I would be your sweet world until the end of time.

40. When my heart beats, it tells me something, and that something is that it, says it loves you so much, this is the promise of my heart for you, it would always keep your love your safe because you are special.


41. I don’t what happens tomorrow, all I ever care is a tomorrow that would still bring you to my arms, I love you.


42. You are the sunshine that warms my heart in the morning, you are the moonlight that cools my heart at night, you’re ever my everything, I would take good care of you, I love you.


43. Trust me, my love, I have vowed to give you all my heart, I have never found such an amazing woman like you in my entire life, I would do anything for you, I love you.


44. When the night comes I feel so joyful because I would be returning home to share another sweet night with the one that I love, I love you so much my dear wife, you are my splendid world.


45. If I have all the treasure in the world without you, then that is nothing, if I have you, I know that I have everything, you are my beautiful dreams, I love you.


46. I love you, my goddess, you are the one that brought so much happiness to my heart, you a gift from heaven above.


47. My life greatest joy is when I found you, from the first day that I set my eyes on you, I knew that you are the one I have always prayed for. I fell in love with you just at first sight, and ever since then, my love for you has wax stronger, I love you with every beat of my heart.


48. My love you are so special, if there are two of your kind in the world, it would have been a beautiful place.


49. My gorgeous world, thank you forever being so wonderful to me, you make me proud of every step that I take in life, I would always be by your side no matter what happens, I love you with all my heart.


50. I wake every day feel so happy because I have you, good morning my angel.


51. You are the star that shines brightly among the other stars, you are the most beautiful flower amidst all other flowers in the garden, you are my beautiful world, I love you.


52. You are my real-life fantasy; I would love to share my entire life with you, thank you for all the kindles and joy that you have brought to my heart.


53. My dear heartthrob, nothing gives me joy than when I see you smile, and when I see you laugh, you are my eternal bliss; I would always love you forever.


54. You make my world a memorable place because of you just too amazing for my heart every day, be cheerful all your life because you have found someone that truly loves you, I love no doubt about it.


55. You are my beautiful life, I’m grateful to God for giving me a priceless gift like you.


56. Sweetheart, I’m crazy about your love, you are my amazing angel, stay with me, and let prove my love to you.


57. You are my beautiful world, I cherish every moment that I hold close to my chest.


58. For once in my life, I have found my eternal love, and that is you.


59. You are my breathtaking, thank you for making my world a wonderful place.

60. You are so alluring to me; you make my world a perfect place.


61. You are my daily joy; I would always be there for you.


62. I’m have never felt this way with anyone before, every time that I see you I fall in love with you over and again.


63. “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.” Unknown


64. I’m just happy when I see your beautiful face, I love you so much.


65. I forget about the troubles of life when I’m with you, you are my sweet life.


66. I have been perfect in anything, but make me perfect in everything ever since you came.


67. Sweetheart, I’m undauntedly in love with you, nothing would ever take your love away from my heart.


68. I want to be the beautiful reason why you smile, I want to be your happiness forever, my love, know that I love you so much.


69. You’re always in my heart, I have kept a lovely place for you there, I love you.


70. I love you so much because you have been my wonderful world, no amount of love that I have for you is enough to show my deep appreciation for all that you have done for me.


71. If you are in the midst of one million people, my eyes would always found you, because you are all that I have ever wanted.


72. You are so lovely; I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


73. Ever since I found you, you have always been the joy of my heart, I love you.


74. You look stunning each day that passes; life is beautiful to find a special girl like you.


75. I will live all my life with you, I promise you.


76. My life has become an endless joy when I found you, thank you for making my world beautiful I love you.



You are My World Quotes for Him

It is not easy to find that best man, and you when finally find him, make him feel you are the same paradise that he is to you, shower him with love and send him lovely text messages.

77. I keep you close to my heart because you are special, I have never found another beautiful world like being in your world with you, I cherish you.


78. I love the way you hold my arms when you whisper your love to my ear my heart skip in endless joy, your love is like magic to my soul, it makes me feel so joyful, I’m lost in your world, I love you so much.


79. There is no better place that I wish to be than to stay by your side, at every rising and setting of the sun, I wish to be with you, goodnight.


80. You are so lovely; you are so cheerful, I’m lucky to find an amazing man like you, goodnight my joy.


81. You never make a boredom moment in my life, I never knew that life was so beautiful until you prove it to me; I love you with all my heart, thank you for being my beautiful world.


82. It takes me endless time to wait to find you, dearest, you are worth the trouble I have gone through waiting for a special man like I love you.


83. No one can take your love away from my heart; I love more than fishes love water.


84. You fit perfectly into my world, no one makes me feel better the way you do, I would make your joyful life.


85. Count on me when you need somebody to lean on, I will never let you down, I love you from the depth of my heart, have a cheerful day.


86. You make me feel like a queen, you treat me like an angel, you gave me so much love and care for me, I never believed that a wonderful man like you still existed, I’m the luckiest woman to have someone like you in my life, I love you so much.


87. I know that our life would be great together, I know that our future would be full of sweetness because you make me feel happily ever, you are my word, I love you.


88. I have given anybody the whole of heart, but to you, I give everything that I have including my heart, this is a token of my appreciation to you for being always being there for me.


89. I would endure every moment with you, you have always been there for me, you pick me up when I was down, you bring happiness to my heart when I’m sad, you are just my paradise, I love you so much.

90. If there is anything that I can do to make you happy forever, I would do, I don’t ever want a single moment of unhappiness in your life, you are my everything.


91. I don’t if I’m ok, I just want you to be ok, because if everything is ok for you, then my heart would forever joyful.


92. I love you every day, and I love you forever, be my love until eternity.


93. I may not be saying this often time, but you know what, I love you so much.


94. You are the king of my heart, I want to be the queen of your heart too, I want to make as much happier as you have made me, I love you with all my heart.


95. My love, if you can through my heart, I would know how much I love you, you make every single memorable one in my life, you are sufficient for my heart, I love so deeply.


96. I never knew that I would have it so good in life until I found you, you cleanse every pain in my heart with your care and love, I’m so much blessed because of you, I love you so much.


97. I use to think that beautiful life only happens in movies, and fictional love stories, how wrong I was until I found you; you make my life a bundle of joy, my heart is close to paradise, thank you for being my total happiness.


98. You are my world; you make me feel so good, I love you so much.


99. As the sun shines, so do you love shines in my heart, you are that matters to me, my life is wonderful because you love me, thank you for being my amazing world. I love you.


100. Your thought is always on my mind, it makes me feel so lovely and wonderful, I love you, my hero.


101. You are the true love of my life, I would be alone and sad if not that my Lord that bestow me an angel like you, I love you with all my heart.


102. In each day that passes I get to realize that you are the one made for me, things become so easy for me ever since you come into my life, you are beautiful sunshine, I love you.


103. I wake up every morning and I thank God it is another beautiful day for us, I just want to say thank you for all the care and love.


104. Dearest, thank you so much for being my amazing world, my journey to a happy life began when I found you, you are my beautiful world.


105. In the moment of deep silence, I’m thinking of you, you have made my world so beautiful.


106. I cup my hands to receive more blessing from heaven for your heart this wonderful day, good morning, have a beautiful day.

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