Short Letter to My Mom to Make Her Smile

Short Letter to My Mom
Short Letter to My Mom


Mothers are the greatest treasure in the world and in every home, they remain the most jewels that no one can effectively take their place. These lovely short letter to my mom is a token of appreciation to all that they were to us. I love you, mother. You are the best.


 Short Letter to My Mom (Thank You Letter to My Mom)

1. Dear queen. I want to use this medium to thank you for all the amazing things you’ve done in my life. You’ve always been the source of my happiness and inspiration. I cannot help but marvel at your undying support and eternal love. You bring light when everything goes dark and you are always there to hold me when I fall down. You are one of a kind and I will always be proud to call you mummy.


2. Through life’s imperfect adventures, I encountered many experiences as I grew older forgetting that the queen of my world was also growing old. For years you had me in your arms and always taught me the difference between right and wrong. You protected me from the dangers of this world and that’s why our hearts will always be together forever. I love you, mom.

3. A very wonderful woman in my life. I used to feel a heavyweight of guilt in my heart as I don’t say it very often. I feel very thankful to God for giving me a priceless gift of life for experiencing to be a child of an angel mother. I value all your advises, care and affection as they give me the strength which I desire to keep me moving in life. I have a great mom and I will forever feel lucky for that. I love you more with each day that passes.


4. Anytime I pick up the phone to call you to tell you I love you? I don’t just say it as just a conversation. I say it to only remind you that you are the reason for my existence and a part of my heart as long as it beats. You were carefully made by God himself. Carved and by angels and sent to me in a box of happiness and wonders. Your words are delicate and your advice is golden. You rock my world.


5. Out of all the gifts in this whole wide world, a loving and caring mother is the greatest gift in this world. For being my number one role model, I adore and respect you. You’re like my little piggy bank where I deposit all my hurts and worries and when it’s rich enough, I reap the benefits. What more can I ask from a mother when you’ve worked so hard to make sure I stay happy. When you’ve given me so many reasons to be happy and fulfilled.


6. There can be no other trust to be certain if not the trust for a lovely mother like you. The truest friend anyone could have in the world. Thank you very much for all the inspiration, you are my source of strength and my reason to keep going on in life. Nothing matches the undying love I have for you. You make me feel special and you make my life better. I can’t think of a better way to thank you for making me happy always.


7. It’s my sole responsibility to hold you when you fall, light up your mood when you are sad, and always be there when you are lonely. What more can I do when you already filled my heart with unimaginable wonders. A woman is so dedicated to making others happy. A woman with a pure mind and a big heart. Despite encountering lots of failures, sorrow, and pain, you still find a way to stay happy and determined. Thank you for always been by my side. You are indeed the strongest woman I ever know.



8. Every morning, I wake up and realize that I have a very special woman who I call mother is always by my side. I have a bad day and I think about you and all my problems go away. I get angry and then you calm me down with your words. I feel sad and I remember that I have a wonderful woman in my life. You inspire and give me reasons to keep going in life. A woman is full of wisdom and understanding. A big thank you, mom!


9. You mean so much to me. I cherish and adore you as much as I admire you. I would never get tired of reminding you of how much for always been there and for things you are still going to do for me. With you, I can face the world and tackle life’s issues. Your presence inspires me and it’s easier to make difficult decisions. Been yours was like a fairy tale with a beautiful ending.

Beautiful Short Thank You Letter to My Mom

1. I want to thank you once again for showering me with so much love and affections. Over the years I have so many reasons to kneel down and look up in the skies and thank God for endearing me with the blessings of a sweet mother such as you. I think of the things you do for me and it makes me love you even more. There are billions of people in this world, but even though I knew them all, I will have an atom of regret that you are the one who brought me into this world and I’m proud to call you mother.


2. I could send a thousand texts and a million kisses. Send a hundred messages and endless hugs. But it can’t still explain how important you are to me. There are a hundred ways to say I love you and a thousand more to show it. I could lose money and possession and I can still stand it. I could lose a part of my body and lose respect and I’ll be fine. But losing you, I can’t live with. You are my everything!


3. My mother has been so Marvelous, Tremendous, Hopeful, Enjoyable and Respectable. You are like a special gift from the skies above. I feel blessed when I’m with you. All my life I have never had such a feeling so wonderful and sweet to be cared and tutored by you. I will continue to be thankful for everything you’ve done to make me happy. You brought me into this world and only you own my trust and love you from the bottom of my heart.


4. My mother is like no other. She gave me life, cared for me, nurtured me, protected me and taught me and most importantly, loved and supported me unconditionally. There isn’t the perfect word used to describe the kind of influence you have on me because those words do not exist. A feeling so happy and sweet when I think about you. A feeling that only you can give me. I love you, mama.


5. You’ve made my life such a wonderful experience and I can never be able to show how much I appreciate it. You carried me in you for several months. Held me in your arms for many more months and protected me for many more years. For all those times I never said thank you, I want to use this medium to make it up and send you a big thanks that is mightier than mount Everest filled with jewels and gold.


6. You are like a special gift from the skies above. I feel blessed when I’m with you. All my life I have never gotten enough of your incessant love, care, and support. You brought me into this world and made me very special and treated me like it. It’s something I could never payback and I will always be thankful for it. You are my greatest treasure because it is very rare to find. I must be an explorer because I found a woman as precious as you.


7. You inspire me and bring out the best of me. In this life of unexpected things, I’d be lost without your sweet love. You are one in a billion and ten billion more. You take away my sadness and worries and bless me with many good tidings and undying happiness. You are the smartest, loveliest, strongest, bravest, kindest, and sweetest of them all. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and face their world. You make me smile and you rule my own world.


8. Science has proven that you are the sweetest person on earth. Someone special. Someone who stays by her loved ones no matter the weather. Someone who deserves to be celebrated every second of the day because you don’t only touch lives, you do it in the best of ways and very consistently. An incomparable person and one of a kind. I’ll always feel blessed to be called one of yours. I love you mum, and thanks for always been there.


9. Your delicate care, love and affection are the only things that define me. Your lips are always filled with sweet words and your hands is filled with care. Your mind is always having the best plans and your heart is full of joy and affection. You’re the best friend and confidant anyone can ever ask for. You’re special and at the same time sweet and understanding. Thank you for bringing me in into this life dearest mother.


 Short Letter to My Mom
Short Letter to My Mom

Heartfelt Letter To Mom

1. Your encouragement and understanding have been the key to what I am today. The most fantastic person I’ve grown to know. We might fight sometimes and at times, we don’t share the same thoughts. But it’s your value that makes me love you more. The love I have for you makes me notice the little things; how the leaves kiss gently each other when the wind blows and how the stars’ take their turn to glimmer throughout the night, and what life is really all about.


2. God created so many amazing things and then blesses the world. But none of these gifts are as priceless as the love of a mother like you. I may not have been always there for you as I was too busy chasing my dreams. But I promise I always did my best in offering you all the love, care and support for I owe you much more than that. I would climb on top of the highest mountains and trees. Swim the longest rivers and deepest oceans just to prove to the world how special you are to me.


3. O find it hard to believe a single person will be capable of harnessing multiple roles as a mother to me. You’ve always been my partner, giving me the best advice and winning me over with all the trust in the world. You’ve always been a soulmate by calming me down with your words and listening keenly to all my problems. You’ll always be my sweet mom, as you give me the strength and feed my mind in achieving my dreams and becoming anything I want.


4. You inspire me and bring out the best of me. In this life of unexpected things, I’d be lost without your sweet love.You are my greatest treasure because your love for me is very rare to find. I must be the luckiest person in the world because I can call a woman as precious as you a mentor and a mother. My love for you comes from the deepest parts of my hearts and I solemnly cherish every single moment we spend together.


5. I can’t stop loving a woman solely made to guide and protect me all through my days while been steadfast in making me a better person. You bring me nothing else but care, love and affection in great abundance. I’ll go to any length to protect you and make sure that you always remain happy because your smile was enough to make me travel around the world and back.You give me joy in my saddest times and you give me even more at my happy moments. The best kind of mother there is!


6. Look into my eyes and you’ll understand my feelings for you. Read my heart and you’ll know how much you mean to me. Kiss me and you’ll know the length I can go just to make you smile. Hold me tightly and you’ll know how determined I am to protect you. Stay with me and you’ll know the best things I can do to make you happy. You’re the light that leads my every way through my dark days. You give me a reason to crack a smile when I feel sad. I love you to the moon and back mother.


7. You light up my world and you are my inspiration. You are my greatest treasure and I am your number one fan. You constantly remind me of the goodness of this world and you fill up my heart with wonders and kindness. You’ve successfully guided me through the ventures of life and you helped me in breaking the toughest obstacles. Calling you a gem would be an understatement and that’s just one of the uncountable amazing things about you.


8. I hope you don’t get scared that you are getting an unexpected message from me. I know how you panic when I get into trouble. This is not one of those times. It’s just a medium I want to use to tell you that you don’t have the slightest idea of how much blessings you’ve brought into my life. It’s an amazing feeling I can’t begin to explain. You are like diamonds because you shine brightly and you are very strong to break.


9. Everyone has a motivation for waking up and facing the world. Mine has always been you and the wonderful love you’ve given me. You are my queen and my alibi. I’ll build a hundred castles around you. You make me happy as a loving mother should. You cook great meals for me, groom my hair and kiss me to sleep. If there was to be another life, I will choose to be with no one else but you.


10. As the world keeps rotating, and the years’ breeze passed by. I continue to learn how challenging it’d be to become a mother. You set an example that only mirrors the sweetest things about care and affections itself. Even though I find it difficult to recall the days of my childhood, I can’t seem to forget the number of times you got out of your way to make sure I’m contented and happy. Those are the kind of love I can never be able to pay. I love you, mom.


11. Like a queen, you rule my heart. Like a great wise mentor, you summon the best side of me and like an angel, you constantly bring me blessings. Anytime I dream of you, I can’t wake up from my sleep. I can’t let go off you when we hug tightly. I think of you and all my worries seem to go breeze away. Loving you is like watching the stars because they remind me of someone who brings the light in my darker days. Even the slightest glimmer can make me smile all day.


12. I can’t explain the way I love the most beautiful and affectionate being in the entire universe. You steady my life like a sailor and read my mind like a psychologist. You care for me like a queen and you make me feel special. I can stand on top of the mountains and proudly tell the world that I’m the luckiest man that has ever lived for you having you as a mother. You bring me nothing but pure joy and unimaginable bliss. I’m ready to love and protect you to the end of times for freely giving me the gift of a loving mother.


13. Waking up and remembering I have a mother like you, is called happiness. Been blessed with love and care by someone as lovely as you, is like staring at the heavens and counting the stars. You strengthen my dreams and desires and you are the special one I could ever have wished for. I want to say I love you again and again so your heart gets used to my voice. I found out that the reason I feel special is that I’m been loved by someone even, more special. My one in a billion, My very own super mom!


14. There can be no feeling as cherishing as the one in my heart. Your smile brings the light that guides me. Your laughter heals the soul that makes me live and your words amp up the feelings that make me love and care. It is a wonderful feeling that you give me and I’ll always think of many dreams and possibilities you gifted me with your kind advises and clever words. If only I could be with at all times and talk, laugh and have you by my side at all times. I’ll always love you, mom.


15. When you are absent in my life for a short time you, I felt lost. My life goes dull and completely dreary. And then everything changes when I pick the phone and hear your voice. My mother, my heartbeat. My mind became a home for you and happiness began to fill my heart. Stranger feelings came along but all I did was listen carefully to your advice. I feel like the luckiest person alive to call you mother.


16. I love you and you love me. I feel happy being in your arms and it makes me feel free. What I have right here in my heart for you, is far beyond the normal eyes can see. When I’m sad, talking to you has always been the key. You make me feel fulfilled and then you complete me. You make me much better than a person can ever be. I love the way you take charge of things and the way you handle every issue in my life. I love you because you are more than just a mother, but a confidant and a friend.


 Sweet Short Letter to Mother

17. Thank you for everything…

Dear Mother,
This is not the usual thank you that I use to tell you when you do something for me, this is a special thank you for all the things you have done for me in my life. Mama, you are a great mother, I have been to several places in the world and I have never found another mother like you. You are the angel that is sent to us, to take care of us and to guide us through. You are such an amazing mother. Your heart is full of care and love for all mankind, not only your own, you treat others good as well. If we have several mothers like you in the world, the world would have been a better place. I will never forget everything you have been to me, I will continue to say thank you, mama, I love you.


18. You make my life easy…

Dear Mama,
It is always with great pleasure when I picked my pen to write a piece of my heart to you. I know I can’t express everything that I feel about you, face to face, because you wouldn’t allow me to eulogize you for anything you have done for me. You will always tell it is your duty to care for me so much and that is why you are here. Mama but this sacrifice you have done for me sometimes I feel are beyond your duty for me. When I was terribly sick, you sold all that you have to raise money for my treatment, even when the doctor said I have narrow chances of survival, you never gave up on me, and you have always whispered to my ears those beautiful phrases that give me hope and light every day. I remember you will always say, ‘doctors aren’t God, don’t worry you will survive’, these words give me hope and renewed energy every time you utter them, you are a super mother mama. True to your words I survived, but I discovered that you lost everything because of me, may the LORD be with you and bring back all that you have sacrificed because of me to you in many folds. I love you, mama.


19. Thank you for believing in me…

Dearest Mother,
I wouldn’t know what my life would have become if you hadn’t stayed by me. You are like an angel always on my guide. Sometimes I wonder if you are never tired of me. You are always lively and smiles greatly when you marshal those beautiful words of yours to me. Everybody gave up on me because they thought I will never make it in life. I wasn’t very bright at school, in fact, I was below average and a very slow learner, but you have always had this magical words for me, you will call me by my nickname every time a come home with a poor performance in my result, you would say, ‘JAJA, don’t worry, one day you will be a super boy’, and that is all, you understood my condition and you never make me feel bad. You will tell me that I would be a great engineer, because of the way you notice how I use fixed the faulty equipment at home. After a long time of standing by me and urging me on, today I’m indeed a great engineer, mama you have a vision that others do not see, you saw my tomorrow, thank you for shaping me into this great man. I love you, mama.


20. I’m grateful mum…

My Dearest Mum,
I’m writing this letter to you, not as a child but as an adult and as a father of your grandchildren. Now that I’m also a parent I feel what you use to feel, but not as much as you. I appreciate you because from one pain to another you have endured in life. You carried me in your womb for nine months; it is just amazing that you have to go through the same hardship for seven of us. You are a super mother. When we were growing up, you took good care of us, and sometimes the work at home could be so overwhelming, but there little we can do then to help you out, you never show any sign of displeasure, you always make every moment pleasurable. You are the last to sleep and the first to wake every morning, all these things marvel me how you do them. I will continue to appreciate you, mama. I’m grateful, mum.

Letter to My Mom

Short sweet Letter to Mom on Mother’s Day

1. I love you mother…

Dear Mother,
You are the best mother in the world, no can do what you have done for me in life. Sometimes I sit back and reflect on the past, the time that I spent at home in under your lovely care. Right from the time of my childhood now to adulthood you have always been by side. When I am sick you are also sick, when I don’t sleep at night you don’t also sleep, nothing happens to me without you sharing in it. Nothing I will ever give you as a gift that will match what you have done for me in life. I sincerely appreciate all the things you have done for me and pray that you will live longer in good health and harmony. I love you, mother.


2. Happy mother’s day…

Dear Mama,
Happy mother’s day, I don’t know which words I can use to capture my love for you, I love you beyond the level any human being can comprehend, you mean everything to me, your care for me are too numerous to mention. You teach me everything that I should know in life, and you are so patient and tolerable even when I make mistake, you are one in a million, my heart of hearts love you so much mama, and my prayers for you today is thousands of good wishes for you. May your heart be filled with peace and happiness.


3. You are super mother….

Dearest Mother,
You are the joy of my life, you make me feel special every time I think of you, and no one means so much to me except you. You singly brought me up in this beautiful way after the death of our father. I want to wake up every morning to always see your smile, and I want you to go to bed every evening with a peaceful soul, this is my prayers for you everyday mama. I remember all the struggle and hardship you went through while I was growing up, I deeply feel for you and I appreciated everything that you have done for, you are no doubt a super mother. Have a lovely mother’s day mama. I love you.


4. You are the first of everything in my life…

Dear sweet Mother,
You feel my heartbeat even when I was in your womb yet on born when I was born, you took good care of me from cradle to adult. I know I caused you a lot of pain and you happily endure through time. You are the first of everything in my life, the first to teach me how to eat, how to walk and how to take good care of myself. You laid a beautiful foundation of everything in my life. My sincere appreciation to you mama, wishing you a marvellous mother’s day.


5. When I see you I see love and peace…

Sweet Mother,
You are the peace of my life and the love of my heart; you are such a lovely adorable woman that is scarce to come by in today’s world. God naturally created you this beautiful way to send a lovely message to every soul that ever meets you. I’m blessed to have a wonderful mother like you. Millions of wishes and prayers for you on this lovely mother’s day. I love you mum.


6. You are a special mother…

My dear lovely Mother,
Thank God it is another mother’s day; for I believe that every day should have been called mother’s day. You are such an amazing mother that I should take every beautiful day to celebrate you. Thank GOD you are still here with us, you have always been the biggest joy of my life, and I don’t know what I would have been without you. You supported me and make every part of dreams come true. I would love to take you out to a special place that your heart desires on this beautiful mother’s day, you have given me too much joy in life, it is time to give back to you what you have given us. Wishing your every day a joyful one, happy mother’s day mama. I love you so much.

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