Heartfelt Good Night Prayers for My Love

Good Night Prayers for My Love
Good Night Prayers for My Love


Heartfelt Good Night Prayers for My Love are beautiful collections of goodnight prayers messages for your love, to show them you love them and wish them well. You would find some that you would love among these numerous lovely goodnight prayers, check below.

Good Night Prayers for My Love

1. It is night, I know you will be preparing to sleep by now, sleep peacefully; my Lord will take good care of you, good night my love, sweet dreams.


2. May the LORD restore our soul as you we lay our head to sleep tonight, good night, have a cheerful night.


3. Don’t be afraid of demons of the night the angels of the LORD would be your guardian this night, sleep tight, good night.


4. May the LORD bring peace upon your soul as you close your eyes to sleep now, good night my love.


5. I place your soul in the hand of the one who created heaven and earth, good night my dearest.


6. May you sleep peacefully and wake up peacefully tomorrow morning, goodnight my angel.


7. May your soul be elevated to high heaven this beautiful night, sleep well and enjoy your night in the company of the angel, see you tomorrow morning, good night my love.


8. I have asked God to chain all demons for you this night, you are free to enjoy your sleep because demon would come close to you.


9. Sleep peacefully with a happy mind; because tonight the angels of thy LORD would be with you, all devils are condemned to perdition, sleep tight, good night.


10. May the LORD protect you from the evil of this night, I place your soul safely in the hand of our creator, sleep peacefully without fear, good night.


11. As you close your eyes to sleep tonight, do not be afraid, you are safe, the angels of our good LORD is your entourage.


12. This lovely night wishing you a fresh body and soul, see your beautiful face tomorrow, good night.


13. I prayed to my LORD to give you a lovely night rest, sleep peacefully, good night.


14. Let your heart find a pleasant rest this lovely night, o LORD, refresh the body and soul of the love of life this beautiful night, good night my angel.


15. You have always been the joy of my life, as you lay your head to sleep this night; I have invoked the guidance of my LORD upon your soul, goodnight my sweet love.


16. Sleep peacefully, sweet dreams and glorious night, may the LORD rise up again tomorrow morning, goodnight.


17. May the night be long and sweet for you, wishing you a renewed body and soul tomorrow morning, have a pleasant night.


18. Sleep like a baby; sleep peacefully my love you are under the cover of the mercy of GOD, good night.


19. Let the cool air of the night calms your soul and refresh your body, let the angels be security around you, you are in a safe, your soul is the hand of GOD, sleep peacefully without fear, see your face tomorrow again, good night.


20. May the blessing of GOD never cease flowing in your life, relax and enjoy the sleep of tonight, my LORD would always be your keeper.


21. The night is for rest, you would find a beautiful rest by the grace of my LORD is prepare your mind to catch a peaceful sleep, sweet dreams, goodnight.


22. O LORD forgive us for the sin of today, as we rest our head to sleep tonight, our soul is in your hand, feed it with heavenly food and restore it back to our body tomorrow morning, in your hands all good lies, good night my sweet love.


23. Let the heavenly beings be your friend this night, sleep peacefully in the care of GOD, see your lovely face tomorrow, good night.


24. May the LORD heal you of all sickness as you catch up with sleep this lovely night, let your bones, your body, and your soul receive healing tonight, see you in another beautiful tomorrow, good night.


25. O LORD Guide us from the evil of this night and the evil of the world, bless us with what is good for our soul, restore our soul back into our body as its journey to you this wonderful night, amen! Good night my sweet angel.


26. O my LORD in your hands lies the treasure of heaven and earth, I ask thee for the glory of this night, help us, LORD, to overcome the evil of our soul, make us rise up tomorrow with our soul and body revitalize, thou art our good LORD.


27. O LORD we deeply regretted our sin today, forgive us and give us the blessing of this night, amen! Good night my love.


28. Sleep and let your soul shine like the moon and the star, our heavenly father would send down the angel to guard you.


29. Raise your up thy LORD to ask him for his good this night, I have done so for you too, but ask to compliment my request for you, good night.


30. Ask and it shall be given, so ask thy LORD for the blessing of this night, may all your prayers receive an answer, good night my angel.


31. As long as the night comes every day, my LORD would always be there for you, good night my love sleep in the care of GOD.


32. I have never been afraid of the darkest night, because I know that God would always be there to protect us, close your eyes sleep peacefully, my LORD is your saviour, goodnight.


33. Let the angel be your visit tonight, they are coming with heavenly blessing for you, sleep well, goodnight.

Beautiful Good Night Prayers for My Wife

34. I pray my LORD to bring you safely to the morning hour, sleep peacefully, the LORD is your blanket, good night.


35. May the LORD keep you for me gently and lovingly all through your night, good night see your lovely face tomorrow.


36. Sleep under the grace of GOD this night and be soaked in his mercy, good night, I love you.


37. Sleep well and forget about the troubles of the world for the LORD would wake you up as a new baby tomorrow.


38. May the LORD restore your being as you drift in sweet sleep this night, I will miss you until morning, good night.


39. Sleep well in the hand of the heavenly father and be awaken fully blessed tomorrow morning, goodnight my angel.


40. May GOD shield you away from the arrow of the devils as it flies about in the night, good night love, God bless you.


41. When the moon glows brightly above in the sky, I raise my hands up to seek God’s protection upon you, good night.


42. O, eternal LORD, we prepare to rest in your hand this lovely night, we ask thee for the good that is contained in the night, good night my dear wife.


43. Goodnight my love, may the LORD send his angel on vigil over you this night.


44. O LORD I trust and keep you and keep my wife under your care, take care of her and have mercy on her soul, good night.


45. You will not be far from GOD,s glory and protection, good night and have a peaceful rest.


46. This night would open many doors of possibilities for you tomorrow, sleep tight goodnight, my love.


47. Thinking about you now, though we may be miles apart this night, I pray that the LORD keep you safe to see another beautiful day tomorrow, good night.


48. Sleep tight my wife, GOD protects you, no devil would come near you, sweet dreams.


49. Have a sweet and blessed night, may your soul find be return your body tomorrow as it journey to heaven tonight, good night.


50. You are the best of everything that I have ever had, I pray my LORD to make the night sweet for your soul, goodnight.


51. Making you mine forever is what I always pray for, wishing you marvellous night, goodnight.


52. Sleep with your two eyes closes without fear I entrust your soul in the hand of the Almighty, good night.


53. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful woman like you as a wife, I thank my LORD for bestowing you to me, wishing you a lovely night, good night.


54. Let GOD keep you safe this night and always, sweet dreams, good night.


55. Be rest assured that my LORD has answered all your beautiful prayers including mine for you, sleep tight goodnight.


56. Relax and have a nice sleep, my LORD would take you to high heaven and you would be among the angels tonight, good night, see your beautiful face tomorrow morning.


57. Some are afraid of the night, others don’t sleep well, neither of these would be your portion, just shut your eyes and trust the LORD, you would have a glorious night, good night.


58. I pray that you would have a lovely night rest; sleep without fear, sweet dreams await you, good night.


59. Sleep is for rest, I pray that you would sleep well and your whole being is rejuvenated for a beautiful tomorrow, good night.


60. May the LORD bestow a good rest upon your soul, goodnight and have a lovely night.


61. Two things I wish for you as you close your eyes to sleep this night, sleep and sweet dreams, my the angels that roam in the night find your home a beautiful place to stay with you, good night.


62. I place your soul in the hand of the only that never fail in his promises, sleep well GOD is sufficient as your protector, good night.


63. You would wake up with sweet memories of the sleep of this night because the angels are waiting to take us to a beautiful place in heaven and back to the world tomorrow morning, goodnight my love.


64. Tonight would be splendid for you, just close your eyes and catch a sweet sleep, I prayed the LORD to bring back your soul at cockcrow.


65. Sleep peacefully, the angel, the moon and the stars are wishing you a marvellous sleep.


66. I have counted my blessings with you, you are a beautiful soul to me, I’m leaving you with GOD this night and always, have a splendid night.


67. As the moon forms a splendid light above you and the stars shines brightly in the sky, so shall this night be full of illuminations for you, peace be unto your soul tonight, good night.


68. Cheers my love, wishing you a wonderful sleep, good night.


69. There are two things waiting for you, a beautiful night and brighter morning, good night my love.


70. In every day and night, my love for you keeps increasing, good night have a cheerful night.


71. If the whole world conspires to take you away from me, they never be able to do so, because GOD knows that you are the one for me, I pray to see your beautiful face when you are awake tomorrow morning, good night.


72. Every night that you close your eyes to sleep, it would bring you more refreshment to your body and soul, sleep well and be awake tomorrow morning looking fresh and beautiful, good night my angel.


73. May GOD protect you, good night my love.


74. Even the moon and the stars can testify to my unfailing love for you, just look up from your window and you would see me waving you from the moon and stars above, good night see you on the morrow.


75. I’m still on my knees asking God to give you a peaceful night, good night my love.


76. May the moon and the stars welcome you to a glorious night, and the morning sun is waiting to receive you when you open your eyes tomorrow, GOD bless your soul, goodnight.


77. I have invoked GOD to give a blessed night, sleep and be refreshed for a better tomorrow, good night my love.


78. May all your beautiful dreams come true; sleep well, goodnight sweetheart.


79. My night is incomplete without you, thank you for always being my sweet melody, sleep and blessed, good night.


80. Dearest thank GOD for the bringing us into another night, forget the troubles of today for tonight and tomorrow keep a beautiful promise for you, sleep well in the arms of the ALMIGHTY, good night.

Warmly Good Night Prayers for My Husband

81. I don’t mind if I have to stay by your side and watch over you as well as the angels till the early hours of the morning, goodnight my king.


82. Thank GOD, that bestow you to me as my husband, I have everything that I wanted in a man in you, I place you in the hand of GOD as you lay to sleep this night wherever you are, good night.


83. Be blessed now and forever, good night my love, see you tomorrow in great heart.


84. May the LORD blessed your soul with sweet rest as you close your eyes to sleep this night, you are my everything, thank you for your love and care, good night.


85. My day is incomplete without you, you make my day a great day and hold my night in great awe, you are just my perfect world, I place you in the hand of JEHOVAH, and you are safe good night.


86. May this night be more cheerful than any other night, good night my ROMEO.


87. You are the crown that shines brightly on my head; let the peace from my LORD find a beautiful station in your heart this night, sleep peacefully, good night.


88. Lay down your head and have a beautiful sleep, you are your soul is joyfully in the hand of its creator, it would furnish with beautiful food from heaven, good night, have wonderful rest.


89. When the night comes you look so handsome and charming, I pray for many nights with you, sleep under the grace of my GOD, goodnight my hero.


90. May GOD send you a powerful angel to shield you from the arrow of the devils as they fire it in every direction this night, sleep and be awake to a new day tomorrow, good night.


91. I have never seen a human so lovely and good like you; I pray for you will always find an answer, goodnight my love.


92. O LORD upon you we rest our head this night, upon you, we resurrect tomorrow morning, bless our night and bless our morning, goodnight my love.


93. You are my every dream come true, no matter where you are this night, I wish you well, goodnight my living angel.


94. The angels would cheer you up on as you sleep peacefully tonight, good night my love.


95. You would never be alone this lovely night, the angels would keep you company until lovely hours of the morning, goodnight my love.


96. See you in dreams land tonight, we would be under loathe and olive trees and the angels would surround us and sing us some lullabies, good night and sweet dreams.


97. You make me exceptionally happy every time I think about you, and in the night I reminiscence our beautiful day together, tonight holds a lot of beauty for you, sleep tight, good night.


98. You bring me fresh memories in every single day that passes, I want to see you always so that I would be joyful forever because you face brings untold happiness to my soul, see you in another beautiful tomorrow, good night and remain blessed.


99. My LORD is refuge and protector, I place your soul in his hands as rest your head to sleep this night, goodnight and have a lovely night.


100. There can never be another man that would make my world so beautiful the way you have done, I miss you tonight because you are far away from here, though your thoughts keep me warm, goodnight wishing you a glorious sleep.


101. I hold you in my heart in great love because you have never made me doubt your love for me; I love you too, wishing you a night full of beautiful dreams.


102. Good night my love, I pray that tonight all your beautiful prayers would be answered, you wake up tomorrow with more accomplishment.


103. Let the sleep of tonight for a better tomorrow, sleep peacefully and get more inspiration from GOD, good night.


104. I have never been deprived of your love, so GOD’s love for you would never diminish, goodnight my sweet dream.


105. I requested my LORD to bless your soul as you warm your heart to sleep tonight, good night my hero.


106. On this beautiful night, no demon would steal your peaceful sleep nor make you fear, GOD is a protector for you, good night my sweet love.


107. Sleep in the bosom of my LORD, may all your dreams come true tomorrow, good night, have lovely sleep.


108. This night would inspire you greatly for tomorrows work, may GOD open your eyes tomorrow morning to see another beautiful day, good night.


109. Sleep and be hopeful for beautiful tomorrow, every minute that passes into the night would bring you sweet dreams, goodnight my angel.


110. You beautiful flowers that blossom in my heart every night and day, you make all dreams come true, good night, wishing you all GOD’s favours.


111. You would lift your hands and arms tomorrow morning, peace unto your heart as you sleep tonight, good night.


112. You are cheerful Romeo, thank GOD I found I a man like you as my husband, thank you for always been there for me, good night, GOD bless your soul.


113. As you make me smile every day, I pray that my LORD makes you happy all the time of your life, good night.


114. May your heart be filled with peace and harmony as you lay down to sleep tonight, never give up on the mercy our LORD, goodnight my love.


115. Let the mercies of God reign in your life, we are parting to a beautiful sleep this night, and we would rise into a beautiful world tomorrow, goodnight my love.


116. The hour of the night is the beautiful time for the body and soul to take a break from the busy world, may your body and soul be rejuvenated for a beautiful tomorrow, goodnight.


117. This night held lots of beautiful dreams for you, may the LORD keep you away from the evils that roam in the night, good night my dear sweetheart.


118. Nothing should find a place in your heart this night except peace, goodnight, and have marvellous sleep.


119. Great people dream in the night, you are one of such great men, wishing you sweet dreams tonight, good night.


120. It gladdens my heart to know that you are always there for me, may GOD always be there to attend to your request too, see you in harmony tomorrow, goodnight.

Good Night Prayers for Her

121. It gives my heart joy to think about you, now you are on my mind, wishing you the best of night, goodnight.


122. You are such a great woman, may the LORD keeps away from the evils of this night good night.


123. My heart is full of beautiful prayers for you, good night.


124. I pray to see your beautiful face tomorrow, good night my dear.


125. You would always find mercy with my LORD, good night and have lovely sleep.


126. I always pray for you every night before I sleep, and my prayer for you this night is peace and the love GOD be unto your heart, good night.

127. Ever since I met you my life has always been beautiful, thanks for loving me so much, wishing you GOD’s love and protection, good night.


128. The world awaits you tomorrow as you retire to bed tonight, may your night be full of glitters and peace, goodnight.


129. The moon and the stars celebrate you tonight, I keep your beautiful thoughts in my heart as we depart to sleep this lovely night, good night, wishing you God’s protection.


130. I celebrate the first day I met you, you will always remain the love of my life no matter what happens tomorrow, good night, wishing you and sweet dreams.


131. The angels await you with beautiful arms tonight; good night, I will be there with you in dreamland.


132. I never prayed to be alone in the night without you, but circumstances caused this happen, but never think you are alone, the angels would keep your company till daybreak, goodnight, sleep peacefully.


133. I seek GOD’s protection for your soul tonight, never be afraid GOD is with you, goodnight.


134. I cherish the first day I met you and I will always cherish you until the end of time, tonight you would sleep to awaken peacefully into a beautiful world tomorrow morning, goodnight.


135. Thank GOD, for this beautiful opportunity given to us, to be alive to see another beautiful night, may the LORD count us among the people that would make it through to tomorrow, sleep tight, goodnight.


136. I know I would miss you through the long hours of the night, but I’m happy because my LORD would refresh your soul to see another beautiful day tomorrow, goodnight.


137. I have vowed to love you forever, may the LORD keep you safely in all hours of the night, good night and good rest.


138. When you look up at the sky at night what do you see, beauty and splendour at a full moon, may your heart be filled with beautiful dreams, good night.


139. May the LORD Fill every hour that passes in the night with beautiful dreams for you, good night.


140. May this night be your most memorable night, sweet dreams goodnight.


141. Less I forget before I sleep, I pray that you would sleep peacefully tonight, good night.


142. Just to wish you good night and a lovely tomorrow.


143. Lets the angels take us to heaven this beautiful night, good night my love.


144. The best time of my life is the beautiful moments I spent in your arms, I wish that I were never away from you in one minute, goodnight and wishing you a lovely night rest.


145. Off the light, lay your head peacefully on the pillow sleep without fear the angels of the LORD are by your side, goodnight.


146. I pray that I would be with you in the dream world tonight; I love you so much, good night.


147. If you see me awake in the middle of the night, I only wake up to say some prayers for you, sleep like a baby, goodnight.


148. I have to send you this last message before you sleep, trust GOD HE is enough for you in everything you want, goodnight.


149. God will see you through to hour of the morning and beyond, good night and GOD bless your soul.


150. I cried when I don’t see you, the night is too long for me without you by my side, but if my LORD keeps you safely night after night and day after day, then I can be sure to be with you in love tomorrow, good night my angel.


151. I was not exaggerating when I say my life is incomplete without you, I’m sending you a love letter through the moon tonight, let your heart be peaceful as you drift away in sweet sleep this lovely night, good night, see you soon.


152. The happiness of my heart is because my LORD would keep you safe through the darkest night, the love of GOD is sure for you, goodnight my love.

Lovely Good Night Prayer Quotes

153. Where the angels take your soul this night, mine would trail behind you, I know my LORD would take us to beautiful places this night, goodnight.


154. The night may dark, but there lies peace in it for your soul, so sleep and rest peacefully goodnight.


155. Don’t be afraid of the darkness of the night, it only brings rest upon our soul, good night and good rest.


156. If you get to be awakened in the middle of the night just ask GOD for his favour, HE hears and cares for everyone all the time, wishing you a marvellous sleep.


157. Sleep peacefully and don’t worry about the task ahead of your tomorrow, the LORD would take care of your needs, goodnight.


158. Good night, I leave you in God’s caring hand.


159. Good night, never nurse any fear tonight, the LORD has filled it with many good things for your soul.


160. This night would be peaceful and lovely for you, good night.


161. The biggest joy of my heart is because you are still here with me; I wish you a lovely night.


162. I never pray for a single day with you, life look like hell, I cherish every second we spend together, they the most valuable time in my life, goodnight I love you so much.


163. Go to bed with a beautiful mind, don’t worry about what you have left behind nor what lies ahead of you, GOD would take charge of everything for you, goodnight my cheerful friend.


164. We would have all gone without sleep, the night is a blessing for every being, you would receive multiple blessing this night, goodnight.


165. GOD blessing and favour would never cease to flow into your life, goodnight and wishing you a lovely morning tomorrow.


166. Tomorrow would bring you more goodness than today, goodnight and GOD bless you.


167. You would make it through this night by GOD’s grace, we would be in each other’s arms tomorrow in a sweet embrace, goodnight my love.


168. I lift my hands to the LORD to ask him for his blessing upon you this lovely night, do not be afraid of the night’s demons, they would never come near you, goodnight.


169. The LORD is sufficient for you in all that you do, good night.


170. Just go to bed believing in the mercy of GOD, good night.


171. I may not have anything to send to you this night, but I have a beautiful prayer for you, you would sleep and be awake into tomorrows beautiful world, goodnight, God bless you.

Lovely Good Night Prayers for Him

173. Set your goals for tomorrow, sleep over it tonight, you would achieve all tomorrow, goodnight.


174. Goodnight, good sleep, see your lovely face tomorrow.


175. Yesterday is gone and today is going, though tomorrow is yet to come, and by the grace of God, we would be in it together, goodnight.


176. If the entire world joins hands together to harm you, they cannot harm you by the leave of GOD, as you sleep tonight put your trust in him, nothing would harm you even if they try to harm you, goodnight.


177. I only cry because I feel that I would be lonely without you tonight, as tears wail down my eyes, I pray that my LORD protects you wherever you are, good night.


178. Prayer is the best medicine in life, may your heart find a beautiful place to rest this lovely night, goodnight, my love.


179. This hour, on this earth, today and always I wish you GOD favours and protections, goodnight


180. Let us journey together into dreams land tonight, this night would bring beautiful promise for us, good night my angel.


181. Good night, love, thank GOD that we can see the same sky, moon, and stars, even if I can’t see you, I can see you through this galaxies, the best night for you.


182. You have sweet dreams tonight and your dreams would come true tomorrow, goodnight.


183. We are lucky to be alive up to this moment, not many that started the journey with us the morning made it to this night, goodnight, wishing you GOD’s love and protection.


184. In GOD’s arms, I place you tonight, sleep well, good night.


185. Find a beautiful place to lay your head tonight the angels would be by your side, you are safe, goodnight.


186. Look up to this blue sky, isn’t it beautiful, that is how your soul would find peace this night, have a beautiful night.


187. I pray to you o LORD and ask for your forgiveness for the sins that we have committed, give us success today and tomorrow, amen, goodnight my love.


188. The world is where we are now, the world is beautiful, and we ask GOD for a better tomorrow, wishing a lovely night, good night everyone.


189. Don’t lose hope in the mercy of your LORD, ask and HE shall give you, goodnight.


190. The LORD is good all the time, I ask for His protection over us, let know demon come near us this night, goodnight.


191. Tomorrow hold beautiful promises for us, I pray we both make it tomorrow, good night.


192. Let your heart shines, like the moon and the stars in the night, tonight would bring you more good, good night my angel.


193. I bid you good night, may the LORD make our seeing good.


194. Farewell, my dear wishing you a beautiful night, because sleep is a nightly journey of life.


195. May you receive favour in your life day and night, goodnight.


196. Keep your head cool, rest well and don’t be afraid of the dark night, in it every corner the angels are guiding you.


197. Let the angel blow your soul with the coolest breeze this night, I want you to have the sweetest sleep, so that can you wake up tomorrow looking great, goodnight.


198. As you sleep peacefully now, may the LORD wake you up tomorrow, good night.


199. Sleep tight, goodnight, see you tomorrow morning.


200. You make world beautiful, may the LORD make your world marvellous, goodnight.

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