Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush


Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush, you would find here some of the most romantic goodnight text to your crush-wife, husband, girlfriend, and boyfriend.

Always cultivate the habit of sending a lovely goodnight message to the one that makes your life a wonderful place. What makes hearts grown fonder for each other is the ability to make each other an important factor in our daily life. A simple text msg that cost nothing can make a huge impact on your relations.

Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush


Cute Way to Say Goodnight to Your Crush

• I’m sure you know that your sweet words always crush my heart, say more of it to me before I sleep tonight, I love you.


• I’m deeply in love for the first time in my life with an angel, or don’t you know that you are the angel of my heart, just saying good night to you.


• May your night be filled with peace and joy, wishing you wonderful sleep, goodnight.


• Sleep would elude me if I didn’t say goodnight to you, I’m in a sweet romance with the most beautiful woman in the world, I’m proud of you, good night my angel.


• Wish I can feel your arms around me now, I’m really so crazy about you, you crush my heart with your love, can’t wait to see you tomorrow, goodnight darling.


• I just feel happy every day to share my life with you; you are such a wonderful person, sweet dreams tonight, goodnight baby.


• The joy of waking up tomorrow morning to see your beautiful eyes again make me want to sleep early every night, you are more than all the treasures of the world to me, goodnight baby.


• I have never seen a beautiful woman like you before, I’m so lucky to have you as my darling wife; I will always cherish you as long as I lived, goodnight sweetheart.


• You make me feel like a king by your side, wish I can kiss your sweet lips under the moonlight now, I miss you, goodnight.


• May your night be as beautiful as you are to me, looking forward to seeing your beautiful eyes again tomorrow morning, goodnight my sunshine.


• Your love shines like moonlight and glitters like the stars, you should have been in my arms now cuddling you, but be sure that I will dream sweet of you tonight, good night to the love of my life.


• I love you as the night loves the moon; my life is incomplete without you, goodnight to the angel of my heart.


• I reserved the most beautiful part of my heart for you tomorrow morning when you wake up, sleep tight, good night.


• I fall in love deeper with you every day, I don’t what I can do without you, goodnight my flower.


• Loving you had made me a better husband every day, you know how special you are to me, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning, goodnight.


• I can endure anything but I can’t endure life without you, may the Lord restore your soul tomorrow morning as slumber in the mighty hand of sleep tonight, goodnight my love.


• The best thing that has ever happened to me is when I found you, I would always be there for you, I promise, good night my heartbeat.

• Looking at the moonlight now and looking into your eyes as well, I don’t know which is the brightest light. You just fit perfectly into my heart, good night my love.

• As you we sleep now, I pray that we make back to life tomorrow morning, I love you with all my heart, goodnight.


• I want to hear your sweet voice one more time before I sleep tonight, please call me now, I love you.


• You made me speechless when I’m with you because you are too beautiful for my heart, may I hold your hand one more time tomorrow, goodnight my sweet Candy.


• There are moments in life that I don’t want to spend alone without you, and one of such moments is now, I miss you so badly, I need you here, goodnight.


• As you close your eyes to sleep, may the angels descend from heaven to guard you for you are only the treasure that I have, goodnight sweetheart.


Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush-Wife

Your wife is your beautiful world; make her adorable every night by sending her a sweet goodnight text like the ones we have chosen for you below.


As you go to bed tonight, dream of how much I love you, not how much I hurt you(smiles), goodnight my angel.


“Sleep, my Bella, dream happy dreams, you are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours.” – Edward Cullen


I keep my beautiful love for you, as the days merge into the night, your love will always be radiant in my heart.


I can’t imagine a life without you, you make my world beautiful, goodnight my sweetheart.


Goodnight, to the most amazing person in the world, wishing you a very splendid night, sleep tight.


Goodnight, my love I miss you so much, I wish I could fall asleep in your lovely arms.


Love is when you close your eye and dream sweet of the one that matters to your heart, you are the sweetness of my heart, goodnight my angel, wishing you a wonderful night.


You have always been my cute eye, my sweet thought, and my cheerful smile, goodnight my queen, wishing you a memorable night.


I stop searching for true love when I found you; you bring sweetness and joy to my heart, goodnight my Juliet, wishing you a wonderful sleep.


Life has been so beautiful ever since I found you, you are my Angel Eye, goodnight, my beautiful flower, I would always be there for you.


You have been on my mind all day, you are one special soul that I have always cherish, look up at the sky this night, see how the moon shines and the star glitters, your love shines more than that in my heart, as lay your head to sleep tonight, I wish you God’s protection, goodnight my sweet Wifey.



Words cannot express how much I love, thank for being my beautiful wife, sleep well tonight and dream sweet of us, goodnight my sunshine.


As it is moonlight now, I wish you a marvelous night, see your beautiful face in the sunshine tomorrow, goodnight my Darling.


Your love is worth dying for, thank God I found an angel like you as my darling wife, you have ever been my sweet memory to me, goodnight my world, my the Lord rise up to see another beautiful day tomorrow.


I can fly, I can soar, I can touch the moon because of you, life is cherishing to have an adorable angel-like as my wife, goodnight my sweetheart.


You filled my heart with love, you change my world when you came, I found true love when I found you, may the angels stay by your side tonight to keep you safe, goodnight my cutie.


You are my glorious wife, I would always be there for you forever, as the night comes now drift away into dreamland in a sweet dream, goodnight my soul mate.


My heart feels so sweet because I have you there, there has never been a time when I don’t think of you, thank you for all the care and love you have shown me over the year, you have made a good husband, goodnight my sunshine.


My sweet Mami wants to sleep now, I wish you a beautiful night full love and piece, I would dream sweet of you, just make sure you dream sweetly of me too, goodnight beauty.


I’m miles away from home, but your love is ever shining like this night moon in my heart, goodnight my Honeybun, I would be in wonderland waiting for you.


I have seen you I my dreams for more than a million times before I met you, you make my life complete when you came, I promise to be there for you when you need me must. Goodnight, have cheerful sleep.


Goodnight my Flower, you flourish in my heart even in your sleep, may God bless night, and raise you to see sunshine tomorrow.


When I close my eyes to sleep every night, I know that you would always be in my dream, you are a heavenly gift, I love you so much, wishing you a lovely night, goodnight to you my angel.


If I ever remember anything in my life that make me smile, they are all the beautiful moment that we shared together, I wish there was never a day that you don’t stay by side, I miss you so much, goodnight my bundle of joy.


You are the sunshine of my day, and the moonlight of my night, my love for you blossom every passing day, goodnight, my love, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


]When the night comes, I know it is time to catch some sweet sleep, but overall I wish I could continue the sweet conversion with you, I’m never tired of talking with you, goodnight.


As I roll over my bed in my hotel room right now, I know something great is missing in my life, and that is you, my love, I cherish you so much, I will dream sweetly of you tonight, goodnight.


You have always been my adorable wife, in my sleep and in my wake, I always keep you at heart, goodnight my sweet dream.


I would bring heaven close to your heart this night, sleep peacefully without fear, my Lord would take care of you, goodnight my heart.


I have vowed to be everything that would make you smile, life has become so joyful because I have you around, goodnight my love, have a beautiful life tomorrow.


I pray that your heart finds the desirable rest this night, I pray that my Lord would restore your soul back to your body tomorrow morning, goodnight my beautiful angel.


As the day disappears and the night approaches, may this night be marvelous for you, sleep peacefully, goodnight my dear wife.



All my dreams come true ever since the time I found you, you are so special to my heart, goodnight.


You have always made my days and my nights beautiful, there is no moment that passes without you in my heart, I miss you my love, goodnight.


When I think about you, I think about all the beautiful things in the world, my heart is a lovely place because of your love and care for me, as rest your head to sleep tonight, goodnight my sweetheart.


You make my life a promising one, you care for me and show me so much love, you are my backbone, thank you, my wife, for your unshaken support, goodnight.


If I have to make one choice in life, I would make a choice of only being with you again and again, you make my world a beautiful place, goodnight my love.


You are such a sweet memory to my life, I carry you at heart wherever I go, goodnight my sweet love.


Sleep is such a sweet parting, as we go to bed this wonderful night, I pray that our body and soul be refreshed for a beautiful tomorrow, goodnight my sweetheart.


Tonight I wish you a beautiful rest my love, I would be there in the dream world to make a beautiful night with you, goodnight.


You are always astonishing and beautiful, I would miss your lovely face as you recline to bed this night, goodnight my love, have a lovely sleep.



You make my heart skip into joy every moment that I think of you, I have always been grateful to my Lord for giving me a beautiful wife like you, you are the joy of heart, goodnight.


Good night to you my angel, I would dream sweetly of you tonight, I love you.


I would miss you as we depart to sleep tonight, but your love occupies all my heart, good not my paradise.


Make sure you fasten your bed belt; sleep in the hands of the angels, goodnight.


May sweet sleep envelope your heart as you close your eyes to sleep, good night sweetie.


Your love is fresh and sweet in my heart; I would always be there for you, good night my angel.


You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and every night I dream sweet of you, goodnight.


I love you with all my heart, good night my sunshine.


You make me happy when I think of how beautiful you are, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, goodnight my darling.


You have always been the last thought in my heart every night before I sleep, goodnight my angel.


I heard that Angels are cute, and you are cute too, good at night.


We may be sleeping in different beds now, but when I close my eyes, an angel brings you in my arms, so I can cling to until the morning comes, good night.



There is no time that passes without thinking of you; I thank GOD that I found an angel like you, goodnight, good wife.


Life is so beautiful because I have you in my arms, I would always be your sweet melody.


You too gorgeous for my heart, I feel so special when I hid your hands, sleep like a baby tonight, I would be in your sweet dreams, good night.


As the night comes, I pray that I would see your beautiful face again tomorrow morning, good night my cutie.


You make love life, you make me love you, I would always be by your side, good night my angel heart.


When I looked into your eyes, I see a beautiful place for me in your heart, which is why I love you so much, good night.


I feel good because of you, so I love so much, good night baby.


If there is one thing I cherish most in life, is when you smile at me, goodnight my heaven, I love you.


I don’t how to express my happiness when I found you, you are my All, good night, sleep tight.


Sleep my special heart and be refreshed for another day tomorrow, you mean so much to me.


Love is making a beautiful choice of a lifetime partner, and that beautiful choice is you, good night


I love it when the night comes because it was the night that I first saw you in my dream, good night my angel.


I could stay by your side and watch you drift in sweet sleep I would be so happy, good night my world.


You are just a perfect match for me, everything you do make me happy, thank you for being my special angel, good night my special heart.


I want to be the last thought in your heart before you fall asleep every night, smile, good night.


Good night for good morning tomorrow, may the Lord bless your heart.


Every time that imagine how I stumbled into your life, I know it is divine Providence that brought us together, you too gorgeous for my heart, goodnight.



If we have two of your kind living, so caring and loving, the world would have been a beautiful place, I cherish my life with you, good night my beauty.


You live beautifully in my heart, even though I may be far away, I keep your sweetness in my heart, good night my angel eye.


I want to hold you in my hands forever; I adore every moment with you, good night my dove.


Shine like the moon tonight would be a beautiful night for your soul, goodnight, God bless you.


When I see your lovely eyes, I forget all the pain in my heart, I want to spend my eternity with you, good night, sweet dream.


Look here my angel; I have nowhere to go tonight, except to be in your sweet dreams, I would be there in a dream world waiting for you, good night.


My cutest want to sleep, I pray we see when it down, good night, sleep tight.


I wish I could lay my head on your chest, so I can feel your heartbeats before I sleep, good night my love.


You have stolen all my heart and soul; I love you so much, good night.


The night is shorter when I’m with you because I just lay beside you had drifted away in sweet refreshing sleep, how beautiful I feel to be in your lovely arms.


Sweetheart goodnight, I can see you brightly among the stars.


Just call me now let me hear your sweet voice once more before you sleep, I love you.


The sky is adorned with the beautiful light of heaven, may the. May the moon cools your night and the Angels are your guard, good night sweet dreams.


Sweetheart, you are like pearls in my heart, I love you more than you ever know, good night.



I pray for a safe journey this night because sleep is like a journey that has a destination as the morning, good night see your beautiful face again in another morning.


Let the night be a glorious time of rest for you and tomorrow be a beautiful day to come, good night, sweetheart, you would always be my Amazon.


I still imagine how I got the most beautiful girl like you, its magic and a dream come true, I’m the luckiest to have you as mine.


I have never come across a beautiful soul like you, you are my heart of happiness, good night my sweetheart, see you tomorrow morning.


I want to be the kind of man that you would never found anywhere you go because you are the kind of woman that I have never seen anywhere, I love you with every beat of my heart, good night.


You are just my life perfect, good night my beauty.


You have succeeded in capturing all my heart, I feel so good to love more every day that passes. Goodnight my Diamond.


I thought I have seen a beautiful woman before, but when saw you, I know that beauty was re-defined, good night Candy.


You are the perfect choice I have ever made; it is so beautiful to live with you, good night my angel.


I could not have imagined life without you, good night my beautiful wife.


You are still making me feel like the first day I saw you, I cannot stand your beautiful, and you are Jewel of my heart, good night.


Just close your eyes and drift away in sweet sleep, dream of me, goodnight.


You are cute to my heart; I can’t stop loving you more, good night.


My treasure is retreating to bed, wishing you a wonderful night, good night.


Good night, to the world’s best wife, good night my angel.


May the Lord bless you with a splendid night; you deserve the best good night.


Close your eyes, may sweet sleep envelope your heart, dream sweet of me too good night.


I give all my heart to you, take all the love in it, you deserve it, good night my angel


It is by a miracle that I found you because you are too precious, may the Lord bless you with a wonderful night, good night my sweetheart.


When I look up the sky at night, I can see your face through the moon, good night, sweetheart.


Everything that makes me smile has a traced back to you, goodnight my beautiful wife.


You are the reasons why I want to spend the rest of my life with you because you are the magic wound in my heart, good night my love.


Life is cherishing to be spending it with you; you are worth more than the world and all the treasure that contains, good night my angel.


I give all of to you, because you are lovely to my heart, good night sweet dreams.


Like ice you cool my heart, like rain, you wash away my pain when I found you, every time you smile at me, it as if a special light brightens my world, I love you, goodnight.


I can’t live without you because you can’t live with me too, thank you for making my world beautiful, good night my cutie pie.


Your love intoxicates more than the strongest wine, I don’t how to express how much you mean to me because I’m lost in words, I would dream sweet of you tonight, good night my honey bunny.


I feel paradise when I look into your eyes; I hope I would see more of them 2moro, good night.


Things get better for me when I found you; you are an angel sent from heaven, good night my cute Panda.


Good night, my Rose, life gets more exciting each day that passes with you, I love so much.


You give me the joy to be with you, I wish you a blissful sleep, good night


The dream of having you forever in my arms is real because every night before I sleep I beg the Lord to give us another day so that I can be with you again.


If the night comes, I pray for the night to come again, so that I can see your beautiful eyes again, may the Lord bless your night.


May heaven come near your heart as you close your eyes to sleep this night, good night my beauty.


Smile as you fall asleep; don’t think of a thing except for the beautiful night ahead, good night my love.


The night is for rest, I pray you have a wonderful sleep, good night my sweet baby.


As the full moon glow, so shall your shines, good night my love.


It is going to be you and me forever, good night my beautiful Eye.


Look me in the Eye you see the river of your love overflowing, good night.


Goodnight my Amazon, you look gorgeous and always in my dream.


Make sure you fall asleep fast and furious; the Lord would take care of your night, good night sweet dreams.


I put your soul in the hand of God Almighty; you are safe in his hands, goodnight.


Wishing you a beautiful rest as you lay your head to sleep my sweet baby, your love still blossoms in my heart as ever, goodnight.


May tomorrow be another promised day for us again, good night my beautiful wife.


You would arise and shine tomorrow by the grace of God, good night.


May your night be as beautiful as the shining moon, goodnight.


May we see the blue sky together tomorrow, good night.


You know how much you mean to me, I pray for a wonderful night as you close your lovely eyes to sleep, goodnight.


The night is beautiful, my gorgeous angel wants to sleep, may your body be refreshed for a wonderful morning, good night.


You cain’t stop amazing me when I think of you, I think of a beautiful life, I would always be by your side, good night my angel.


I wish I could form a warm blanket to cover your body on this cold night, goodnight sleep tight.


I was much overwhelmed with joy because I found you, I want to let you know that you mean so much to me, every single moment I spent with you is amazing and adorable, goodnight my angel.


Dearest, you deserve every beautiful treasure in the world, but since I don’t have the key to all these treasures, I would give you one beautiful key, and that is the key to my heart, goodnight.


My heart skyrockets in a joyful mood just at a look at your beautiful face, I will have another beautiful opportunity to love you more tomorrow, goodnight.


Once you find me secretly staring at your beautiful face at night, don’t blame me that is how I keep vigil over your side, I find it wonderful just to side by your side and watch you as you drift away in sweet sleep, good night my love.


28. I have lived with you for over a decade, and I still find you beautiful and astonishing every single day, your beauty is irresistible to my heart, goodnight my love.


You are the sweetness that I carry in my heart every day, thank you for being my adorable wife, goodnight, and sweet dream.


In every day of my life, my heartbeat for you, you bring so much joy and happiness into my life, goodnight my sweetheart, I love you.


The radiant’s of your eyes in my heart is as the moon and the stars glitter on the ocean at night, you make my blissful world, goodnight my love see your beautiful face tomorrow.


I would ever wish for something, I would wish that I never live a day without you, thank God I found you, goodnight.


God chooses you for me, and you are the best of all things that I ever have, my heart is full of joy to have you in my arms, goodnight my sweet melody, see your beautiful face tomorrow.


I feel deeply in love with you every moment because you have brought so much love to my heart, I don’t know what I would do without you, goodnight.


Without you, life is worthless; you make every day a sweet memory for me, I’m so happy to have a wonderful wife like you.


Sweetheart, you have to know this before you sleep tonight, my love for you are only growing bigger in each day that passes, goodnight.


My dearest and I’m more in love with you every single day and night that come, sleep tight my love, goodnight.


I have never regretted a single moment having you in my life, you are so special to my heart, goodnight my gorgeous.


It is a moment to sleep, as you close your eyes to catch a beautiful sleep now, I’m wishing you a night of splendor and peace, goodnight.


You are at home and I’m abroad, I have never missed a single moment without thinking of you, I love you and miss you so much my love, have a beautiful sleep.


Let the angels be by your side as sleep this night, think sweet of me before you close your heart because I do the same thing too, goodnight my beau.


I’m living a happy life because of you, I’m grateful to my Lord for the gift of a special wife as you, see your beautiful face in another sunshine tomorrow, goodnight my angel.


I am feeling so happy that the night is here again, it gives me so much joy that I’m yours and I will have you all by side all night long, sweet dreams and goodnight.


The weather is so calm and it’s going to be lovely tonight, I want to be with you forever, goodnight.


I wish you a night full of merriment, happiness, and sweet dreams; you are all I dream of my wife. Goodnight.


It gives me joy when I see you are at my bed at night, I am so proud of you and I have this pride of being a super husband to you dear, goodnight.


I can’t imagine life without you, you have brought so much happiness to me, you have inspired me in so many ways that words can’t express. You deserve to be happy and are saying goodnight, my wife.


My wife you are so beautiful and I love to see you close your eyes and sleep like a baby; you are all I see in my dreams. Goodnight sweet dreams love.


The way to love and care for you is known by me alone your husband, just feel relax and enjoy all the beautiful memories tonight comes with. Goodnight wife.


Sleeping beauty, you are my dearest and my golden jewel, you are my best friend, love you every day. Goodnight.


I love you to look so natural, just like I met you; you re the beauty of my heart, my heartbeat for your love, and have a wonderful night my wife.


Keep being lovely as you have always been, you are every man’s dream, but thank God you are mine, and will not take you for granted. Goodnight my wife.


You are so cute just like a baby, my wife you keep making me smile every minute I set my eyes on you, you are treasure good night sweet wife.


I love you my wife and I wish you a night full of joy and rest of mind, you deserve a peaceful night wife. Goodnight.


I am so glad to be your husband, the moment I reflect on how we started I smile and hope we stay together forever in love and in laughter. Do have a beautiful night.


I can’t stop thinking of you all day, thank God it’s nighttime and I have you all to myself. Sweet and loving night wife.


I have it in my heart and no one can take that space you are, you can’t imagine how I feel for you and I will always stay by you. Goodnight.


Letting me into your heart is the best thing to do and I will keep you safe and happy, you are so dear to me my wife, goodnight.


How beautiful life seems, having you around always, you are deep in my heart so deep that nothing can take you out, love you and goodnight.


Life is just so sweet with you, your beauty and gentle touch drive me crazy, you are the queen of my heart. Love you and goodnight.


I wish you all you ever wanted in life, happiness, good health and long life, goodnight and sweet dreams wife.


Having a wife like you is a wonderful experience and a blessing, I love you goodnight.



Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush-Husband

You truly love him, then do you know what impact a beautiful goodnight-message could have in his heart, make him dream sweet of you every night by being a romantic wife through a sweet goodnight SMS for him.


Goodnight to the best husband and father in the world, goodnight my dearest.


I have always wished for a special and wonderful man like you, thank God my wish had come true; you are such an amazing man to me, goodnight.


You are my wings that I can fly, you are my fins that I can swim, and you are my everything that I can smile, goodnight my king, so you lovely face tomorrow morning.


Ever since I found you, the world has been an amazing place for me, I never knew that an angel like you still exist in the world, goodnight.


Goodnight my Romeo, you would always be my amazing world.



I’m fine because of you, I’m happy because of you, I owe you a big thank you, goodnight my superhero.


How was I before I found you, sad and dejected, then how was I after I found you, happy and lovely, I love with every beat of my heart, wishing you a glorious night, goodnight.


I need not be told how angels look like when I see you, you are the angel of my heart, goodnight my King, wishing you a splendid night.


You have always been the last thought on my mind every night before I sleep, goodnight handsome.


As you sleep this night, I pray that you wake up tomorrow with a beautiful heart, may the Lord vanish everything that burden your mind, goodnight my Captain of love.


Life is cherishing and amazing because I have you when night come this way, I know it is beautiful to dream sweetly of you once more, goodnight my charming prince.


I don’t care what lies ahead of me, as long as God keeps you in God health I know that every other thing would fine, thank you for making proud of being with you, I love you, goodnight to you my only one.


How does your day go honey, I hope it was beautiful, however, mine was beautiful because you have been roaming in my heart all day, may this night be a beautiful night for you as well, goodnight my soul mate.


The night has come, and it is a great time to rest, let the moon cool your night and stars make it shine, I’m sending a cute goodnight kiss, can you feel me now, goodnight my best.


If I ever wish for one thing this night, is to be in your lovely arms forever, and never say goodbye, goodnight Cuddly Bear, may God keep you safe to see another beautiful day tomorrow.


I wish that I could come over there where you are now, my day is incomplete without you, goodnight my darling.



I hope you would hold my hand and take me to wonderland when you dream tonight; I want to spend every single moment of my life with a cheerful heart like you, goodnight to my knight in shining armor.


Goodnight my hero, I wish you be the first to say good morning when we rise up from sweet sleep tomorrow morning, may the Lord make this night a beautiful rest for you.


You hold the key to my heart, and this key can only be unlocked by your sweet voice and cute smile before you sleep tonight I want to thank you for your care and love for me, goodnight my Cutie Pie, may the Lord bestow piece to your heart.


I miss my heartthrob; my heart has stopped beating ever since you left, as the night comes and go, I pray that my LORD will always guide and protect you, goodnight.


Your love ignites the passion in my heart that is why I’m so passionate to see you every day, I don’t you know how crazy I feel about you, goodnight Mi Amor.


You are the alpha of my heart; you care me so much, I’m afraid to lose you into another hand, goodnight my love.


I would be forever yours no matter what happened, I keep the flame of your burning in my heart, goodnight.


If I can see you now I would kiss your sweet lips a million times before I sleep, dream sweetly of me tonight baby, goodnight my king of heart.


Everything that I remembered about you is beautiful memories. You hold my heart forever.


You are so cute to my heart; I can’t imagine how my life would have been without you, goodnight my world.


Dearest, only you, I want to spend the rest of life with, goodnight, my lover boy.


I know that we can make a perfect couple because I dream sweetly of you every night, goodnight.


I would give you all my heart if you don’t mind, look up the sky, you are the one that shines brightest among the star, goodnight my hero.


As the night pass by, I pray for that special night when I would hold you tight and whisper my sweet love into your heart, goodnight my true love.


My head was heavy and I couldn’t sleep, I try to figure out what was wrong, and I realize that I haven’t say goodnight to my Other Half, goodnight my Sweet Cheek.


You are the joy of my heart and the splendor of my eyes, I wish to live with you forever, goodnight, wishing a lovely night.


When I found you I know that I have found the angel of my heart, I wasn’t wrong, because you have been so wonderful to me, goodnight my all.


You open my eyes to true love, you stir my heart with endless love, you inflame my world in sweet memories. The joy that you left in my heart keeps me warm, wish to see you again someday to come, goodnight my angel.


I live my life every day thinking of you, how was your day, I pray the night take away all your sorrow, goodnight to my sweet Amigo.


Don’t mind me if I haven’t called you today, I was just waiting for this beautiful moment when you are out of the hustle day. How has your day gone, not too worry tonight is going to be a beautiful night for you, I have asked my Lord for it’s a blessing for you, goodnight.


Your sweet voice rings a melodious bell on my ear, noting make me feel so sweet and cool than when I hear your sweet voice, a day without you is boring, I miss you, wishing a wonderful night.


Just as you have always been there for me, I would always be there for you too as long as I breathe, goodnight my hero.


I may have to go out my way sometimes to make you happy, I mean I can give you all that I have ever had, you are my dreams come true, goodnight my handsome.


Like the star glitters up in the sky at night, your love shines brightly in my heart, I cherish you so much, goodnight my love.


You are my beautiful world; my dreams come true when I found you, goodnight my hero.


I would be like a fish out of water without you, my heart finds happiness when it found you, goodnight my beautiful love.


You are my endless joy, my heart found a beautiful home when it found you, goodnight.


Goodnight my angel, and don’t forget to dream sweet about us, I love you.


I like the way life brought you to me; I’m the happiest woman in the world to find you, goodnight my sweetheart.


I’m most grateful to the Lord for given me a special gift like you are certainly the best husband in the world, goodnight.


“I just want to say, goodnight, sweet prince, may flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.” – Harry Dean Stanton


Cheer up for the beautiful night, hope to see your lovely face tomorrow morning, goodnight my sweet world.


Dearest you mean so much happiness to me, you are my amazing world, goodnight and sleep tight.


Let your heart find refreshment tonight, let the angel bring our soul together in beautiful dreams; thank you, my love, for everything that you have been to me, goodnight.


No one can ever take your place in my heart, even if I’m given the whole treasure in the world, it doesn’t worth your value in my heart, goodnight.


May the night hold beautiful dreams for your heart, goodnight my love; see you again tomorrow morning.


A marvelous person like you deserves a wonderful sleep, sleep peacefully and be refreshed for a lovely tomorrow, goodnight.


You make my heart swim in a beautiful river of love; I have a deep affection for you, goodnight my sweetheart.


Goodnight, this is how you make me feel every day, beautiful and happy, thank you for making the world such an amazing place, goodnight.


I’m such a happy wife, courtesy of your love and care for me, thank God I have you in my life, you are such a lovely husband, goodnight.


Goodnight my sweet love, you’re the last I think of every night before I sleep.


Goodnight, my hero, sleep peacefully I would be dreaming of you with all my heart.


Goodnight my sweetheart, I fall asleep with you in my heart.


Goodnight sweet dreams, a cheerful morning awaits you tomorrow.


Goodnight my king, have a wonderful night.


Goodnight my crown, have blessed night.


Dream sweet of me tonight, I would be waiting for you in beautiful dreamland, goodnight


My day was memorable because I have you in it, and I know that my night would be marvelous because you are still on my mind.


I wish you a lovely good night rest, may you dream of beautiful things and have them real tomorrow, goodnight my love.


Dearest, always go to bed with a positive mind, no matter what happens today, tomorrow would be a beautiful day for you.


Goodnight, I am sending you billions of stars to keep the shine on your heart.


Be thankful for living, many could not make it to this beautiful night, we are lucky to be alive, goodnight.


All that you cannot achieve today you would get tomorrow, never give up life, goodnight, have a beautiful night and wonderful tomorrow.


I look forward to more life that is beautiful with you, thank you for always being my amazing world, goodnight.


You are my lifetime joy; I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband like you, goodnight.


My heart is filled with your beautiful thoughts, and tonight I would be your sweet dream, goodnight my angel, I love you.


When the world goes into silent at night, all that filled my world is your sweet dreams, goodnight.


I want you to know that you are the most special person to me in my life, as the day passes into the night, your love continues to blossoms in my heart, goodnight.


I wish that I never miss a night without you lying by side, I miss a lot, goodnight.


As the ends and the night emerges, I count down to the day that I would see your beautiful face again, I really miss you, goodnight my love.


I would whisper sweet thoughts in your heart when you close your eyes tonight, sweet dreams, goodnight.


I never prayed for a single moment without you, because I can’t just face alone, goodnight my honey, may your life be beautiful tomorrow and forever.


I would forever love you because you make my world a better place.


You would be marvelous in sleep when you close your eyes, and you rise feeling great and lovely tomorrow morning, goodnight my handsome.


It is a token from my heart to you this night, it is saying goodnight to you, my love.


I’m blowing you, sweet love, to keep you warm for the cold night, we are apart now, but you always part of me, I keep a special place for you in my heart, goodnight.


What a special night we have here, with you my husband, life is beautiful, am so lucky and happy it’s you and no one else. Goodnight my love.


Having you as a husband is just so nice and I am glad you there for me. Have a peaceful night.


Thinking of you is an understatement, I see you everywhere I look, your image appears to me. I can’t stay a second with you in my mind wish you a beautiful sleep. Goodnight.


Looking into your eyes tell me how special I belong in your heart, I am the only proud woman on earth to have you as a husband. Goodnight my dearest husband.


We may have a difference as human but with you, in my life, it seems everything seems so perfect and I have confidence in you as my husband, thanks for being the special man in my life. Goodnight.


I have this strong feeling that we will live together till old age and still feel so in love together, you are my source of happiness and I love every second share with you. Have a wonderful and peaceful night. You are the best man I have ever come across. Goodnight to you my dear.


My husband my pride; you are the true friend I have ever had, my mentor and encourager. Love you and sweet dreams.


What a night without you by my side, so boring and restless, hope to have you soon close to me at night, loving husband, goodnight and sweet dreams.


Happy to have you as a husband and best friend, you are my everything, my life depends on you, I can’t be without you, hope you sleep well and dream of me. Goodnight.


Love you like the fish loves water and the birds love trees, you are my bedrock I can’t stand only by love care and affection, you are my hero my darling. Have a peaceful sleep and goodnight dear.


Have a sweet night my husband, we are meant to be together forever, love you and dream of me, see you in my dream.


I love you every day and I like to hear your name feel your touch and smell your body. I wish you a night of relaxation and joy. Goodnight.


I am so happy you are meant for me, I will always choose you again and again in another world if there will be. You are the real man I love. Goodnight.


I want you to know that you are all I’m thinking of day and night, you are the begging and the end, my priceless jewel, I love you and goodnight.


Goodnight my husband, my one in a million, the true love I found, your existent in my life has changed so many things, you a whole lot to me. Sweet dreams my husband.


You made me what I never thought I could be, you inspire me, you support and protect me, I am so indebted to your love and will never let you down. Goodnight.


I can’t live alone without you, goodnight my love, sweet dreams tonight


I will love you forever; you are my everything, goodnight loving husband.


I need you all night, my night feels beautiful with you by my side, promise you will not leave me a second, I wish you a delightful evening and peaceful night.


You are the one I can spend the rest of my life with, only you know the right button to press and the right time on me, you are my superman, wish you peace of mind and goodnight.


You are every woman’s dreams, that successful, brave and intelligent man, you are my man. Goodnight love.


You have always taken care of your responsibility as a man to the fullest, so tonight give me that chance to exhibit that strengthen a woman has toward his man, I need you tonight for sweet and memorable night achieved.


Just like yesterday we meet, you are still loving and caring, you are my number person on earth, what could I have done without you, pleasant night love. Sleep well.


I am the most excited person on earth to have you as a husband, you are my sugar pie, wish you a night with a full moon and peaceful time.


How special it is to have you as a husband, you are so dear to me and the entire family needs always. Goodnight.


What special memories with you, you are always fun to be with, you are the most friendly man I have ever meet. You are too nice, you deserve a good night, so relax and enjoy the rest of the night.


Happy to get home just to meet you, you are the reason I enjoy my stay in this house, wish you all the merriment of the night.


You are the love of my life; you bring joy into my life that is why I love you. Have a good night.


My dearest you make everything come so easy in life for me, you are the love I have cherished and will always cherish, sleep tight and goodnight.


My soul mate you are the best on earth, and I will always pray for you, for your success and good health, goodnight my husband.


Cute Ways to Say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush-Girlfriend

You wouldn’t want to miss any beautiful time to get her attention, then target the period when is just resting her head to sleep, you may call her to inquire when she would be going to bed every night, then follow it up with some romantic words to say goodnight to her.


Ever since I found you, my life has ever been joyful, goodnight my beautiful babe, see your lovely face tomorrow.


When I married you, we will be spending a much beautiful night together, I look forward to that beautiful moment when you will be in my arms, goodnight.


The more your thought comes to my heart, the more I cherish you, goodnight my beautiful angel.


A single moment with you leaves an endless joy in my heart, thank for sharing a blissful day with me, goodnight lovely girl.


When I found you, I know I have found my eternal love, goodnight sweet baby.


If I have you by side, I know I have gotten everything that I ever want in life, you mean so much to me, goodnight my beauty.


I don’t think I can face the world alone without you by my side, I pray for that beautiful day when you would mine forever, goodnight my angel.


I have been counting my blessing in multitude ever since the time that I found you, you an angel sent from heaven to me, goodnight let you go, I would everything for you too, I promise you, goodnight.


You add a million to sweet memories when you come, you are the kind of girl I have always prayed for, I would love you forever until I’m no more, slumber in the loving hand of the angel of love, goodnight.


You reactivated the dying love in my heart when you came, thank you for all the support and care, God bless you, goodnight my Chocolate.


You so beautiful and lovely, I have everything I need in woman, I would be so crazy over you when I married you, goodnight, dream sweet of us.


My heart is full of your sweet thought, how come I have not found long ago, I love you with every drop of my blood, goodnight my God’s gift.


Even from the thick dark night a can your shining eye and your sparkling teeth, you should be in the world of angels, not in the world human, your beauty is unsurpassed in this world, good night Gorgeous.


I would always love you until the end of life, goodnight, wishing you a splendid night.


In the silent hour of the night, I pray that my LORD keeps you in safety and deep sleep, good night my Juliet.


My Treasure is about to sleep, may the Lord hundreds of angels to guard you, goodnight good soul.



I know I have a beautiful future with you, for the few time that I have spent with you, you are my heart so pleased with you, goodnight.


I promise to give you all my heart, you deserve a beautiful world, your light up my night with lovely heart, goodnight.


Sweetie, goodnight, dream of a beautiful world for you and me.


In a beautiful moment near, I would be resting my head on your chest on a calm night like this, goodnight my love.


I have forgotten all the troubles it takes me to search for an angel like you, I feel better each day thinking of you, goodnight gorgeous.


I grow fonder of you every night; you are my beautiful angel, goodnight.


Enjoy the beautiful moonlight, sleep tight, goodnight.


Let the angels be my witness, let the beautiful stars above and this full moon be my witness, I truly love you so much from the bottom of my heart.


I just want to say goodnight to you my sweet angel, dream sweet of me tonight.


I commit your soul in the hand of our merciful God, goodnight.


My sugar pie, my sweetie, you are always in my mind, your absence is causing me sick but hope you sleep like a baby and dream of my girl. Love you and goodnight.


I have a special way to say goodnight to you and you alone my queen, the owner of my heart, body and soul, sweet dreams from your love. Goodnight.


Your sexy look drives me crazy, I can imagine how sweet and sexy you are, you are the only girl that drives me crazy see you soon goodnight and sweet dreams.


The best part of me is where you occupy in my body that is my heart; you shall be nurse and care for there forever.


How sweet life is with you, you are the reason I stay happy, you have given me so much reason to love you, you are the most intelligent and beautiful girl I have ever seen. Sweet dreams and goodnight.


Have look for a girl more beautiful than you, yet I am still lost, you are the only beautiful girl on the face of the earth. Dear baby, you deserve the coolest night every day. Sweet dreams.


You are my heartbeat, it sounds so loud that all I can hear is you and all I can see is your face, your voice is so sweet like a morning French bird. Wish you all the beautiful thing that a lovely brings. goodnight


My dear, you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with, I wish it’s me and you alone on the stars of night, you bring so much happiness to my life, and I will forever love you.


How can I survive without you or your love in my life, I am in debt to love you or I will have a short life span. I want to lifelong just because of your love, its night and meant for me and you in the garden of love. Sweetest of night dreams.


You will not regret having me, I assure you, you will be happy and thank me for the care and affection, you are my sunshine, and you sleep like a baby and forget all your worries. Sweet night.


My treasure, my gold, you are my priceless princess, I can’t let you get hurt, I’m here to give you love and care more than you could imagine. I want you to relax and have a peaceful night.


It’s you and me alone tonight, I can feel the wave of the night pleasure already; you deserve the pleasure to be happy, love and kiss. You are beautiful as tonight moonlight, goodnight dear.


I love you and will always be there when you need me; you are my angel, lots of love to you and sweet loving night.


So many times I ask myself if I really deserve you because you are so beautiful, nice and caring, you are calm and intelligent, I will keep you at the highest of place in my life, trust me you will be glad you love me, goodnight.


Cute Ways to say Goodnight over Text to Your Crush-Boyfriend

Everyone wants to make a beautiful relationship, let him dream sweetly of you tonight, send him a lovely goodnight text.


You are my sunshine in the day and my moonlight in the night, goodnight.


May the angel guard you as the darkness of the night become intense, and the gentle breeze becomes cool, so sleep peacefully goodnight.


I blow my sweet love into your heart this night, let it keep you warmly until I see you lovely face tomorrow morning, goodnight.


I offer you the beautiful part of heart, I so much in love with you, just to let you know, goodnight.


However longer, the night seems, I wish you a lovely sleep, goodnight.


The joy of having you in my life is enormous; I never knew that life could be so beautiful until I met you, goodnight.


Lets I forget to say goodnight, goodnight to you my better half.


You are the kind of guy I have dreamt of, thank God I found you, goodnight my heavenly.


178. Heaven bestows you to me, you are handsome and amazing, goodnight.


No matter the distance between us, you will always be in my heart, goodnight.


A thousand sweet kisses for you, goodnight.


Goodnight my beautiful treasure, thank you for filling my world with happiness.


I choose you in the streams of other men in the world; it means you are so special to my heart, goodnight.


Let the angel blow a sweet thought to your heart, let the cool breeze refresh your body tonight, sleep tight, goodnight.


I just want to tell you that you are delights of my soul, goodnight.


If the night is cold I would keep you warm, and if the night is hot, I would keep you cool, I would be in your sweet dreams, tonight, goodnight.


“Here is to wish that your mind will rest in sweet serenity while the nighttime passes by.” Goodnight.


I wish that I were by your side now to give you some sweet goodnight kisses.


Cheer up, a beautiful is on the offing, goodnight sweet dream.


Keep being marvelous, even as close you close your eyes to sleep right now, my heart is warmly deeper in your thought, goodnight.

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