Cute Happy Birthday Msg for Sister


Happy Birthday Msg for Sister
Happy Birthday Msg


Happy Birthday Msg for Sister is an awesome happy birthday message that we have written for that beautiful sister that means so much to you.

Cute Happy Birthday Msg for Sister

1. Hurrah! Today is your beautiful day, with love I’m sending you this cute happy birthday msg for you sister, wishing you long life and prosperity.


2. It is so beautiful to be celebrating such an amazing sister like you today, you a special to my heart, happy birthday. wishing you a life as amazing as you are.


3. Someone as nice as you deserve the best in life, thank God for the gift. Happy birthday dear sister.


4. Happy birthday, sister, may the years ahead bring you joy and love, peace, and fond memories. I’m proud to have a wonderful sister like you.


5. You have added another beautiful year today, we give glory to God. May you live many more beautiful years to come.


6. Not everybody is fortunate to have a lovely sister like you. you are so caring and compassionate. I’ll always pray for you as long as I live. Happy birthday, sister.


7. Today is that special day when an angel like you was born, thank the good Lord who has been so good to you. Happy birthday, sister.


8. I may not be close to you right now, I wished I could give you that special hug and kisses which you deserve from me. But I want you to know that you are always on my mind. I Can’t forget a wonderful sister like you. Happy birthday, sister.


9. Last night I couldn’t sleep I was thinking of the best plan for you today, hurray! it’s your special day, I have lots of beautiful things for you today, but first, let’s cut the cake. Happy birthday to you cute sister.


10. You such a lovely and adorable sister, words are short describing how beautiful you are in my heart, happy birthday.


11. I have seen my friends and their sister quarrel and fight, but all these years we have been living as brother and sister, no such thing has ever happened. You are indeed a big sister, you look just like our lovely mother, wishing you a lovely birthday and many wonderful years ahead.


12. Dear sister my prayers for you today are long life, good health, a caring husband, and lovely children. Happy birthday to the lovely angel of our home.


13. No distance can’t stop me from reaching you, even if I can’t see you right now, I can feel every bit of your happiness, smile, and laughter. You are such a beautiful sister. Happy birthday to you.


14. I wish that you would be around me every time I look by my side, you are so caring and adorable, I miss you so much. Wishing you all the best in life as clocked another beautiful year today. Happy birthday, sister.


15. When growing up as a little child you are always the first to take every risk for us when any of us have done anything wrong you prefer to serve the punishment alone, you are such a loving sister. Happy birthday to you.


16. If I have to come back to this world again after death I will always choose you as a sister, you are so nice and kind. Happy birthday my lovely sister.


17. Happy birthday to the most amazing sister in the world, you left fond and sweet memories of my spending those beautiful years of childhood together, I would live to cherish you.


18. When flashed back in time, I can’t but to thank God for giving me such a lovely sister, you more precise than all the treasures of the world to me, happy birthday.


19. Sometimes I feel like following you wherever you go because you always take good care of me as a younger brother. Happy birthday, sister.


20. You are not just my sister, you are also my best friend. Through the thick and thin, you have always been there for me. I will always love you and pray that all good things come your way. Happy birthday, sister.


Memorable Happy Birthday Msg for Sister

21. May your life be filled with riches and goodness. You are such an amazing sister. Happy birthday to you my adorable sister.


22. If all the sister in the world is like you, the world would have been a better place. Mom, I’m the happiest in the world today because we are celebrating a wonderful soul. Happy birthday, sister.


23. The only place that I should be today is your place, the only thing that I should do today is to celebrate this beautiful day with you, happy birthday my sweet sister, you are beautiful.


24. A special gift should be reserved for a special angel like you, first of all, thank God for the gift of life and good health. May feel lots of joy in your heart today and every other day of your life, happy birthday.


25. It is going to be a party all day long, happy birthday. I’m coming with lots of goodies to celebrate with you.


26. If I look back and remember all the beautiful time we have spent together, I can’t but to give glory to God who has blessed our family with a wonderful person like you. I’ll always keep you close to my heart. Happy birthday.


27. All the beautiful people of the world are joining me to sing this beautiful happy birthday song for you. Happy birthday, sister.


28. Like the flowers attract butterflies, so shall your life attracts by all that is good things of this world. Happy birthday, cute sister.


29. How time flies, just yesterday we are little children, playing hide and seek games, today you have grown to a lovely and adorable girl. Happy for you, happy birthday.


30. If I have to sacrifice everything to make you happy, I will gladly do so for you. I know how much you have sacrificed for me, I love you sister. Happy birthday.



31. Happy birthday my sister, my friend, my joy, you are always in my mind.


32. Dear sister today is a special day as you become older, age with grace and have a wonderful day.


33. Happy birthday, enjoy and be happy, it’s your special day.


34. A special day like this comes with loving memories. It is certain all of your good dreams today and always shall come true. Happy birthday.


35. Girl honestly, I want to be the first person to wish you a wonderful, joyful birthday, happy birthday to the most beautiful girl.


36. Many wishes and happy returns as you celebrate this one it shall bring joy, happiness, and long life.


37. Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I ever knew, have a wonderful day and a happy future.


38. May this special day of your life bring fond memories and happiness into your life, happy birthday love.


39. The most exciting thing is having you in my life, good morning to you and happy birthday.


40. Today is that special day of yours, a day to remember with gratitude to God has, wishing a happy birthday.


41. Let celebrate you and so shall we celebrate the joy of your living. Happy birthday my dear.


42. Hey girl, it’s another special day of yours have a great day, happy birthday babe.


43. Hi love, today is a special day for you,  enjoy the day and have a fun, happy birthday.


44. This special day you hope for Is today so am wishing you all the best in life, enjoy your day, happy birthday.


45. Wow, it’s your birthday today, enjoy every moment of your life today, happy birthday.


46. Hey, it’s your birthday so I want to be the first to wish you a wonderfully happy birthday.


47. Happy birthday beautiful sister, have great fun, may your life be full of happiness and joy every single moment of your living.


48. Hello Dear, it’s your birthday today, feel good and enjoy every single moment of your day, happy birthday.


49. Most people love to celebrate that special day of their loved ones so we celebrate this day of yours so shall it make your dreams come true, happy birthday.


Awesome Happy Birthday Msg for Sister

50. So long as I’m alive I will always remember this great day that we celebrate an amazing sister like you, relax and enjoy your day, you deserve the best in life, happy birthday.


51. My last thought before I went to bed yesterday was how to wish you a fabulously happy birthday this beautiful morning. Happy birthday!


52. I can’t remember anything about you but good things, you would always be the joy of my heart, I hope I’m the first to happy birthday to you.


53. We may not have seen for many years, but just the sound of your voice reminds me of every beautiful thing about you, happy birthday to the world’s most caring sister.


54. You are simply an irreplaceable sister, you are so beautiful and charming, May God continues to bless you. all your life, happy birthday.


55. Thank God for this additional year that you have added today. Happy birthday.


56. If all the treasures in the world are placed in my left hand, and you are placed in my right hand. If I’m asked to make a choice, I will gladly choose you, you are such an awesome sister, Happy birthday.


57. You are like the light that shines brightly, your coming world brought joy and love to us. Happy birthday sweet sister.


58. Thank God for my dreams upon you comes true, you have been a wonderful sister that I have dreamt of. Happy birthday to you.


59. Daddy calls you the queen of the house, mama calls you the angel of the house and I call you the star of the family. Happy birthday dear sister.



60. Hurray, my dear sister is a year older today, everybody! join me to wish her happy birthday1


61. The dream of seeing you grow into an adorable woman is fast approaching, I know you will make a good mother tomorrow because you are so caring and hard working. Happy birthday lovely sister.


62. I always wish you well wherever you go, I’m proud to have a lovely sister like you. Happy birthday to you.


63. Thank God for the beautiful life you have lived, you are such an obedient child to her family. Daddy and mummy are proud of you and we are also proud of you too. Happy birthday, sister.


64. This moment holds allots of beautiful memories, it is the day that you arrive in this beautiful world, your life has been a source of inspiration to all of us, you are such a smart and intelligent girl. Happy birthday.


65. Today is your day, we are happy to be celebrating this beautiful day with you. happy birthday, sister.


66. Thank God for having a beautiful sister like you, we quarrel and we makeup, we play and laugh together. We are brothers and sisters. Happy birthday.


67. The little angel of yesterday, now you have grown to an adorable lady, thank God for giving you the gift of life. happy birthday, sister.


68. Happy birthday, sister, I will always love and appreciate you.


69. Happy birthday to the cutest sister in the world, you are such a marvelous person to grow with.


70. The dream of having to bake a beautiful cake for you my dearest sister is today, don’t worry I will make it a special cake for you. Happy birthday.


71. Be happy and enjoy, today is your lovely day, I’m glad to be celebrating with you. Love you sister.


72. Happy birthday, sister, you look so gorgeous and beautiful as ever, enjoy your days with lots of fun to catch today.


73. The Lord has made you so beautiful, your life is a blessing to us and to everyone around you, everybody talks good about you, congratulation and happy birthday.


74. Thank God I have a sister who is adoring and beautiful, you are also caring and wonderful. Happy birthday to you.


75. I hope you start your day with a cheerful smile as you always do, nothing could be compared to the beautiful moments that we shared together as sisters. Today we may be far apart but the love that share remains in my heart forever, happy birthday, wishing you more blessed years ahead.


76. Life is beautiful spending it with you, I have grown fond of you because you are the best that time couldn’t replace in my heart, I miss you, happy birthday.


77. Today is your lovely birthday lets rejoice and celebrate your beautiful life. Happy birthday.


78. All that I’m wishing my lovely sister today are long life, good health, prosperity, and caring, handsome husband. Happy birthday to you.


79. Wishing you all the good things of life, happy birthday to my nice sister.


80. We all gathered here to celebrate with a special person like you, your dear brother is wishing a dearest sister like you happy birthday, long life, and prosperity.


81. Wishing you bundles of joy as you clocked another year today. Happy birthday sweet sister.


82. We thank God almighty who has protected and guide you all through the years, wishing you more blessing of God as you add another year today, happy birthday.


83. Just as you open your eyes now, I want to wish you a happy birthday and blessed life, relax and enjoy your life today, the best is yet to come for you.


84. The very first thought that came to me this morning was your birthday, happy birthday and have a wonderful day.


85. Hello, Miss Birthday, Happy birthday and I wish you many happy returns.


86. I can bet that you are the most beautiful sister in the world, happy birthday to my sweet sister, may the Lord bless your heart everywhere that you go.


87. Good morning sleeping beauty I’m wishing you a happy birthday.


88. People have great ambition in life so as you celebrate this special day may God make your ambition and wishes come true, happy birthday.


89. Hey, it’s morning and also your birthday so I am wishing you all the best in life today and always, happy birthday.

Special Birthday Wishes for Sister

90. For the rest of my life, I’ll stay by you and share in your happiness, happy birthday.


91. On this bright and beautiful day of which we share this happiness together, I pray that we will live many more years together, happy birthday.


92. Congratulation on another year may this year bring you a lot of joy and success.


93. Happy birthday to my dear sister, no one is like you to me, I’m happy you have added another beautiful year today. Wishing you all the best in your life.


94. It is nice to know that you are a year older today, happy birthday to you, my cutest sister.


95. Many could not live to see another day, thank God for the special gift of life-giving to you. Happy birthday.


96. It is really a beautiful day for you, I’m very happy to be part of your happiness today. Happy birthday beautiful.


97. You are the most beautiful sister, I’m so happy to be celebrating with you. Happy birthday to you.


98. Life is kind to have you around; you are a very just looking cute. Happy birthday.


99. We wish you many beautiful years ahead. Happy birthday to a lovely sister.


100. I’m wishing you the best in life. Success in everything that you do. Happy birthday, love.


101. You are just like our mom, so loving and caring, I’m blessed to have you as a sister, happy birthday.


102. My dear what else can I say, having you in the family is the most beautiful that has ever happened to me. Lucky you are my sister. Happy birthday.


103. Congratulation and happy birthday my sister, the love of my life, you are really incomparable; you are so nice and fun to be with. Happy birthday, sister.


104. Just like the moon to the cloud, we are inseparable sisters, good to know that today is your birthday, happy birthday.


105. Darling sister, my one and only, you are part of me; you are the reason for my success and have a beautiful birthday and many more years to come.


106. Congratulation and happy birthday sister, may this day bring loving memories and long life, happy birthday.


107. Happy birthday to my sister, you are that special person in my life; you are always there for me. You are my big mentor, my guardian angel, my love.


108. Congratulation sister, you are so caring and so generous, you are kind and have a good heart, wish you all the best, happy birthday.


109. Happy birthday sister, long life, and many more years, you will always be celebrated and I wish you all you ever wanted.


110. Today is a beautiful and remarkable day; you are 30 and still look younger than your age. Happy birthday big sister.


111. You are so kind and responsible, we are glad to have you in the family. Happy birthday sister, keep smiling, you so wonderful.


112. Happy birthday my sister, the apple of my eye, the only person that gives me hopes and I am happy I can rely on you for everything.


113. Hurray! It’s your birthday, happy birthday to my dearest sister.


114. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister.


115. I am very excited that we are celebrating this day with you, happy birthday, big sis.


116. As the moon shines brightly so shall your life shines with joy and happiness. happy birthday, dearest sister.


117. Today is a very beautiful day for you, I am wishing you a great time, happy birthday.


118. Thank goodness that the day we’ve been waiting for has finally come, happy birthday sis.


119. You are the most awesome sister in the whole world, my life is incomplete without a sweet sister like you, happy birthday big sis.

Beautiful Birthday Thoughts for Sister

120. I wish you a wonderful day, happy birthday to the coolest sister ever.


121. I pray this day brings you joy and sweet memories, happy birthday.


122. As long as I lived I will always wish you a heart full of joy and happiness forever, happy birthday to the best and caring sister in the world.


123. I am so happy, for you have added another beautiful year to your life today, may the Lord keep you safe and happy every moment of your life, happy birthday.


124. To my beloved sister in the world, I wish you a joyful day, happy birthday.


125. Thank God for adding another year to my beautiful and wonderful sister’s life, congratulations sis happy birthday.


126. You are the most beautiful sister that illuminates my life, I am wishing you a wonderfully happy birthday.


127. Hurray!! sis you have added another year into your life, I wish you all the best, happy birthday dear.


128. You are the most beautiful and greatest sister ever, happy birthday.


129. I wish you a very wonderful happy birthday and I am happy for you. I love you sister.


130. Dear sister, I pray that God places peace and harmony in your life, happy birthday.



131. To the most amazing sister ever I wish you an awesome happy birthday, love you.


132. It should be the prayer to have a special person like you my dearest sister, happy birthday to the cutest sister in the world.


133. Life is more awesome and memorable with you, happy birthday, and wishing more years full of glory and praise.


134. You are the beauty of our entire house hood, best of wishes on your birthday, happy birthday.


135. You are the most special person in my life, no one can take your beautiful place in my heart, happy birthday to you dearest sister.


136. We are so proud to have such a wonderful, loving, and caring sister like you, happy birthday.


137. I pray that your life would be filled with happiness and joy forever, happy birthday beautiful sis.


138. Today is your day, have a wonderful day, and happy birthday.


139. You are the most precious person in my life, I could have forgotten that today is your birthday, happy birthday, wishing you a life full of God’s infinite blessing.

Happy Birthday Msg for Big Sister

141. Dear sister, today is your birthday, be happy and let us celebrate with you, wishing you good health and prosperity. Happy birthday to you.


142. I have always known you to be hardworking and caring, you are just like our mother, so loving and calm. Happy birthday, sister.


143. The joy of sharing this special day with you soothes my heart, you have been a source of inspiration to all younger ones, you have always laid a good example for us to follow. Happy birthday.


144. Thank God for blessing our family with a gift like you, you are really a beautiful gift to this family, as you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that the Lord bless you with long life in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday.


145. All the good people in this world are saying hurray! it is your beautiful day. Happy birthday to you. s


146. If every home has an adorable sister like you, the world would have been a better place. Thank God for your beautiful life, we are happy to share in your happiness today, happy birthday.


147. You are truly an angel sent from above, we are proud to have a beautiful sister like you. Happy birthday.


148. You are my big sister and my best friend, thank you for all the things that you have done for me, you are such a caring sister, wishing you all the beautiful things in life. Happy birthday.


149. Your life is filled with beauty and love, you are such a loving and caring heart. Wishing you many successful years ahead. Happy birthday.


150. Happy birthday to my big sister, I love you.


151. Thank you, for always standing by me in a tough time, your beautiful advice and counsel had helped me a lot in my life, you are just like a mother. Happy birthday.


152. Friends come and go, but sisters are always there for you, thank you for always being there when I need you must, you are truly a shoulder to lean on. Happy birthday, sister.


153. In some homes, there are only brothers, but in our home, there is a lovely sister like you, happy birthday.


154. Thank you for your love and care, you are a super sister, thank God I have a sister like you to count on, happy birthday, wishing you a memorable life.


155. Thank you, Lord, for sending us a lovely sister like you, you are the angel of our heart, happy birthday, big sister.


156. If I have a choice I will wish to live closer to you for the rest of my life, you are an angel sent from above.


157. Dearest sister, I remember all the beautiful things you have done for me, you were there to protect me as a young child from the bullies of other older children, you took good care of me when mama is not around, in fact, you are my second mother, I wish that one day I will have a wife as caring as you. Happy birthday, ma.


158. Happy birthday lovely sister, I’m coming with your cake to mark this beautiful time, you deserve all that is good. Wishing you many years to come.


159. I’m so happy because today is your happiest day, congratulation on adding another glorious year to your age. Wishing you more fruitful years in good health.


160. It gladdens my heart to know that today is your special day, just tell me anywhere you want me to take you to mark this beautiful occasion, I’m ready to spend all I have to make you happy my lovely big sister. Happy birthday.


161. Happy birthday to my lovely sister, we use to call her the ‘deputy mother’, she looks every inch like our mother, so nice and cool. You an amazing person, wishing you well in all that you do.


162. Today I pray that the Lord bless you with all your heart desires, that will be of benefit to you. Happy birthday to a lovely big sister.


163. You represent everything that anybody will ever wish for in a sister, I wish your children will be like you. Happy birthday to you big sister.

Funny Happy Birthday Msg for Sister

165. Today is your birthday, thank God, no quarrel with you today, just joking, happy birthday sister, hope the cake is ready.


166. The pain of knowing you are getting older is that you will soon be leaving for your husband house, how I wish I can live close to your house in the future so I can always sneak in, to eat those mouthwatering delicious meal you use to cook. Happy birthday my lovely elder sister.


167. I wish I will always see you smile, you are looking younger and gorgeous sister, wishing many beautiful years to come. Happy birthday to you.


168. I still remember every aspect of our childhood with nostalgia, you have always been a wonderful and caring sister, how I wish I can turn back the hand of the clock so that I can receive those royal care from you. Happy birthday to my adorable sister.


169. I use to think you are my mother when my mother was not around, I never knew you are my sister because you use to treat me exactly the same way a mother does. Happy birthday, sister.


170. A home without a sister is a lovely home, thank God that made you my sister, how perfectly you use to cook and help keep the house clean. Happy birthday my beautiful sister.


171. I can imagine how life would have without you, you are so nice and helpful, you use to make my homework easy for me, I pray to have many more sisters like you. happy birthday to my elderly beautiful charming sister.


172. Happy birthday to the most jovial sister in the world, happy to know you are still younger and fabulous wishing you lots of beautiful years ahead.


173. You are a phenomenal beauty to behold, happy birthday to my lovely sister.


174. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, forget all those you see on TV, no woman of your time is as beautiful as you are. Happy birthday sister dear sister.


175. Forget about the pain of the past, concentrate on the positive today and tomorrow, wishing you more years in good health. Happy birthday, sister.



176. I’m sending you a sweet happy birthday song, produced by a sweet and sonorous brother, to a cool and wonderful sweet sister like you, you deserve the best. Happy birthday.


177. Happy birthday sister, wishing you so many fabulous years ahead.


178. The cutest brother is wishing you the most gorgeous sister a happy birthday.


179. May your destiny shines like the stars in the sky, may your life be full of light upon light. Happy birthday big sister.



180. Today you are a year older, please remind me of your age, because I forgot about it after thinking about how to make today beautiful so much.


181. The irony of your destiny is that you are looking charming as you are aging, but I know your real age. Happy birthday my dearest sister.


182. There are so many reasons why I would like to wish you a happy birth on BBC, CNN, and ALGEZIRA because I love you so much. Happy birthday, sister.


183. If the world is a global village, then I have to globalize this birthday ceremony to FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, AND TWINTER handlers. Happy birthday, sister.


184. Happy birthday sister, I would have sent you a precious gift but my credit card refuses to function early this morning, believe me, I’m saying the truth, nothing but the truth.


185. Happy birthday sister, hope with this heartily greeting from me to you, you will not spoil my show again when I need to collect some money from dad, you know I love you so much.


186. Happy birthday big sister, happy to know that you are a year older today. Hope you will increase my plate of meal today.


187. Happy birthday to the happiest big sister in the world. I’m simply happy because you are happy. So happy happiness.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

189. Though you are younger, you still look younger than your age. Happy birthday, sister.


190. You are young and beautiful, always be a good girl, wishing you a happy birthday.


191. It is amazing to be celebrating your birthday with you today. Happy birthday, sister.


192. At 15th you look so smart and intelligent, you are such a gifted child, happy birthday to you my dearest sister.


193. Wishing you long life and success in all your endeavors as add another year today. Happy birthday to you.


194. Happy birthday to a lovely sister, through good time and bad time you have always been there. You are so marvelous. Happy birthday.


195. Happy birthday to my amazing beautiful sister, wishing you all the best in life.


196. I still use to see you as the baby of the house, but now you have added another year so you are moving away from being a baby to a teen. May the good Lord continue to protect you and bless you with good health. Happy birthday my dear little sister.


197. Thank God for your beautiful life, all the family are proud of you, you are a good child. Happy birthday to my lovely younger sister.


198. You are still looking younger than you age, you look 16th when you are now 20, happy for my lovely sister, Happy birthday.


199. I have ordered your beautiful cake, you deserve all that is beautiful, have a nice birthday celebration.



200. Hurray! My lovely younger sister is 16, happy birthday to you.



201. I wish I will always have you around me, you are such a wonderful and adorable sister, wishing you more splendid years ahead. Happy birthday to you lovely sister.


202. You are the little angel of our home, mom and dad said your arrival brings a lot of success to this family, you are our lucky star. Happy birthday to you.


203. As you mark your birthday today, I wish you long life, good health, and success in all that you do. Happy birthday to you.


204. Life is beautiful because we are alive and healthy, I’m happy that this beautiful day of yours meets you well. Happy birthday to my lovely younger sister.


205. Smile and be happy, today is your great day. Happy birthday to you.


206. Your life is full of beauty and splendor, happy birthday to you little sister.


207. Happy birthday to the most adorable girl in the world. I’m proud to be your brother.


208. You are a very intelligent sister. You will be great in life. Happy to be celebrating this moment with you. Happy birthday to you.


209. Wishing you well in all that you do in life. Happy birthday to you.


210. All the wonderful people in the world are joining me to wish a beautiful angel like you a happy birthday.


211. Not everybody is lucky to have a lovely younger sister like you. I’m happy I have you around me. Happy birthday.


212. Today is your lovely day, take it off from all work at home, I will add your portion of work to my own. Happy birthday to you lovely sister.


213. I know that in the future you will be a virtuous woman, you have always shown signs of greatness even as a little girl. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday to you.


214. Wishing you my lovely sister a beautiful birthday celebration. Thank God for giving you this gift of life. Rejoice, smile, and celebrate. Happy birthday to you.

216. How fast you have grown, the last time I remember your age you were just 10 years old and today you are already 16 years, woo! that’s great. Happy birthday to you.


217. Thank God for adding another year to your age, at least you now getting stronger to help me with my housekeeping, just joking don’t be afraid. Happy birthday to you.


218. How come I don’t grow fast like you, you are almost taller than me now. Happy birthday little sister, big trouble.


219. How time runs fast, just like yesterday, when I will carry you on my shoulder and swing around, today you are sixteen and I can no longer carry you the way I use to do. Happy to know you are growing. Happy…happy birthday to you.


220. To my troublesome and lovely younger sister, you mean everything that is everything to me, sometimes you make me smile and sometimes make me frown, anyway, happy birthday to you.


221. I don’t know what I can do without you when you are at home it’s beautiful and when you are absent it’s sad. I love you like monkeys like bananas. Wishing you a happy birthday today.


222. Hey, little sister how old are you today, you have almost reached my age of ten years ago, thank God you are catching up gradually. Happy for you and happy birthday.


223. Happy birthday to the baby of the house, don’t worry by 10 years to come you will stop calling you baby.


224. Happy birthday to you little quarrel, I hope that as you have added another year today your quarrel with me will reduce? I love you.


225. It is wonderful to grow alongside your little sister o happy to share my childhood memories with you.


226. What a wonderful life for you, the little sister of yesterday is 15 today. I’m happy to be cutting this your cake with you. please share according to our age. Happy birthday to you.


227. Hurray!! It’s celebration time for you today. Happy birthday my little lovely younger sister.

Bday Wishes for Sister In Law

228. You are more than a sister-in-law to me, you are just like my biological sister, you are so nice and caring to me. Happy birthday to you, wishing you more lovely years.


229. You are a wonderful sister-in-law. Happy birthday to you my dear.


230. I have never met a wonderful person like you; you are one in a million. It’s so nice to have a sister-in-law like you. Happy birthday to you.


231. Thank God that I have a sister-in-law like you, who have helped me greatly in building a successful home, you are so wonderful and an adorable sister-in-law. Happy birthday to THE best sister-in-law in the world, more beautiful years for you.


232. I thank you, my dear sister-in-law, for all the beautiful time you have spent with us, you are more than a dear sister to me. You have always been there for me in a difficult time. Wishing you the best in my life.


233. Today is your beautiful day, wishing you all the beautiful things in life. Happy birthday.


234. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister-in-law, I want to use this opportunity to thank you for being a wonderful sister-in-law to me and the whole family. To the children, you are an adorable big aunty, and to me, you are simply a truly real sister. Thank God for your beautiful life.


235. All the members of the family are wishing you a fabulously happy birthday.


236. You have been so helpful and caring to me, wishing you long life, good health, and a lovely home as you progress in age. Happy birthday to an amazing person like you.


237. Thank you for being a reliable person to me. I have no fear when I’m with you; you are such a trusted hand. Happy birthday to you and have a lovely celebration.


238. We are always missing you when you are not with us; you have been a wonderful aunty to the kids. We are all wishing you a happy birthday.


239. Hurray!!! My lovely sister-in-law is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday to the best sister-in-law in the world. I love you.


240. To my incredible sister-in-law, wishing you all the good things in life as you have added another year today. Happy birthday.


241. More blessing for you as you clock another year today. Wishing you more wonderful years ahead.


242. May your days be filled with happiness and joy. Happy birthday to my dearest sister-in-law.


243. You are the perfect sister-in-law that every woman we wish to have. Happy birthday to you.


244. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful and understanding sister-in-law like you, you are not just my sister-in-law, you are also my best friend. Happy birthday to you.


245. You are just an amazing person, I have never met a person like you. thank God that sent you my way. I’m wishing you a beautiful happy birthday and many happy returns.


246. As you spread happiness everywhere you go so shall you receive happiness all the days of your life. happy birthday, dearest sister-in-law.


247. Your life is full of beauty and kindness, I wish all that is good as you mark another year today. Happy birthday, dear.


248. You are a blessing to your family and all mankind, you inspired me in so many ways by your simple and gentle approach to everything, you are such an amazing character. Happy birthday to you dearest sister-in-law.


249. I’m so glad that today is your happiest day. Meeting you has brought a lot of happiness and joy to my life and the life of my children. You are truly God sent to us. Happy birth to you an amazing sister-in-law.


250. Dear sister-in-law, you are a special person to all of us, we are singing a beautiful happy birthday line for you.


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